Friday, May 26, 2017

Three-day weekend right .... there


Our receptionist called in so I'm on the phones today. Bah.

Quick update, the reading last night went well. And it was accurate, even the name I had received. Cool!

I've got my class tomorrow night (instead of Sunday) but then nothing else is planned for the rest of the three-day weekend.

And I like it. 

What I'd LIKE to do is clean out some junk from the house. But I'm realistic enough to know that that may not really happen.

I need to do a lot of reading, what, I have FIVE books going?

I've also started doing a re-watch binge of NCIS: Los Angeles from the beginning.

Yeeessss. It is amazing to see where the Deeks and Kensi partnership began at the end of season one and where it is now at the end of season 8.

And I have circle tonight which I'm really looking forward to.

And that's about it.

Have a good (long) weekend!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The face says it all

So much.

So the Arrow finale was action packed. It had a tender moment between Oliver and Felicity.

Saying potentially goodbye. Again.

And it was getting to be 10 minutes until the end and I started getting worried. And suspicious. There was too much left. Yes, Arrow ended on a cliffhanger ...

  .....and won't be resolved until September or October.


Nothing really on TV tonight. But I do have .... a reading for someone.

Let me explain. I'm learning to be a psychic/medium. We all have the ability of this but most don't do anything with it. So long story short, at last Friday's circle, I had a message from spirit to deliver but I didn't deliver it because I was confused by the sensation of it. Last night during the meditation that I try to do every day, I figured out the message or I got it again. Either way, I told my teacher about it and she said I have to give a private reading tonight to the person to whom it is intended. That part I'm not nervous about because I can tell him what message I already received. But my teacher also wants me to give a reading to his wife who was also there last Friday. THAT is what is making me nervous.

I'm not good at this yet. But this is how one does get better, I know.

Much much cooler today. Had to switch my cardigan at noon to a hoodie. Better now. Have a great day!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"PK, the Arrow finale is about to start ... "

I can relate.

Arrow finale is tonight

"Lian Yu":

The battle between Oliver and Adrian Chase culminates in a final epic battle on Lian Yu, as Season 5 ends. Oliver recruits a group of unlikely allies, Slade, Nyssa, Merlyn and Digger Harkness, to defeat Chase. However, Chase has his own army that includes Black Siren, Evelyn Sharp and Talia al Ghul.

Lord, I hope it's good. They're promising it to be better than season 2 finale. And they've got a guest cast line up that is a who's who from past seasons.

I've started an audiobook of STONE AND A HARD PLACE by R. L. King. 1st of nine in the Alistair Stone Chronicles.

It’s hard enough for Alastair Stone to keep his two lives—powerful mage and mundane Occult Studies professor—separate without an old friend asking him to take on a new apprentice. Especially after a university colleague wants him to investigate a massive old house for things that go bump in the night. Still, Stone figures it’s an easy job: just turn up, put on a little show, and announce that the house is clean. Only it isn’t. A malevolent spirit is reawakening in the basement, imprisoned between dimensions and intent on escape. If it succeeds, countless people will die. Worse, a trio of dark mages want to help it break free so they can control it for their own sinister purposes. They’ll do whatever it takes—including seducing Stone’s young apprentice and using him against his master—to get what they’re after. With time running out, Stone has to stay alive long enough to uncover the spirit’s secrets. But even if he does, he fears that his own power won’t be enough to send it back.
Published in 2015, it has 364 pages.  It was 99 cents for the first four books in compilation via an Amazon promotion so I thought I'd give it a try. Then I found the first book on Audible with a good narrator so I can listen to it while I'm working.

Also started THE JANE AUSTEN PROJECT by Kathleen A. Flynn. Stand alone. So far. 

London, 1815: Two travelers—Rachel Katzman and Liam Finucane—arrive in a field in rural England, disheveled and weighed down with hidden money. Turned away at a nearby inn, they are forced to travel by coach all night to London. They are not what they seem, but rather colleagues who have come back in time from a technologically advanced future, posing as wealthy West Indies planters—a doctor and his spinster sister. While Rachel and Liam aren’t the first team from the future to “go back,” their mission is by far the most audacious: meet, befriend, and steal from Jane Austen herself. Carefully selected and rigorously trained by The Royal Institute for Special Topics in Physics, disaster-relief doctor Rachel and actor-turned-scholar Liam have little in common besides the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in. Circumstances that call for Rachel to stifle her independent nature and let Liam take the lead as they infiltrate Austen’s circle via her favorite brother, Henry. But diagnosing Jane’s fatal illness and obtaining an unpublished novel hinted at in her letters pose enough of a challenge without the continuous convolutions of living a lie. While her friendship with Jane deepens and her relationship with Liam grows complicated, Rachel fights to reconcile the woman she is with the proper lady nineteenth-century society expects her to be. As their portal to the future prepares to close, Rachel and Liam struggle with their directive to leave history intact and exactly as they found it…however heartbreaking that may prove.
Published in 2017, 384 pages. This is the author's debut book. Time travel. Jane Austen. Interesting concept. I'll try it. Speaking of ...

A hot one today. 90 expected.

Have a good day. Stay cool. But will we ever be David-Caruso-putting-on-sunglasses-and-walking away-from-an-exploding-car cool? I think not.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oh. You found me.


Have a good day

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday feels like ... Gaack!

And here we are again.

Nothing on TV for me tonight. I think there may be Street Outlaws for Steve; if so, I'll watch with him.

The weekend was good. Good experiences at meditation class and circle.

Not much else going on.

Stuff happened in the world, yes. In the UK, Pippa Middleton got married; nice dress but otherwise an outrageously costly one-day event. They're estimating one million.

There won't be a Triple Crown winner this year. Always Dreaming stopped the dream.

Came across this humorous meme today:

And in general, I'm doing pretty well:

Have a good day

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster