Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last day of August. Strange, isn't it, that the year is going by so fast. Overall, I can't complain about my reading for the month. Lots of quality and quantity; I could get used to this. Good movies were watched but I need to step up my viewing. Work is there and there are things about it I can't change so ...

I didn't mention the results of my haircut on Friday. I really liked it, basically just making it look good by trimming up the ends. While I was there, I changed my mind. I had been leaning toward a more layered look a la Rene Russo but while I was there I kept seeing that blunt edge look that I really like so I kept it simple. Sleek, straight, blunt edges. I have to get a flat iron though so I can recreate the smoothness; I have too much wave in places. I didn't even change the length much other than the back apparently was a bit longer, now it's even all the way around just below the top of my shoulders. Sanctuary Spa does some really nice things: a complimentary head and shoulders massage before the cut and a heated towel after they wash your hair. That was wonderful.

A big ol' storm moved through late last night with lots of lightning and thunder. I was reading in the bedroom and heard the thunder but didn't hear the rain so as I was engrossed with the story. Today, as expected with forecasted cooler temps, it is dark and cool. Perfect day off weather.

It was soooo hot yesterday afternoon. I walked Tug around 3:30 (because it doesn't count with him when it's earlier in the day but cooler) I was beat and it was about 4:30. Steve had gone to Sportsman's Warehouse opening while we were gone. Came back and asked it I wanted to go to Madsens to visit. I respectfully declined. I was hot, sweaty, and cranky. So Steve went, thank goodness. I jumped in the shower again and read. It got to be 7:30 so I had dinner and Steve came home shortly after that. I wouldn't have wanted to be over there for that long so I'm glad how it turned out. I think we have to go to dinner today but I'm not sure now.

Reading: SWEETHEART by Chelsea Cain. A website about her books is at where there is an interview with her, an exerpt from the book and other goodies. The book has 328 pages and is second in her series. Here's the blurb:

In Cain's superb follow-up to Heartsick, damaged detective Archie Sheridan is back home in Portland, Ore., trying to resume a normal life. Archie's ties to serial killer Gretchen Lowell still run deep, even if he's stopped their weekly visits in prison. Meanwhile, reporter Susan Ward is finishing an article accusing a beloved U.S. senator of seducing his children's 14-year-old babysitter a decade earlier. When three bodies are discovered in a local park—where Archie's team found Gretchen's first victim 12 years earlier—Archie worries another serial killer is at large. After the senator's unexpected death, Susan discovers links between the sex scandal and the bodies in the park. When Gretchen escapes from prison, Archie knows he's the only one who can stop her from killing. In Cain's capable hands, Gretchen is both a monster and the only person who truly understands Archie's pain.

And the first paragraph reads:

Forest Park was pretty in the summer. Portland’s ash sky was barely visible behind a canopy of aspens, hemlock, cedars, and maples that filtered the light to a shimmering pale green. A light breeze tickled theleaves. Morning glories and ivy crept up the mossy tree trunks and strangled the blackberry bushes and ferns, a mass of crawling vines that piled up waist-high on either side of the packed dirt path. The creek hummed and churned, birds chirped. It was all very lovely, very Walden, except for the corpse.

This is a very pschologically creepy but well-written story and series. It is unusual to have a female serial killer -- and she is nasty -- and the protagonist not only is the hunter but one of her victims -- and that he never truly escaped her power. The aftermath goes on and on for him and those around him.

TV: I suppose there is but I haven't really checked it out.

I've got clothes laundry to do yet today. I think a nap is coming up soon because I stayed up late and got up early. I need to get some groceries soon. The nice is that it is still only the middle of a three-day weekend. Phew!

I've been roaming around the web but not finding much today. The Sunday morning round up isn't up yet on I've skimmed the online newspapers. Read the latest 4MA digests. I think I'll head upstairs for a mug of something warm and read a bit.

See ya later!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, August 30, 2008



Had lunch with JodyO at PitaPit and talked for a couple hours. Very very nice. Stopped by the library to pick up holds -- more in a bit. Now working on laundry of towels and bedding and finished vacuuming upstairs and down.

Last night we went to the Madsens to visit with family members visiting. Wasn't bad but they're trying to get together again today and tomorrow as various people show up and I think that's a little too much for me. I encouraged Steve to get together with his cousins by himself as I have done with my visiting cousins but so far they haven't been in contact. Makes me a little nervous for impending phone calls. I don't really want to do anything with them tonight. I have to take advantage of down time to read. :)

Reading. About to finish LAUGHTER OF DEAD KINGS by Elizabeth Peters. Fluffy but nice to visit. From the library I have four new ones: SWEETHEART by Chelsea Cain - her second after the fabulous HEARTSICK; a historical by Louis Bayard called THE BLACK TOWER; the lastest from William Kent Krueger's series called RED KNIFE; and Michael Harvey's second of his PI series -- his first one was called THE CHICAGO WAY which was really good -- this one is called THE FIFTH FLOOR. So for the next week and a bit I'll be working on these. I also picked up the next in the Lindsey Davis Roman hystmyst series and the second in the great series by Christopher Fowler. So I'm not hurting for reading material just from the library alone. (sigh) Wonderful but daunting.

TV: I don't think there is anything really pressing tonight. TCM is featuring Katherine Hepburn movies but I'll not take advantage (see above paragraph).

Today is supposed to be hottest of the week at around 95 and then drop like a stone for the next couple. I need to walk Tug here pretty quick. Steve didn't go work today because Pacific was closed for the holiday so I'm glad he wasn't out in this. I haven't had the need for a nap yet today but I'm thinking it will hit after the walk. I woke at 5:30 and tried to sleep some more; finally got up a little before 7.

Got my copy of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO by Steig Larson back today from Texas. I haven't missed it but I'll get to it eventually, maybe even this year. :)

Can't think of much else right now. Later if it happens...

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, August 29, 2008


Gotta say it: VP choice. At first I was saying "Who the hell?!?" But the more I'm learning the more I'm very much liking at first look. Listening to her introducing speech, she is no pushover. She's almost perfect; the only downside is that she's not got a lot of years or seasoning under her belt. McCain had better stay healthy. Interesting though.

Today I finally get my hair cut -- very much looking forward to getting this done at last. I hope (fingers crossed) it turns out well and that I don't regret it. Such a scary thing to trust someone to make you look good.

Work: Tying up some threads from the week.

Reading: Still with LAUGHTER OF DEAD KINGS by Elizabeth Peters.

TV: I think I'm finally free

I think tonight we are stopping by the in-laws; Steve's sister and her kids and I think one of his aunts is in town. We were potentially going last night for dinner but I had already taken out chicken to thaw and it was such short notice that we decided not to. Tonight was better timing for us.

This long weekend I don't think we have any plans other than the usual weekend stuff. I think Steve may do some work tomorrow and I'm hoping to take JodyO to lunch tomorrow because it's her birthday. Otherwise, relaxing before things pick up again. The next weekend Steve has his bike ride; the following weekend is the first concert for the Symphony which will be all day thing.

So, I'll get time to be on the computer, do some reading. You can tell it's a holiday weekend: there are fewer cars on the streets so I imagine a lot of people have left town as early as yesterday. Where do they go? They always go somewhere.

I don't really have anything more to add right now.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am thinking that perhaps the continued problem with my eye may not be infection-oriented. I did have infection last week but the irritation I'm experiencing now I'm wondering if it is perhaps a scratch or some such thing that has made it sensitive. When I put the drops in, it turns red. It feels more like a constant eyelash poking me but I can't find one. I'm sensitive to the wind -- it's been really gusty here the last couple days -- and after coming inside from being out in it, they're irritated. Last night after walking Tug, I put a cold compress on and I think I avoided the itchiness. And at work they get tired and irritated because they are staring at a screen all day with no closed-eye time. So this is my theory: Not infection now but some kind of minor damage that just needs time to heal. So I'm experimenting today: I didn't use the drops and I'm not wearing makeup through the long weekend. Maybe that's all that needs to happen. Worth a shot, eh?

TV: Watched the convention last night and tonight of course is the big speech. I think these things need to be reduced to three nights from four -- it's getting a bit draggy now and my attention is saying "Enough already!" Even if it was the side I'm on, it's a bit long. Last night I think everyone did well, I was just sad for Biden that Obama walked on and pretty much stole any short golden moment that he was due was taken away -- VPs don't get that many. You know, the time afterward when he had his family on stage with him. Ah well, such is politics.

Work: Most of the office focus today is getting the playbill finalized to get to the printers -- deadline day is here. So my job is to be helpful but stay out of the way otherwise. Low key. I have letters and the PVP annual report to work on. Mostly, just getting through the day.

Reading: Didn't get much done last night. I watched tv and then Steve got home from shooting and there was no reading after that.

Steve was having a low sugar episode again last night when he got home. He gets really goofy and playful-ish in an evading kind of way so it is hard to get information from him and convince him that I need to get him some juice or something. But he was clammy/sweaty so I knew that it was real. I finally shoved M&Ms in his mouth by the handful and made him an english muffin. It is happening more frequently on Wednesdays after shooting. I figure it is because he has to eat earlier in the evening by two hours to get to the range on time. He said he had sunflower seeds but that must not be substantial enough to get him through the evening. So, this is good to know.

Back to reading: I'm watching the library website today. I'm thinking I'll have to pick up some stuff probably by the end of the day. I'm being deluged by all that I need/want to read. It's a good thing but not, if you know what I mean. The time I have to actually read is less than two hours a day, sometimes only one. I need better time management.

What's on my immediate TBR? I have 15 books out from the library but these two are probably topping the list:

BOUND TOGETHER: how traders, preachers, adventurers, and warriors shaped globalization by Chanda, Nayan. Yes, it’s nonfiction but I like learning the history of things and to be able to speak knowledgeably

A FOREIGN AFFAIR by Caro Peacock. A debut hystmyst set in early Victorian England. I’ll give it a shot.

TBRs of my own that I'd like to get to are numerous but calling me more are the Asa Larsson and Michael Jecks from my nightstand. In bookshelves are Susanna Gregory, JT Ellison, Rankin, Kerr, Saylor, etc.
And then there will be more from the library. AAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!

So just plugging along, per usual. Ah life.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One of my eyes was acting up last night and again this morning. I'm thinking, though, that walking Tug in such strong wind yesterday did it. There was a lot of dirt and stuff and very very windy. But to be safe, I didn't wear eye makeup this morning.

Last night was interesting (Dem convention). No politics spoken here, but Montana's governor spoke right before Hillary. I do not like the man but I would say about halfway into his speech, he became a national player.

Work: More of the same as yesterday.

Reading: Finished THE MERLOT MURDERS by Ellen Crosby. I will read more of this author because the characters are interesting but the main protagonist was being too much of a victim toward the end to my taste. Will start Elizabeth Peters' LAUGHTER OF DEAD KINGS. Here's the blurb from Publisher's Weekly:

Fans of bestseller Peters's Vicky Bliss series will welcome her solid sixth suspense novel to feature the plucky art historian, last seen in Night Train to Memphis (1994). In Munich, where Vicky is an assistant curator at the city's National Museum, she and her longtime love, John Tregarth (formerly Sir John Smythe, notorious art thief), are shocked when their friend Feisal, the Inspector of Antiquities for all Upper Egypt, arrives unexpectedly and informs them that King Tut's mummy has been stolen from its tomb in the Valley of the Kings and that John is the prime suspect. Vicky and company, including her inquisitive boss, set off on a whirlwind quest beginning in Europe and ending in the Egyptian desert to clear John's name and recover the famous corpse.
The first paragraph reads:

My singing doesn't inspire thousands of fans to emit screams of delight, but I was a trifle hurt when my dog jumped up with a howl and streaked for the stairs. Usually he likes my singing. He's the only who does like my singing. Otherwise his hearing is pretty good.

Peters' website can be found at She wrote the first Vicky Bliss in 1973 and rather sporadically since then. It has been fourteen years since the last one. Why do I love them? At the time, they featured such a fun main character in first person who had run ins with this sexy thief. We'll see with this book if it holds up to my memories or if my tastes have moved away. Uh oh, looks like things are being made available soon at the library. Bunches. I may be over run here very soon.

TV: More of the convention I imagine. Must read.

It is rather brisk this morning. I know it's not supposed to get above 80 today but this morning I think it is in the 50s. I'm reading a summer sweater and (gasp) socks with real shoes, not sandals.

I'm trying to get back to my good habits from the beginning of the year. I fell of the wagon since June, eating bad but good-tasting things and drinking coffee. Prices are so expensive for groceries so I may not be able to be as strict as I was previously with chicken/fish and vegies with brown rce every evening but I can cut the snacks and at least for now cut back on the coffee.

Our Internet wasn't working last night and again this morning. I turned things off this morning and if it isn't working again after work, I'll be contacting Bresnan about it.

Steve wasn't feeling well this morning -- that darned cold keeps coming back and never really going away -- he mentioned that he might go back home after getting things going at the shop to lay down for a while. Tug will like the company. I wonder if he will feel good enough to go shooting tonight.

Halfway through the week before a long weekend with Labor Day coming. And closer to getting my hair cut (yay).

More later if anything occurs....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Work: working on a Sample Foundation grant package that we'd like to get in tomorrow. Then I need to make some calls regarding the opening night breakfast for SACs and the after-concert reception. And the PVP annual report is coming due.

Reading: About to finish THE MERLOT MURDERS by Ellen Crosby. I'm a little worried that the protagonist becoming a little too much the heroine in distress, i.e, too many close encounters of the being-pushed-down-the-stairs type. I picked up the new Elizabeth Peters' Vicky Bliss, THE LAUGHTER OF KINGS. Happy happy

TV: Oh boy, more of the DNC convention. I have so much to read but this is spectacle you can't miss!

Not much outstanding going on to talk about since I've put the kabosh on any political talk. I've been able to listen to the radio today so that's good. Picked up tomatoes from M&D this morning on the the way to work because they are being overrun. Will walk the dog when I get home and I think we're having fish tonight with some kind of potatoes. Steve went in this morning to get his lab work done so that's of his TO DO list at last. Sounds like some Madsens are coming to town so there will be some kind of get together this weekend. (sigh) It's Tuesday and still some time to go until the weekend.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, August 25, 2008


So, update on the eyes, I'm feeling very close to normal. Yay!

Work: the playbill has taken over all of our lives. Working on the orchestra schematic to match with new orchestra configuration and Sponsor-A-Chair donations. Also, each one of us is taking a turn at proofreading a mock up of the playbill. I, of course, am the Punctuation Police. I actually found a few typos after two others took a run at it.

Reading: I picked up a hold today at the library, A FOREIGN AFFAIR by Caro Peacock (more on that another day) and a couple nonfiction books. I'm currently reading THE MERLOT MURDERS by Ellen Crosby. This is the first of a series of three so far set in the wine country of Virginia. Here is the blurb from Publisher's Weekly:
Like a fine wine, Crosby's debut is complex and intricate. Lucie Montgomery, an American ex-pat who's been holed up in France for two years, returns to her family's vineyard in the Virginia countryside after the death of her father in a supposed hunting accident. Once home, Lucie discovers that the vineyard is collapsing under huge debt; her brother, Eli, has turned into a materialistic jerk; her little sister has taken up with Lucie's ex; and her godfather, Fitz, has become a lush. When, on the heels of papa Montgomery's funeral, Fitz is found dead, Lucie's suspicions are stoked. These deaths were no accident, and suspects abound. Crosby, a freelance reporter for the Washington Post, has seamlessly woven in details about wine making and interesting historical tidbits about Thomas Jefferson's (unsuccessful) efforts to establish a wine industry in early Virginia.
The first paragraph of the book reads:
I have always been fascinated by alchemy, though I draw the line at black magic. My family owns a vineyard at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and I am sure there is both magic and chemistry involved in transforming grapes into wine. Not as impossible as changing lead to gold, but nevertheless, no mean feat, particularly if you believe -- as I do -- in Galileo's definition of wine as sunlight held together by water.

Her author website is at where she's got interesting information about her background -- quite extensive in journalism. Very cool. I'm liking this book; I didn't want to put it down last night but finally did around 10:30 because of getting up for work this morning. It is a bit cosy-ish in that the protagonist is an amateur sleuth with little police involvement but it is not in a flighty breezy irritating way. I'd like to finish it tonight but....

TV: Oh yi yi, it's tv night. Of course, the regulars - The Closer, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Paranormal State, but the DNC Convention coverage starts tonight and I MUST watch. So much material and potential there -- JodyO and I will have much to talk/email about, hehehe. And I've got to be able to listen to the radio during the day (Sandi cannot stand music or anything playing) so that will be a trick.

It's H.O.T. today. Supposed to be 99 today. Walking the beast will not be fun. Tomorrow, though it is only supposed to get to 76. Ready for Fall, I am.

Steve is going to do his lab work tomorrow morning therefore he needs to fast overnight so I need dinner to be substantial enough to last him the night but it also being so hot out, I don't want to add heat to the kitchen unnecessarily. I'm thinking of picking up Rocket burritos.

Well, more later if anything occurs....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Day 367 of being sick.... Or just feels that way. Wouldn't it be amazing to wake up clear headed and eyed? Okay, I'm done whining now. Must be weary of reading about it.

There are women who I admire. And, I have to admit, they are through various media sources but that is how we see the outside world, isn't it. Off the top of my head, I admire Condoleeza Rice, Dame Judith Dench, Helen Mirren, Rene Russo, Angelina Jolie for her humanitarianism, the late Audry Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Ruth Rendell and PD James, and of course there are more. I admire these women for their intelligence, poise in the world, being comfortable in their own skin and knowledgeable about who they are and what they are doing. I want to be them when I grow up.

That's one reason why I'd like to juxtapose two photos of Pete Townshend of The Who. There is a photo of him from the 70's where he is just blasted weary and there is a recent one of him gently smiling out much grayer and more lines on his face. I see these two photos of a lifetime as the struggle that people go through searching for themselves and for meaning and purpose and fighting the invisible when they are younger and then the acceptance or knowledge that all that struggle was for no purpose so you stop struggling against the world or yourself and just accept what is because that's the way it's supposed to be and was there all along.

This morning I don't have many emails to read apparently so I'm doing the Sunday morning surfing of book blogs and news stories wherever they take me. I've currently got windows open for my email, this blog, an interview with Ruth Rendell from The Independent,, a story of a D.C. female police chief from the Washington Post, and the pilot episode of Burn Notice from, a free full episode site of tv shows. It isn't unheard of for me to have 8-10 windows open at once as I jump between them including a book blog or email,, and my library site to coordinate books I'm interested in. The Internet is interactive for me and something I can do for hours.

The books blogs are mentioning some that I've put on my radar: a new standalone Val McDemid which isn't available here yet, a new Christopher Brookmyre -- reminding me that I have several of his that I mean to read and I do like them but I haven't gotten to them yet.

Reading: Finished the Priscilla Royal, FORSAKEN SOUL. Wasn't bad but somehow lacked the umph of previous books. I have a couple 14-day books from the library but I don't know if I am actually drawn to them right now. I am more in the mood for a good solid read of an established writer - more along the lines of Ian Rankin or Ruth Rendell, I've been meaning to try Pelecanos for years, or one of my personal TBR pile, a good hystmyst or international. It's a cliche but it's true: so much to read so little time. I'll be holding auditions today. Tuesday is the new Vicky Bliss which will trump everything.

TV: I suppose there is something to watch. Looks like TNT is doing all three Lord of the Rings movies. ABC Family channel is doing a marathon of Harry Potter movies.

Today I'll be doing much as the same as yesterday: laundry, walk Tug, and try to get better. Steve didn't go out yesterday. He's got to go get the lawn mower and pick up some hamburger at his parents. He HAS to mow. He still has his cold, too. I didn't stay to watch all of the Steeler game last night; I wonder how it turned out? He came to bed at 2am. Oy. So I imagine he'll sleep a bit this morning.

Well, I've been surfing for quite a bit now. I suppose I should close this out. More later if anything occurs...

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Biden, huh. I think that gave him a big shot in the foot. I don't think it will help him but he needed experience from somewhere. I promised this wouldn't be a political blog so that's all I'm saying.

My eyes are bothering me more today than yesterday it seems. I think they're getting better with the medication but I'm more aware of them bugging me today. I may have to do the audiobook route. But when I close them to rest them, they get stuck shut. I hate this.

Last night I watched The Third Man (1949) on TCM channel. Here's the summary from
An out of work pulp fiction novelist, Holly Martins, arrives in a post war Vienna divided into sectors by the victorious allies, and where a shortage of supplies has lead to a flourishing black market. He arrives at the invitation of an ex-school friend, Harry Lime, who has offered him a job, only to discover that Lime has recently died in a peculiar traffic accident. From talking to Lime's friends and associates Martins soon notices that some of the stories are inconsistent, and determines to discover what really happened to Harry Lime.

Great actors in it - Joseph Cotton, Trevor Howard, Orson Welles. It is described as noir but I don't see it that way at all. Noir is more a doomed man digs himself deeper and the cinematography is all different. This is a straight-forward mystery of how did Harry Lime die and what is being covered up by his death in Vienna. The cinematography was BEAUTIFUL. I'm glad I stuck with it.

Reading: About halfway through FORSAKEN SOUL by Priscilla Royal. Something a little bit different in this book than her others though I can't really put my finger on it.

TV: I didn't stay to watch the whole game of the Cowboys last night but the Steelers play tonight so we'll probably watch that.

Steve was going to get up early today to go do some work but he was up and then went back to bed so I'm thinking it's a late start or completely off. He needs to mow the lawn big time. I'm doing clothes laundry and will vacuum when Steve gets up again. There is a nap in my future; I got up at 6:30, per usual.

I think tonight we'll have buffalo burgers and corn on the cob. Sounds very summery, eh?

More later if it happens...

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, August 22, 2008


And the hits just keep on coming. I've got pink eye. In both eyes. So I went to the walk in clinic when it opened at 8; I was the third one there. One hour and twenty minutes later I was able to leave. Stopped by work to let them know I was taking four hours of sick time because I was contagious and they were saying "Go, Go! Ick!"; stopped by Billings Clinic to drop off a book for Mom and let her know my medical status, stopped by the library to pick up a hold; then went to Walmart to fill my prescription and get some groceries. An hour later for my prescription.... I was tired and hungry and finally got home at noon. Took a nap and woke to my eyes glowing red again and just finished walking Tug. Had to reschedule my hair cut for next week. AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH. I just want to be healthy.

Work: Didn't

Reading: Finished DEATH'S HALF ACRE by Margaret Maron. The Elizabeth Peters got pushed back a week so I'll have to go back next Tuesday. I picked up my special order, the newest in the Prioress Eleanor series, FORSAKEN SOUL by Priscilla Royal. Here's the blurb:
Set in the summer of 1273, Royal's excellent fifth historical finds Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal beset by various problems: the local villagers disapprove of the nightly consultations Eleanor's difficult new anchoress has been conducting; the wife of her friend Crowner Ralf has recently died in childbirth, leaving him with an infant daughter; and she continues to struggle with her attraction to Brother Thomas, a monk (and prefers men). Then Martin the Cooper, a brute disliked by many, dies in bed with a prostitute at a Tyndal inn, an apparent poisoning victim. More horrific murders by poison follow before Eleanor and Ralf discover the truth in the stunning conclusion.
I don't have the book in front of me so I can't quote the first line today. As I mentioned previously, I met this author at LCC in Denver and was very impressed with her intelligence and wit. I've enjoyed her previous four books in this series. I also picked up Asa Larsson's THE BLACK PATH because it was a trade paperback and has been getting great responses, especially from Maddy Van, and THE MALICE OF UNNATURAL DEATH by Michael Jecks which is quite a ways into another medieval hystmyst series. I have the first in the series and have been trying and trying to get into but have had difficulties so perhaps it is a case of first-book-itis and I'm hoping plunging into the middle of the series after the author has had a run at it for a while it will spark it for me. There are about 25 books in that series so it would be a good long one to get into. At the library I picked up THE MERLOT MURDERS by Ellen Crosby which is into it's third book and looked initially too cozy for my tastes, but noted reviewer David Montgomery gave the third book a good review and he's no push over for cozies so I thought I'd give it a shot. I also picked up HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE by JK Rowling (of course) both in book and cd version. I've been meaning to re-read this as it is the next movie out (now next summer) and I have read it but it was very quickly when it first came out so I thought a refresher might be in order. I also picked up some more audios in case my eyes were bugging me too much: THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB by Karen Fowler -- thinking that maybe the audio would get me past my buggaboo about this, the next in series for me by Daniel Silva SECRET SERVANT, and Nevada Barr's newest, WINTER STUDY, which I had tried as a regular book but wasn't in the mood a while back so we'll see if this will do it -- it couldn't hurt.

TV: I didn't think there was anything on for me but checking the listings it looks like there is an exhibition game with the Cowboys. They've been sucking in the preseason but we only get to see them sixteen times in the regular season so I should at least check them out tonight. My boys.

Movies: Well, after I went to get my prescription and they told it would be longer for whatever reason, I went to the discounted DVDs stand to kill some time. Dangerous. They were only $5 each which is an amazing price, and damnit if I didn't get some, but I mean, these are fabulous movies: A Fistful of Dollars, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, The Magnificent Seven, Thin Red Line, Syriana, The Thomas Crowne Affair, Traffic, and Speed (which I love but only have on VHS). I could have gotten even double that because there are movies that I don't necessarily think of everyday but they are good for someday. For instance they had On Golden Pond, When Harry Met Sally, A River Runs Through It, etc. Evil people, making me kill time like that. But these are classic good movies for very cheap that I want to get more familiar with. Gotta make use of the laptop, eh? What I'd like to do is subscribe to Netflix and start taking advantage of that selection -not only for independent and notable films but also the tv series DVDs. But for now, I have enough of my own for a bit and I'll start working the library.

My eyes are bugging me quite a bit so I'll get this done. I think Steve is doing some scrapping tomorrow. I am just going to get better this weekend. That's it: I'm done with this illness this weekend. So let it written; so let it be done (done in the voice of Yul Brynner) (quote from The Ten Commandments, another really great movie).

See ya tomorrow...

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oy, I'm completely stuffed up today. Make this cold go away. Or me away from this cold. Feels like my head is going to explode. Wish it would; just like Mars Attacks. :)

Watched a good movie last night: The Jane Austen Book Club. I had tried to read the book a couple years ago but didn't really get into it even though I truly love Jane Austen's books. The movie focused more on the six characters meeting each month (it is hard to make watchiing people read exciting) and perhaps it was the casting that made it work for me. Yes, there was some contrived situations, but it just clicked. Maria Bello, Hugh Dancy, Amy Brennaman, Emily Blount, Kathy Baker, etc. I'd like to have it for my collection. Of course, a movie about reading is ready-made for me.

The situation at the library resolved itself. They must have found the two books I returned that they hadn't checked in and had me blocked on. About bloody time.

Work: Tweaks to the Playbill contributors list. Will it never go away? Should begin the PVP annual report. And I'd like to be able to call the SACs that haven't renewed yet but have to get Sandi's permission before doing so. She didn't want me to a couple weeks ago but we're down quite a bit right now.

Reading: Getting close to finished DEATH'S HALF ACRE by Margaret Maron. Will give it to Mom tomorrow probably. Next up, I think, is OXYGEN by Carol Wiley Cassella. I was finally notified that the book I ordered is now available, Priscilla Royal's Forsaken Soul. Took them over two weeks. Not impressed. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow before getting my haircut. That may have to jump the queue.

TV: only really if I want to take time away from reading. Nothing pressing but there could be some time wasters.

More later...

Later: Oh lord, I just noticed that a book I really really really want to read was released on Tuesday and I completely spaced it! Elizabeth Peters' new Vicky Bliss!!!! Holy schmoley, I have to get that immediately! Will have to make time for a trip to the bookstore today, not tomorrow. This is serious business, people.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Happy Birthday to my sister, Lisa, who is (mumble mumble) years old today!

Work: Turned in playbill contributors.

Reading: A little over halfway through DEATH'S HALF ACRE by Margaret Maron.

TV: Don't really have anything.

Feeling kinda down right now. Or maybe more like self-induced numbness. Normally lunch in the office is okay but today was full of venting about a situation happening which was continuing from yesterday afternoon and I just hit my limit so I just walked away from the table and went back to my office. I didn't want to hear anymore or deal with the drama. I hear venting at home from Steve's work day every day which needs to get out but now I was having it here. And I'm tired of micromanagement. Just wanna go find a quiet place and be by myself.

I sent in the public policy cover letter to Brian at MNA. Up to them now. I also sent an email to the Regis department head to see what's happening there. I made a hair appointment for Friday afternoon. I should send in the business plan information but I'm just emotionally weary right now to do it yet.

After work -- which can't come soon enough -- I'll walk Tug, have soup for dinner, and maybe sit on the deck and read. I'm caught up on 4MA digests for a while.

More later maybe...
Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Quick Reads ... the end of civilization?

Reading about this program on one of the blogs, I can see the idea behind it of trying to entice those who feel they don't have the time to get involved in big books:
Quick Reads, a four-year-old UK initiative to create terse but exciting books by best-selling authors and celebrities. As The Guardian reports, these works are aimed at adults who are new readers, are out of the habit of reading for pleasure, or simply prefer a quicker, less challenging read....the Quick Reads guidelines, which demand very short sentences and no words longer than two syllables.

By no means should a reader be challenged by words of more than two syllables. (!!!) It sounds like the Dick and Jane books for adults who should be literate by now. Why bother?

People don't read. Okay, don't read for pleasure though it is one of the best forms of entertainment. At least they should be reading for information about things that affect their lives. I approve of multiple forms of information sources including television but I think tv news has made people stupid; they don't read the newspapers anymore let alone books. They're used to being spoon fed everything by staring at the moving pictures on the box. And of course what's coming out of the box is geared toward the lowest common denominator and even lower.

Why can't we demand more and expect more from people? Yes, sometimes at the end of a day I'm so tired or had a bad time of it so I don't want to think or do much but our whole society has slid into this drooling malaise and we as a society find it acceptable which continues the slide. And this is what is ruling the world by sheer numbers; not the cream rising to the top. Not that I include myself in the cream -- I'm very middling. But come on! If you don't exercise a muscle it atrophies. So does the brain and we are encouraging it to the point of pudding. What celebrity A is doing makes the news more so than what is going on in the economy or what happened when this group of world leaders met today and decided the fates of millions because no one cares enough to do it themselves. It must feel like to them that they're dragging a gabillion tons of baggage behind them to try to get anything meaningful accomplished. Drugging of the masses by pablum.

Whoo boy. End of rant. More later....

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday 081908

Steve's appointment with the diabetic (internist) doctor went mostly well this morning. I was glad I went along and, no, I didn't stay quiet because Steve was very much glossing over things to put the best spin on his behavior. I could tell at times that he was getting irritated with me for giving more information than he wanted and I was sure he was going to be mad at me when we left but he didn't really seem to be by the time we did leave. Dr. Julian Gnecco was foreign in accent and young-ish though not overly so -- of course, as I get older, the age thing is skewing younger. I'd say he's in his 30s. This appointment was more a getting information and a baseline. They didn't tell us to prepare for any blood work or other lab work so he hadn't fasted so he'll do that in the next couple days. What do I want out of this? Well, Steve has pretty much coasted for 20 years on how he's dealt with his diabetes. He's been very cavalier about it. This is a totally treatable condition but as he gets older he's got to start paying better attention. I want him to take the insulin dosage his blood sugar measurements indicate -- that means taking daily blood sugar measurements. That's it. I'm not asking for more than that. I just want accuracy in his medication based on that not on what he thinks. And with that, I believe his mood swings will lessen.

I took back the laptop Internet stuff today. It was fun to be able to use it anywhere but I guess peace in the family is more important. The cost I could have absorbed since the cell phone bill is going to the business now, but I can see that it would be better to spend that money in better ways. It was just a splurge for myself.

I think I only have some puffiness around the left eye. Still a little itchy. But I'm going to go drug free today to see if anything is interfering that way so I can completely get rid of this thing. Still stuffy in the sinus. Zit is going away on the lower lip. Is normal around the corner?

I had a strange dream right before waking up. I was apparently with a friend and the phone rang. It was a female telemarketer and I was mad at her: did she know how rude it was to call at 10 minutes to 6 in the morning? And then the alarm went off and it was 6 in the morning; time to get up.

Work: Still plugging away on the playbill contributors list. I hope to finalize that today. Sandi said she's taking a sick day today because she has Will all day but she's still here.

Reading: Currently reading DEATH'S HALF ACRE by Margaret Maron. Here's the Booklist blurb:
In the fourteenth installment of her Judge Deborah Knott series, Maron highlights the tensions of new real-estate development as longtime rural residents cope with the changes brought by farms giving way to sprawling houses and big-box chain stores. When county commissioner Candace Bradshaw is murdered, some see it as her comeuppance for brokering under-the-table deals between developers and certain county commissioners. Others, however, such as Candace's much older ex-husband, know that Candace grew up dirt poor and had an almost physical need for luxurious possessions. Deborah's new husband, Sheriff Dwight Bryant, investigates the murder, and surprising revelations emerge about just how Deborah was appointed judge. In addition, Maron introduces a satisfying subplot about Deborah's father, Kezzie, a former major-league bootlegger who has never lost his taste for the big con.

The first line reads: "Easter Morning. Inside the windowless Church of Jesus Christ Eternal, the Easter Sunday sermon is coming to a close." I like this series for the character of a female judge and life around her huge family. It is interesting to peek into Southern life though I don't think I could or would want live there.

TV: Probably The First 48 on A&E. Must read the paper and the Maron.

I should make a hair appointment for Friday. I haven't had it cut since February because I'm trying to grow it out a bit. But it needs to look good for the concert September 13th and it doesn't look good right now. I'm getting tired of putting it in ponytails so I won't go crazy. It has to happen soon.

I also need to send in the letter to MNA. I should work on that today.

It's supposed to get to 99 today and 77 on Thursday. How's that for temperature differences? Hot hot hot today. I wonder if I could make Tug wait until walking at 8 when it has a chance of being SLIGHTLY cooler? That dog looooooves his walk and wants to do it immediately when I get home.

I'm glad we're not going to Denver this weekend for the baptism. I just want a quiet weekend at home doing my stuff.

More later if anything occurs to me....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday 081808

I have to remember to get a card to Lisa for her birthday out today.

Health: some puffiness around the eyes but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Still a little itchy. I slept a LOT yesterday. Decided to not go to the walk-in clinic today as there was improvement but may go tomorrow if no change. Would love to take a nap. Still have sinus pressure and plugged ears from the cold. When I was well enough yesterday afternoon I drove (with the baby Tug) to the corner store and got some allergy medicine to see if that would help, especially with the itchy eyes - it's the non-drowsy kind. Maybe it helps; maybe it doesn't, I can't tell really because I'd have to compare itchiness simultaneously on the drugs and off and that just can't be done. (okay, maybe I'm feverish because I'm rambling) Yesterday I was noticing that my face looked like it had been burned across the upper cheeks and up into the middle of my forehead. Maybe this is really is sun related. Oh, and it didn't help that a zit decided to surface on the corner of my mouth at the same time. I feel like a troll. I just want to be well and healthy.

Work: working on the playbill spreadsheet. Mostly done but no one put down who the memorials were for in database so now I must somehow go through a lot of paperwork to try to recreate this. A lot of unnecessary work but I'll get to that after lunch.

Reading: didn't do any yesterday other than the papers in the evening -- giving my eyes a rest. I have a hold to pick up at the library: the new Margaret Maron so that's good news.

TV: lots of tv tonight. The Closer, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Paranormal State and a Fox news thing on the candidates today and tomorrow.

Well, let's see, Steve is talking to me again as of dinner last night. I don't know. It's a Jeckell/Hyde thing with him. We haven't said anymore about the laptop internet but I'll be cancelling it tomorrow. The good thing is that it is still within the trial period so I don't have to pay the cancellation fee (yipes). Makes me not happy, but peace in the house is better. I always give in. You know, I was thinking Friday night about Steve's behavior and anger in general. It is sort of like a kid throwing a tantrum and you curb that bad behavior in strategic ways but I guess I have never done that with Steve. Basically, I haven't had the strength to deal with the immediate fall out though in the long run the result would be better. You know, something along the lines of "No [slap on the nose] , I will not discuss this with you until you can behave better. Now go to your room and think about it." Wouldn't that be fun?

So, just getting through the day, walking Tug, dealing with dinner, then relaxing and then climbing into bed. Is it the weekend yet?

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday 081708

This will have to be short. Cold may be better but I woke up with both eyes swollen shut and mattery. I don't think it is allergies; I've never had them before this. I think I just rubbed them too much and too hard yesterday. So all day I've been laying down with a cold cloth compress on them. It has helped bring it down. If it's not better by tomorrow morning I'll go to the walk in clinic.

So far, no reading no tv really, not much of anything.

Still in the middle of silent treatment though.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, August 16, 2008


We're home from Great Falls. Why does something always happen to go wrong?

This will be short because I'm going to bed soon. My cold came back in force today. My eyes are red and itchy, I'm sneezing and nose going. I assume its because I didn't get much sleep last night and part of the night was spent on the floor. Every time Steve snored for a while he would jerk at the end of the inhale which made the bed wiggle. I couldn't take it anymore so I gave up the bed. Unfortunately the only place to lay down was in the flow of the air conditioner. Probably didn't help the cold either. Anyway.

The match went mostly well for Steve until the end. They were going to shoot a specific kind of match that requires six shooters with specific guns, etc. One shooter pulled out because the heat had gotten to her too badly. They had even recruited me to pull a trigger just to make the number. Still it didn't work. I was glad because even though that round would have taken 30 minutes tops, it let us start to head for home that much sooner.

So of course, Steve had to continue the argument of last night about the laptop internet about 30 miles from Billings and it wasn't nice. He kept going on and on and I just shut down and repeated the Lord's Prayer to myself to tune him out. Now we're back on the silent treatment.

I'm going to bed.

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday 081508

Halfway through the month. Incredible. We're going to be on the road later so I wanted to be sure to get today's entry done. I haven't missed a day yet (knock wood).

Work: I'm working on a spreadsheet of contributors for the Playbill. The database program we have doesn't give a total for people who've given more than once so I have to go through and make those changes. I came in early again today so I can leave at noon. The auditors are STILL here. Will they ever leave? At least they're nice people. (LATER) Do you know what I hate? Sandi just came in and showed me a signed sponsorship agreement letter she just apparently picked up from KTVQ. She asked if this was a letter I sent out. I looked and yes. She said well I usually have it for blah blah -- basically saying this letter was wrong and she was going to do another one for this business. SHE LOOKED OVER AND APPROVED EACH AND EVERY SPONSORSHIP LETTER THAT WENT OUT THAT DAY. And now that a business probably said something to her, she puts the blame on me. Low. I'm doing this for the experience and I'm a professional; I'm doing this for experience and I'm a professional....

Reading: HA! I DID have the Reginald Hill A PINCH OF SNUFF in my personal stash. So I'll be finishing that soon (hopefully tonight) and I think next up will be THE LAST REFUGE by Chris Knopf. Although for the trip it would be easier to bring along a paperback instead of a hardback. I'll have to think about that. I called B&N about the book I ordered and due some mix up in their distributing, I won't be getting it until next week. Thanks. It would have been nice to have that along today.

TV: not for a couple days. Well, I'm sure Steve will have something on in the hotel room.

I wound up walking Tug myself last night as I got home and got groceries put away before Steve got home. It was actually a little chilly as it is again today. Tomorrow is supposed to be up in the 90s again I thought I saw. Just in time for us to be out in it all day on the shooting range.

So today after work I have to run home to grab Tug to get him to the kennel. I still have to pack clothes and stuff for the road trip -- one day only so it won't be much. Steve is supposed to get off at 12:30. He said we're not in any rush to get going but I say the sooner on the road and the sooner settled in, the better. I'm bringing my laptop so I can be online or maybe even bring a movie to watch. At the range though I don't think I'd better risk running the battery out. We'll see. We'll probably listen to talk radio on the drive and have stuff to talk about from it. It is frowned upon if I try to read (sheesh). But I can't listen to the radio at work so it will be nice to listen and get caught up on what's happening in that medium.

I'm bummed that the next Harry Potter movie has been pushed back six months. It was supposed to be out in November but now it will be a next summer release. Just wrong. It's that blockbuster mentality that ruins it. I should re-read the book.

I spent the morning reading my emails. I have seven 4MA digests to read but I'll save those for tonight. I get updates from WSJ of essentials happening in the morning, afternoon, and then evening and then an additional Editorials and early headlines notification. Love it. I also get a mediabistro email every morning of headlines involving the media specifically. And let's see, Steve was catching up on his emails last night apparently so I got some responses to things I had sent to him, usually political stuff. Yeah, we're into that. I can't wait for both conventions to watch on tv. It's almost like the Superbowl. Twice. :) Oh, and I bet JodyO will be watching the Dems at least so I can taunt her for a few days! How fun! Then she'll probably return the favor.

I was trying to think of what I did last night because I know I didn't get on the laptop. I did some weekend cleaning early so when we came home Saturday night, I wouldn't face a lot of cleaning on Sunday. Steve was making bullets in the garage for the match tomorrow. Oh, and I did get on the computer downstairs to do some surfing and found the Hill book in my bookcases. Groceries, walk Tug, dinner, clean ... hmm, can't think of anything else except read a few pages. How...eventful (said with tongue in cheek).

I'm thinking of somewhat participating in a couple book challenges out there but I'll post about that another time. That will be a good lengthy topic.

Projects: business plan email to the professor, read over ephilanthropy paper.

If I have time, I'll try to check in later.

LATER: Well, we're here at the motel. Not a great place but not a bad place. We had a late start -- not surprising with Steve. We got to Great Falls shortly after 7 pm. The hotel we stayed at last time was booked so this is a new to us. It's in the middle of downtown. Had dinner and then came to the room. Initially, there was a problem: the room Steve had reserved was smoking so we were able to get a nonsmoking but the bed is a "queen." The other room had a king and this queen is really a small double. So he was beating himself up about that while I was trying to calm him down. Things were fine until Steve asked what the thing on the side of my computer was and then he wasn't happy to learn that I got the Internet hookup for the laptop against his wishes. How I choose to use my paycheck is my business -- and how much does he spend in a year on his guns? Hmmm? But I don't really say these things because it would do no good -- he's made up his mind to mad at me on this. So then I got the silent treatment and now he's going to sleep while I do some surfing. And this after I ironed his shirt for him for tomorrow! Why does stuff like this have to happen? I should have just stayed home, I guess. It's always about his emotions and how he'll react. Tiring. I suppose I should shut down now, it's after 10. Tomorrow will be a long day of pretty much boredom for me while Steve shoots from 8:30 until, what, 3 or 4? And then the long drive back but that's what I signed on for.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday 081408

Feeling better today at last. Wasn't stuffy upon wakening though the nose is still an issue and sneezing. Just a little bit tired rather than weary all over. On the upswing hopefully.

Work: Training on the ticketing program. (later) Actually learning a lot. I'm not as negative about the program we have now. It will take a lot of work to get it functioning at a higher level but the possibilities are there that I didn't know about. The day and the training has been well worth it.

Reading: didn't finish the Hill so I'll have to seek it elsewhere as it had to be turned in today. I wonder if I have that one actually in my stock. I should check that. Watch, it's one that I don't so I'll have to wait a month or whatever for whomever has put a hold on it to finish with before I can check it out again. Spent last night doing other things mostly.

TV: nothing

I got the Internet hookup for the laptop. Had initial problems getting it set up. Apparently when you plug the thing in during installation its supposed to read some information like the phone number and a couple other numbers but it didn't so eventually I called tech support and it was a quick fix after that. It's very convenient now to have a full service computer upstairs. Next I need to get a carrying case and it's easier to use a mouse so I'll scrounge that.

I have to go to Walmart after work to get groceries. A lot of groceries. We're out or just eking by on just about everything. Steve will walk Tug for me if I'm not home in a timely manner. I wish the notification from B&N would come. I could do it all in one trip. Maybe I should call them.

So tonight otherwise I could read if I find something new to start -- and the possibilities are actually nearly endless -- or work on the laptop.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday 081308

Day whatever of being sick. I talked to JodyO last night who said there's a worse version of it circulating the Museum. No thank you. Woke up stuffy and couldn't get warm. Now a little head achy and nose and tired. It will pass eventually. I'm drowning it in tea.

Work: fine tuned the SAC spreadsheets. We're having a person come in from the company who produces the database/ticketing software tomorrow. All day training. I have to remember to get here at 8.

Reading: A PINCH OF SNUFF by Reginald Hill. The language is lovely. Must finish it tonight somehow because it's due tomorrow. Did I ever do a blurb on it? Just in case, here it is:

Love, or at least pornography, are for sale at the arty Calliope Kinema Club on posh, proper Wilkinson Square. According to Yorkshire police superintendent Dalziel, it's all legal. Detective Peter Pascoe, however, doesn't believe it. His dentist, who knows real broken teeth and blood when he sees them, insists that the pretty actress wasn't playing a part when it happened. But the action that puts Pascoe into the picture is homicide. The sudden death of the Calliope's proprietor soon turns a sleazy sex flick into serious police business. And now Dalziel and Pascoe are looking into the all-too-human desire for pain, pleasure...and murder.

TV: None that I'm aware of.

It was nice out last evening. Tug and I sat on the deck for a bit. There was a strange sound coming from the tree next door, kinda like a woodpecker only not as tappy. I couldn't see anything though. I was reading my WSJ when JodyO called and that took a while. Lights turned out by just before 10 and slept for maybe an hour when Steve came to bed and Tug decided it was time to chew his bone. Steve gets bothered by this quickly so I moved to the couch to have Tug follow. By 12:30 I took it away from Tug; it was driving me crazy. Poor thing. I do love to be with the dog in the mornings; he's a tired cuddler.

It would be nice to get to Alltel today to get connected for the laptop. I stopped by last night and they were overwhelmed with people and shorthanded; I left. They're open until 7 so maybe I could walk Tug after work and then get over there when it is hopefully quieter.

More later.....

Later....Holy Schmoley I had lunch today with a friend of mine from ages ago, Sheila K Chinn. She was in town visiting her mom. I saw her last year at her dad's funeral but before that it had been ten years. It was a great visit. We lunched at Pug's -- been a long time since I'd been there as well -- and shared photos of our pets and talked of people we knew and what we'd been doing. There wasn't time last year to chat so this was nice. She's heading back to San Diego tomorrow. It's amazing that it's been 20 years since we shared an apartment and did shows. Where does it go?

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday 081208

Moving right along...

My cold has probably now taken on some germs from Steve and has mutated to a newer cold. Not going away. Eyes very tired today, blowing nose,'s, well, a cold.

I suppose it didn't help that last night/early this morning I was out on the deck with a blanket wrapped around me watching the stars. I wanted to see the Perseids meteor shower and this morning around 3-ish was supposed to be the best viewing. And I actually did this year. I saw a meteor shower for the first time in my life. A shower doesn't sound like it really is: a meteor would go by -- that I saw -- about every couple to five minutes. They go by sooo fast. But it was really cool. I actually did it. And then I had a cool dream about them.

Work: Sent in grant application to Walmart and scoped out one for Build-A-Bear. Working on (another) spreadsheet for Sponsor-A-Chair per Sandi. The deadline approaches: I have to get as many names in for the playbill as possible by Monday.

Reading: I think I'm sticking with the Reginald Hill, A PINCH OF SNUFF. (oops, looks like I can't renew it so I'll have to put a rush on this one, due back the 14th). A book on order is out today but I don't know when I'll be notified. That will probably take precedence when I get it.

TV: I don't think there is anything on for me. I could watch a movie (I always say that) but the rush is on for the Hill book.

I made hotel reservations for the MNA conference in September. I made kennel reservations for Tug this Friday. I sent an email to the professor at Regis to try to get together. I sent an email to the professor doing business plans.

I got DVDs to work in my laptop. Now I need to get the Internet going. I have to get groceries. Both of these things require a paycheck which won't happen until Friday, when we leave. Timing is everything.

Maybe more later...

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday 081108

Reading: hmmm, in looking over the description of the book I have on hold at the library, ENVY THE NIGHT by Michael Kortya, it doesn't look that interesting to me. I guess I didn't know it was a stand alone, separate from his series. The premise just isn't grabbing me now. No thanks. I finished the Crombie last night so now I'm auditioning the next to be read. I brought the next-in-line for me Reginald Hill with me to work to look through on my lunch break. A PINCH OF SNUFF.

Work: I'm still fighting my cold and my concentration is nil. Trying to get some TY letters out. The auditors are here and so far it's not bothering me.

TV: Should be The Closer, Jon & Kate Plus 8, and Paranormal State. My busiest tv night. Last night I watched the Inspector Lynley Mystery. They're saying there's only one more left in the entire series. I had kinda figured out who the bad guy was early on. They don't introduce too many suspects so it isn't hard. :)

I have emails and calls to make on the side business; stuff needs to be done. Business plan for BFS, respond to Policy board for MNA, presentation for MNA meeting, speak with Regis MNM head about proposal, get an internet connection for the laptop - figure out why the laptop didn't play a movie this weekend... work interferes with my life!

Easy night tonight I expect. Walk Tug, dinner, tv, bed. It would be nice to get a nap today but that's not happening. We'll both probably be wiped out when we get home.

That's it for now....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday 081008

Moving right along in August, aren't we?

Still dealing with a cold. Steve is experiencing the symptoms now as well. I foresee naps in our future today.

I'm doing clothes laundry and still have to vacuum at some point.

TV: Will try to remember to watch Masterpiece Theatre as they are showing a new Inspector Lynley episode. Interestingly, though the tv series veered away from the books they've included the death of Lady Helen and this show is touching upon the aftermath. Worth looking at. Watched the Cowboys play exhibition football a little bit last night. Couldn't watch much because they sucked against the Chargers. Thank goodness it's pre-season. They were so good last year I hope this is just the third-stringers and not indicative of the whole team.

Reading. Finished BLACK AND WHITE AND DEAD ALL OVER. I wound up skim reading the last part as the tone was getting a little wearing after a while. The killer was who I thought it was the instant he was introduced. Ah well. Now I'm reading the first Deborah Crombie A SHARE IN DEATH; the first novel of a series of twelve as of this year. I think I might have read this one many many many years ago but don't remember the details. I've pretty much ignored this series perhaps until now. The first line reads: "Duncan Kincaid's holiday began well." Here's the blurb:
Det. Supt. Duncan Kincaid, spending his vacation from Scotland Yard at a Yorkshire time-share along with several other guests, finds his holiday anything but relaxing. Immediately after he arrives at the elegant estate, he overhears a heated argument between the snobbish caretaker and her sarcastic assistant manager. Late that evening, the assistant is electrocuted in the Jacuzzi. To the consternation of Yorkshire police, Kincaid assumes an active role in the investigation, which becomes more urgent after two more deaths. Meanwhile, Sgt. Gemma James, a pragmatic single mother charmed by Kincaid's unpretentious demeanor and bachelor status, digs for additional clues in London.

The older stuff becomes the only TBR to pull from when confronted with so much ... "mediocrity" I guess may be the term. One has to find new authors of course (Samson and Franklin and Cain and other are very good and I'm so glad I found them) but sometimes you have to wade through a lotof dreck and I hate wasting time. Some authors last for a reason; they're good. So I'm reading Reginald Hill, Ian Rankin, Bill Pronzini, Ruth Rendell, PD James, Jonathan Kellerman, Ed McBain, Lawrence Block, Jane Haddam, Lindsey Davis, Archer Mayor, Rex Stout, Ellory Queen, Erle Stanley Gardner, Dorothy Sayer, Agatha Christie, and all my historicals, etc. Two wonderful things about reading these authors is that that they are great reads and there is a large back log of books. I could concentrate solely on this list and never run out of things to read for a long time. And then there is a list of not brand new but getting established new-ish authors that I need to get going on such as Michael Robotham, David Housewright and Marcus Sakey and all the Scandanavians. I could read more of the Robert Crais series for goodness sake, and the back list of Michael Connelly, Peter Robinson, John Harvey, Stuart Pawson, Christopher Brookmyre, Christopher Fowler, and probably now Deborah Crombie. And then there's the list of authors that I need to get caught up on and haven't read in a long time: Elizabeth Peters, Martha Grimes, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Marcia Muller, Jan Burke all come to mind immediately. I could ignore all new releases and not want for reading material.

Here's the books I currently have on hold at the library:

BLACK TOWER by Bayard, Louis

COMPANY OF LIARS by Maitland, Karen

DEATH'S HALF ACRE by Maron, Margaret

DEVIL'S BROOD by Penman, Sharon Kay

FIFTH FLOOR by Harvey, Michael

GIVEN DAY by Lehane, Dennis

KEEPSAKE by Gerritsen, Tess


SWEETHEART by Cain, Chelsea

TRIGGER CITY by Chercover, Sean

I took off the new Alafair Burke. Her last book disappointed me so I'm not in a rush for this one. Maybe I'll get to it eventually.

I remembered another one of my favorite quirky movies: Local Hero. Fabulous. So the list continues:
Local Hero
Lost in Translation
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Strictly Ballroom
Gosford Park

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday 080908

I saw the signs but I didn't read them. For two weeks I've been sneezing and didn't feel well last Sunday. Thursday my neck was stiff and sore. Yesterday I had a headache that wouldn't go away. Today I've got a cold. So I'm napping a lot and I just had some chili and a Frosty after scrounging for quarters. Tug got a cookie from Wendy's drive through which makes them one of the good guys. I'll probably take another nap soon. I didn't sleep well at all last night so I guess I'm making up for lost time.

Steve is currently at the shooting tournament. He should be done around 3-ish. Then we'll walk Tug; in the heat (mid 90s) but it just doesn't count if we do one earlier in the day and I just wasn't up for it. Dinner I think is going to something easy like hotdogs and potato salad.

TV: I don't think there is anything.

Reading: I've started a debut, BLACK AND WHITE AND DEAD ALL OVER by John Darnton. Here's a blurb:
William Randolph Hearst meets Agatha Christie in this entertaining crime novel from Pulitzer Prize–winner Darnton (The Darwin Conspiracy). When assistant managing editor Theodore S. Ratnoff is found murdered in the offices of the New York Globe, a major newspaper struggling to stay afloat amid ever-decreasing readership, circulation and stock value, the killer could be any number of Globe employees who've been humiliated by the tyrannical Ratnoff over the years. Aided by enigmatic NYPD Det. Priscilla Bollingsworth, the Globe's investigative reporter Jude Hurley begins the daunting task of exonerating a laundry list of suspects, who include rogue cops, a reporter suspected of plagiarism and a disgraced executive editor. When the Globe's gossip columnist and food critic turn up dead, the case suddenly becomes much more complicated—and dangerous. Loaded with subtle social commentary and wry humor (a teen's Web journal,, gets close to 1.5 million hits a day), this highly intelligent whodunit will keep readers guessing.

Here's the first line: "Ellen Butterby had never before seen a dead body." It reads almost like a parody with silly names and over the top situations but I think I'm liking it. I've always liked behind the scenes of newspapers. I've got the new Michael Kortya waiting for me at the library; I'll pick it up on Monday. I've given up on that debut gothic - THE BLACKSTONE KEY by Rose Melikan. Just not in the mood for spending time on it when there's so many others that are interesting me more. Maybe I'll get to it another time. But I don't believe in forcing oneself to read where interest is failing. Life's too short and there's too much to read. Entertain me immediately or I move there.

I've got laundry going and maybe later I'll get to the vacuuming. Otherwise not much going on, unfortunately, just taking it easy. But I guess it's a good thing this hit on the weekend; it would be miserable at work.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday 080808

08-08-08 Pretty cool.

Work: sponsorship letters out. Sent Joseph Sample a letter back, ha! A short day today; done at 1:00

Reading: the same though one of my used book orders came in: THE FILM CLUB by David Gilmour. It's not a long book and will be a quick read. It's a memoir of a film critic who lets his 16-year old son drop out of school and not have to work or pay rent but he has to watch three movies a week with his dad. I like it for peeks into movies he chooses. Would I allow a kid of mine to do this? Hell no. A. I would not allow a kid to drop out of shool whatsoever and B. the kid would have to get at least a full time job if not adding a part time job on top of that. Welcome to the real world, Kid.

TV: I don't think so though I should watch a movie or something.

Yesterday's walk with Tug, though in the mid-90s, was the extra long walk again. I've got it in my system now and don't want to give it up. I walked him this morning -- just the regular route - because it was cooler and we could get an extra one in before I left for work. I should do this every day instead of going back to bed for 45 minutes. I know the morning walk won't count and we'll have to go again this afternoon but that's just extra exercise for me and that's a good thing.

After work I should run some errands though money is dear. I need to go to Walmart for some needed things and could pick up some extras. I'd like to to go Alltel and get wireless Internet going for my laptop but that could wait a couple weeks.

I don't think I'll be going to Steve's shooting tournament tomorrow because I will go to the Great Falls one next week with him. Next week we'd have to leave on Friday and stay overnight in a hotel since it starts so early in the morning. I have to make a reservation at the kennel for Tug. We could leave somewhat early if Steve could get off work in the afternoon which he thinks he can. Tomorrow, it's just going to be hot and I'd get drafted to help with the scoring so why do it? Better to get the chores done.

I've had a headache this morning and I don't know why. I hope it's not a caffeine thing though I know I've been drinking more of it than I'd like. I took aspirin this morning after the walk but it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm drinking water to see if that will help. Speaking of water, oh joy, my bottle of water opened in my purse on the way to work and dumped 2/3s of it into the contents. NOT what I needed today.

The news today is riveting. What does Russia hope to gain? I don't care about the Olympics to be honest, but current events... Reminds of the bumper sticker: Where are we going and why are we in a handbasket?

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday 080708

Work: Sponsorship agreement letters written.

Reading: Still THE RESTLESS SLEEP by Stacy Horn.

TV: don't have plans for it

I'm a bit tired today. Steve didn't get home last night from shooting until about 10:30. I wasn't concerned because he sometimes stays and talks to the guys or has once or twice met with Hair Dave at Wendy's afterward and I've learned the hard way that to try to keep too close of tabs on him is discouraged. No, apparently he had another low sugar attack while shooting and it really hit while he was driving home and wound up driving to Wendy's and then to the shop and then home while being pretty much out of his mind. This scares me to no end. He could have died. Long story short when he got home he was better because he got some sugar in him eventually. But then we got into an argument because he was saying that I should have called and checked on him since he was so late because he's never that late. My temper went through the roof on that. I'm somehow supposed to know -- spider sense tingling or something? -- that he's in trouble and not chatting with someone. He can't put that kind of responsibility on me. He did agree to see a doctor because this has been happening too frequently. So this morning I made an appointment; the first date I could get was August 19th at 8 am. I'll be going with him to make sure this actually happens. I'm tired of this and it's been over ten years since he's seen a doctor about his diabetes.

So this has kinda put a damper on my day, mood-wise. I am just not jolly today. I did have lunch with Dotti at The Soup Place which was very nice. And she did open up about why she's leaving the YAM and I don't really blame her. Critiques on one's work is one thing but on one's character is not appropriate. That's all I'll say because I promised to keep what she said confidential. She's going to be doing parttime or freelance accounting stuff and she may be interested in helping the Symphony. It would be great to see her every so often if she did. I had never been to that lunch place before; it was good. I had the Cuban sandwich which came on a toasted hoagie bun and interesting flavors inside. I'd eat there again, especially in the colder months to try their soups.

I've got to walk Tug after work and it's freakin' 95 degrees out. We had a really good long walk yesterday but I don't think we'll be doing that route today. Steve and the guy who got him involved in the MS bike ride in September made plans to bike this evening at 6 but maybe they'll push it off until a little later when there's a chance of being cooler - the upper 80s. But there is a possibility of thunderstorms too, said. Playing it by ear, I'm sure. Dinner will have to be the same. Whichever side of the bike ride is when we'll eat. Nothing fancy.

I'm tired. I'm not cranky but not happy, serious outlook, and I don't want to do anything more today. Just want to go home.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday 080608

Work: Filing and finding confirmation letters for grants in the last fiscal year for auditors next week. I'll have to talk to the YAM about facility rental for after concert receptions though I don't really know the time or what kind of budget I have.

Reading: Still enjoying THE RESTLESS SLEEP by Stacy Horn. She has a strange writing style or organization style in this nonfiction book but maybe that comes from her NPR background.

TV: Not really. Didn't really watch any last night either; wasn't in the mood so I read.

Must walk Tug. Read (because there is just so much) or I should watch a movie on the laptop this evening. Steve has shooting tonight so he'll be gone. He's got a shooting competition this weekend here in town and next weekend in Great Falls. (sigh).

I found a very cool movie website called that is a subscription film club that sends you monthly a not-yet-available to the public DVD of independent films. Just up my alley. I may be interested in it or I may use it as a resource and get involved with Netflix's service.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday 080508

Another Tuesday.

Work: going through grants again. Updating info and checking out possibilities. And making files of donations. It's quiet today; everyone pretty much sticking to their projects.

Reading: Last night I wasn't in the mood for the gothic so I started a nonfiction book about cold cases that came out a couple years ago called THE RESTLESS SLEEP: INSIDE THE NYC COLD CASE SQUAD by Stacy Horn. The first line (from the preface) states, "The minute you die you start to fade from the world and from the memories of the people who knew you." Cheerful, eh? Here's the blurb:

NPR contributor Horn's deft writing and unique access to detectives laboring to bring justice to the many forgotten victims of murder create a significant addition to the genre. Horn tracks four very different unsolved killings—a brutal torture of drug dealers while their young children were restrained in an adjoining room; the murder of an off-duty cop who interrupted a robbery in progress; an apparent sex crime turned fatal that claimed the life of a teenager; and the fetishistic strangling of a transplanted Southerner. Each crime presents unique obstacles for the dedicated detectives assigned to them, and each yields very different results. The heroic and three-dimensional portrayals of the individual police officers are compelling, but many will find more novelty in Horn's detailed assessment of the bureaucratic turf battles surrounding the cold case squad, and the serious obstacles NYPD reformers continue to face.

I love cold cases for some reason and nonfiction was suiting my mood. I'm back to reading my WSJs -- I had taken break for a couple weeks because of the huge time commitment. Takes a lot of time but ya gotta stay informed somehow. I placed an order for a book coming out next week. The library doesn't list it though they have the author's previous books. This is the fifth book in the series by Priscilla Royal; a hystmyst set in 1273 England featuring Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas. I met this author when I went to LCC in Denver earlier this year. She didn't look at all like I pictured but she is a very intelligent and well-spoken person. I would love to just sit down and talk to her for an afternoon. She was one of the panel in the very first one I attended and I was able to go up to her later and tell her how much I enjoyed her work. Kinda thrilling for just a reader.

Looks like I've got another hold ready to pick up. Will stop by on the way home. You know, in some ways I think I need to stop doing this because these books always jump the queu over books I REALLY want to read because I enjoy them so much. I'd love to get back to Susanna Gregory because I miss Matthew and Brother Michael, read the JT Ellison that I picked up at LCC, the Aline Templeton I got used, the next book by the author of THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON, continue the series reading I'm doing of Ian Rankin and Reginald Hill, etc. Yes, the holds allow me to get to books that I couldn't afford that I really want to read but often times I put books on hold that look interesting but maybe not necessarily what I want to be reading at the time, ya know what I mean?

TV: One more TV night: 48 Hours and The Cleaner. A&E all the way.

Steve has his monthly YRC board of directors meeting tonight. Dinner will have to be quick after I walk Tug. I was going to give Tug an extra long walk last night since it didn't get as hot and I was feeling like I needed some extra exercise but 10 minutes into it, it started to rain so I decided to just do our regular route. A nice gentle summer rain for the next half hour or so. It stopped five minutes before we got home. Yes, I was wet but it didn't thunder that much and was clearing up in the west so I knew it wouldn't be a problem. It was actually kinda nice.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Dottie. I was shocked that she's leaving YAM; she had said she'd stick it out for two years but this is only one. Something tipped her over the edge. I don't think she'll want to talk about it much at lunch but I let her know I was a safe venting place. We're going to The Soup Place; I've never been so that will be interesting. Oh, I need to grab some cash.

If anything crosses my mind to note later, I'll be back.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster