Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh yeah.

Tonight I have Arrow to watch.

Technically part 3 of the crossover event. But really part 2 because Supergirl on Monday didn't have any plot to the crossover. Last night's Flash however .... did. Whoa.

So. Aliens have landed and they're not nice ones like Supergirl. They're called the Dominators for a reason. Not. Nice. And the teams from four shows get together to battle the Dominators.

And the good guys also find out that Flash messed with the timeline and things have changed this season.

After a few of our guys have been rescued from mind control by the aliens -- yay! -- a few our guys are then abducted by the aliens -- boo! And that was the end of the episode last night. Cliffhanger!

And so. TONIGHT....

Arrow "Invasion!":

A superhero event continues with Oliver waking up to a life where he never got on the Queen's Gambit. Also, Robert and Moira Queen are alive and well, and Laurel is his loving fiancée and their wedding is imminent. Everything seems perfect, but Oliver starts to notice small imperfections that make him question this new reality. Meanwhile, Felicity and the recruits take on a new threat with help from the Flash and Supergirl.

It's also Arrow's one hundredth episode which is a big deal in TV land. 

Yeah. Happiness.

Otherwise, Steve has shooting. I'll go to bed to read after my show.

Have a great evening!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No! Wait!

Currently reading, I think, CLOSE CALL by Stella Rimington. 8th of 9 in series featuring Liz Carlyle, an agent in MI-5 Joint Counter-Terrorist Group, in London.

The Arab Spring has swept through the Middle East and Liz Carlyle and her compatriots in the Thames House's counter-espionage division are racing to investigate arms deals in Yemen. There's a UN embargo forbidding any member country from supplying arms to either side in the uprisings, but Andy Bokus, head of the CIA's London Station, has evidence that the weapons being smuggled into Yemen are not only being sold to both sides, but are coming from a connection in the UK-a highly embarrassing black mark on the government and, if true, full of disastrous consequences. British-American cooperation widens as Liz teams up with her old rival Bruno McKay, MI6's Head of Station in Paris, and Isobel Florian of the French domestic service, the DCRI, to trail and trap the elusive weapons dealer. The evidence points to a former French intelligence officer, Antoine Milraud, who leads them all on a mad chase across Europe until investigators witness him passing something to an elegantly dressed, very mysterious man. When Milraud is caught and informs on his fellow conspirators, Liz finds herself embroiled in a larger, potentially explosive situation that twists all the way back to what she feared most-that the arms are being sold through the UK, and the mysterious man is closer and more capable of brutal violence than she ever could have imagined.

Published in 2014, it has 352 pages.

Tonight we have The Curse of Oak Island "Swamp Things":

Evidence of a possible ancient shipwreck in the Oak Island swamp is found.
 After that is Hunting Hitler "Eyewitness Accounts":

A declassified document points to Hitler and a close associate, Leon Degrelle, possibly having moved from Denmark to San Sebastian, Spain, where eyewitnesses are found. In Argentina, investigators speak with a relative of Hermann Goering and a man who claims his father worked for Martin Bormann.
 There's also The Flash, being part two of the four-night cross over.

But I'll watch that tomorrow.

It got terribly windy here yesterday evening and into this morning. I hate wind.

Heh heh heh. Little joke. Ok, very little. Ok, off you go. Have a good day.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, November 28, 2016

A FIVE-day week? Back away slowly...

Aaaannnnd we're back.

Thanksgiving was fine. Dinner turned out ok. Afterward, I made a big vat of turkey soup with half of the leftovers so I have lunches for the week.

Friday, I binge-watched the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Four episodes of 90 minutes. The ending lends itself to a sequel.

I was also binge-watching some BBC The Musketeers this weekend.

I read a fantasy/romance book, THE EMPEROR'S ARROW by Lauren D.M. Smith. Stand alone.

The bride candidates have been summoned. Their numbers are many, yet only one is an Amazzi warrior. Only one would give her life to protect him. Evony of Aureline, warrior of her people, has no intention of becoming a hideous old man's bride. Though her people have sworn their loyalty to the legendary emperor Galen, Evony knows little of courts and intrigue. It's simply not her world. Yet it's on the palace training grounds where Evony's archery skills gain her the respect of soldiers and legates alike. The emperor himself takes notice of the beautiful, ruthless warrior. In turn, the young, steely eyed Galen is nothing at all what Evony expected. This man could very well conquer her heart. But does he feel the same? As the rivalry among the remaining bride candidates intensifies and the plot for the throne unfolds, Evony must make a grave choice: fulfill her destiny and protect her people or follow her heart and pursue true love. Either way, the honor of the Amazzi people and the future of the empire now rests with Evony of Aureline.

Published in 2016. Read on Kindle, there isn't a page count available. I'd guess about 250-ish.

Productive? Not much. Naps? Not enough, I expected there'd be more but it didn't happen.

The Cowboys won their Thanksgiving Day game. Ten and one, baby!!

This week on the CW channel .... hold on, I need to back up a minute. My beloved TV show Arrow, spun off two other series -- The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Also in the DC Comics world that these belong to is Supergirl who did a crossover with The Flash last year so that's connected as well. Each of these four shows are on the CW channel, one each night. Because they're connected, this week they're doing a four-show, four night cross over storyline --- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday -- each show continues one story. Way to empire build!

I will probably get the episodes via Amazon Instant and watch them the next day except for Arrow. Arrow I ALWAYS watch.

I can't watch Supergirl tonight because Steve will want to view Street Outlaws at the same time. We eat dinner at that time so it would be rude to go to the bedroom TV and leave him alone with his show while I watch mine.

Don't get me wrong, I've done it before but for a whole week .....

Have a great Monday!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What, no beef or ham this year?! COME ON, MAN!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Day three of a three-day work week. Four day weekend ahead!

No Arrow on tonight. Bah. Holidays.

Ah damn. In looking for a gif to use I saw a bunch of Oliver Queen/Felicity shots. Damn I miss them being together. Damn you season 5! I may need to re-watch some earlier seasons when they were falling in love just to feel better.

But with a four-day weekend, I'm hoping to get some stuff done. Want to work on my project so that means computer time. I hope to read a lot. I would like to view some Amazon Instant/Netflix. Naps. Productive!

Tomorrow, it will be just Steve and me. I'll cook dinner, we'll watch Dallas play in the afternoon and the Steelers in the evening. 

After that ... I won't be participating in Black Friday. I never do. Having been in retail on the other side, I won't contribute to the carnage.

I don't know if I'll be posting again until next Monday. Have to play it by ear.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and happy!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'm with ya

Halfway through a short week. 

Ok, I'm going with the flow and not questioning it. A few times now I've tried to read Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles. They're fabulous. They really really are. They're just dense reading and though I've made a few attempts with this 3rd book, I've not gotten past the first chapter or two. HOWEVER! Today is not that day.

Or yesterday was to be more precise.

Reading: THE DISORDERLY KNIGHTS by Dorothy Dunnett. 3rd of 6 in series.

1551, Francis Crawford of Lymond is dispatched to embattled Malta, to assist the Knights of Hospitallers in defending the island against the Turks. But shortly the swordsman and scholar discovers that the greatest threat to the Knights lies within their own ranks, where various factions vie secretly for master.
 Published in 1966, it has 529 pages. 

On TV tonight, we have first up The Curse of Oak Island, "Always Forward":

A mysterious "Hatch" that may be a secret entrance to an underground treasure tunnel is investigated.

And after that is Hunting Hitler, "The Compound":

Investigators examine the possibility that Hitler may have escaped to Denmark, where they check out a landing strip and bunker system. In Argentina, clues point to an area that may have been a Nazi militarized compound.

I was looking ahead in my pre-orders of new releases .... I don't have anything until February. !!!!

So I look at it as not a blight, a virtual desert in the publishing world but a rather a chance to read some things in the TBR.

I also received a couple books on the technical side of Star Trek and Star Wars as research materials that I can pour over. Blue prints and star charts and stuff.

Have a great evening!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday of a 3-day week

I had a fabulous weekend. Walked the dogs, got my hair cut, got groceries. Then I went early to the seminar put on by my psychic/medium friend, Danielle. So I killed some time and went next door to a new store called Vintage Apothecary. They have antiques, knickknacks, herbs, essential oils. Yeah, I got a couple things -- a painting and a blue, two-shelf bookcase.

And then I was still early for the seminar -- there were two times listed for the event. I had about 45 minutes to kill. On Saturdays they have a palm reader named Glenda do her appointments there. She didn't have any clients at the time and while helping set up for the event I indulged in the moment and said I'd be her client to finish her afternoon. So I had my palm read for a 30 minute session. It was AMAZING. She was spot on.

And then, of course, Danielle's seminar was fabulous. It was about the spiritual theme for 2017.

And then, we went to dinner with friends Brad and Crystal at Jakes where I had the salmon. I was super tired because I'd been up since 6 with no naps but it was a great day.

And on Sunday, Dallas won AGAIN. Nine and one, baby!

Tonight I have nothing personal on TV for me to watch. Conviction at 9 but I'll watch that tomorrow.  I'll probably view Street Outlaws with Steve during dinner before going to bed to read.

Over the weekend I read THE HOSTAGE TAKER by Stefanie Pintoff. This is 1st of 2 in series featuring Eve Rossi, a hostage negotiator for the FBI in New York City.

In the hushed quiet of early morning Manhattan, in front of the towering bronze doors of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, a young woman holds a sign that reads: HELP ME. For one FBI agent, a madman’s terrified hostages, and an entire city, a long and harrowing day is about to unfold. The hostage taker’s identity is unknown. But he knows who FBI agent Eve Rossi is—and everything about her past. Along with her presence, he demands five witnesses: ordinary people with some hidden connection. Defying her superiors, Eve begins a deadly dance with an adversary whose intentions are surely sinister, whose endgame is anything but certain, and whose cunning keeps him one step ahead at every turn. As Eve manages a taut hostage situation, she relies on the combined skills of her team—a secret unit inspired by France’s most notorious criminal and made up of ex-convicts with extraordinary talents, oversized egos, and contempt for the rules. Eve is up against a rapidly ticking clock. But the dangerous man calling the shots has a timetable of his own—and a searing question for his targets: What are you guilty of? As shocking revelations surface, so does another crisis nobody could anticipate—one not even Eve and her team may be able to stop.

Published in 2015, it has 432 pages.  I was very disappointed because I liked this author's historical mystery series. It's a great premise but wasn't executed well, IMHO. Read like a shallow action movie at times done too hurriedly.

Have a lovely day

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster