Saturday, April 30, 2011

I may be caught up on sleep now after the long day yesterday. Not much happening. Steve didn't have a class or anything today which is good because he said he was feeling relapse-y with his cold and the cough that won't leave.

We watched Camelot last night. So-so. Nothing on tv tonight at all so we may watch a movie at home and have Chinese food.

I finished Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney. It was okay, however, the storylines jumped every few paragraphs so it had a disjointed feeling.
I'm not sure what to read next. I'll have to dig around. I returned the book festival books and I'm glad to have that off my shoulders.

It's being another big windy day. Yuck. Otherwise, I'm doing laundry and the usual Saturday stuff.

See ya later. Sorry life is boring right now. :)

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes, I'm a romantic. I got up to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and loved every minute of it. She was simply stunning. The wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch. And I think the monarchy will be safe with them when the time comes. There were so many moments I liked: Harry sneaking a peak as Kate was walking up the aisle, Kate in the car driving to the Abbey looking so happy and poised, the drive in the Astin Martin, the music -- Jerusalem and the hymn by their friend that was so haunting, William telling Kate she looked beautiful, the traditional curtsey to the Queen...

I took the day off from work...requested it months ago. I'll be taking a nap later I think to catch up on the lost sleep. Now it is early afternoon and I will put the final touches to the May issue of Premeditated. Tonight we have Camelot to watch. We didn't get the storms that they predicted but it is terribly windy right now.

I'm reading an arc on my Kindle via called SEMI-SWEET by Irish author Roisin Meany. It's a chick-lit type of book but is suiting my mood. Here is a description:

Hannah Robinson is just about to open the doors to her new shop Cupcakes on the Corner when out of the blue her boyfriend Patrick announces that he's leaving her for another woman. Faced with starting a business on her own, Hannah begins to wonder if her life-long dream has just turned into a nightmare. So her best friend Adam sets his birthday as a deadline - seven months to make her shop a success, or walk away from it all. And as Hannah immerses herself in her new business, she soon discovers that she's too busy to think about Patrick and his now pregnant girlfriend ...or to notice an increasingly regular customer who has recently developed a sweet tooth for all things cupcake. But while Hannah is slowly piecing her life back together, family friend Alice's is falling apart. Her husband Tom's drinking is getting out of control and things are about to get a whole lot worse. As the seven-month milestone approaches, Hannah must decide her future. And while she's figuring out what's really important, it becomes clear to everyone that happiness in life, and in love, is all in the making.

Have a lovely rest of the day.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, whatever I did to my eye yesterday I'm better though it hung around a little bit this morning. Yay Benedryl. Though in my Benedryl haze last night I got nothing done and stared at the tv, first with one eye and then with both. :) I'm still feeling a Benedryl hangover.

Work was okay, the usual. I'm not going to my class tonight so I can get some rest. I'm getting up at 2AM to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate. This kind of spectacle doesn't happen that often and I'm not going to miss it. I requested the day off months ago.

I haven't really een reading anything other than plugging away at THE ABBOT'S GIBBET by Michael Jecks. I don't want to get too terribly involved in anything because of Tuesday's release of the SJ Parris.

I plan on finishing the newsletter tomorrow and then move on to June's issue. I'll be gone for a week in May so need to get as much done as possible before.

Have a good 'un.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a bother

I don't know what I did but right now I'm having an allergy attack via my eye. Usually I touch something and then touch my but I don't recall what I did. I've put drops in and taken Benedryl but it's bugging me so I'm going to close them for a bit. Sorry.

Have a good evening. Read or something. Watch a good tv show or movie. Or sleep. I probably will now with the Benedryl. Oy. The older I'm getting the more allergies I'm developing. It's a bother.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yeah, not much else going on....

It has been a chilly and dark rainy day today -- totally wasted at work. :)

I have to do some computer work this evening but first will be dinner and Deadliest Catch on tv. In between books right now. Next Tuesday hopefully will be the new SJ Parris but I'm concerned: the excerpt I read was in first person which I don't really like. Her first book was not first person and was excellent. I now have concerns. What a bother.

Not much else going on. Boring boring boring.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday denial

Blah, Monday.

Last night we watched The Game of Thrones and The Killing. I taped Upstairs/Downstairs but I haven't viewed it yet. Tonight is the third of three of the Antique Roadshow taped in Billings. The Game of Thrones is making me want to go back and re-read the books because I've forgotten the details.

Steve has a gun class he may have to help with tonight. He went out to check to see if they have enough coaches and if so he'll come back home but I don't have much hope for that.

I finished SWEET REVENGE by Andrea Penrose. It turned out to be better than my first impression. I first came across it for the April issue of Premeditated and the excerpt made it look rather frothy: there were recipes. But the story wasn't too bad, set in Regency England.

This is a short work week for me. I'm taking Friday off so only three more days to go.

I'm going to have a cup of tea and do some reading. Have a lovely evening....

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Game of chicken, eh?

Oops, almost forgot to do this. I worked on my newsletter most of the day. I've got the first draft done but need to do some tweeking. Then I got some groceries. I didn't get a nap in however. So we had dinner and watched Cops and some playoff hockey. Now I'm getting ready for bed and will do some reading before lights out.

Steve is still coughing pretty badly and needs rest because he's got dark circles under his eyes still. I'm glad he will be taking it easy this weekend.

I'm missing the annual showing of The Ten Commandments on tv tonight. Man, Anne Baxter was a busty babe and they liked to put her in tight dresses. So let it be written, so let it be done. Good stuff. Of course, watching this growing up I had a crush on Joshua (John Derek) and not really Heston.

Good night...

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, Friday! You came at last!

Again, it is Friday. Even with missing a day of work this week, it seemed a long one.

It has snowed today though nothing is sticking to the ground of course. But it has stayed in the 30s in temperature and has been dark. It would have been a good day to stay home. Feeling a little under the weather, I think tonight we’ll have soup and grilled chilled as we watch Say Yes to the Dress and Camelot.

I haven’t been able to really decide what to read next so by default and in need of fluffy, I’ve started SWEET REVENGE by Andrea Penrose, a debut historical mystery being labeled as “A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery”. Here’s a description:

England, 1813: Lady Arianna Hadley acts the part of a French chef in one of London's aristocratic households to find her father's murderer. But when the Prince Regent falls ill after consuming Arianna's special chocolate dessert, she finds herself at the center of a scandal. It soon becomes clear that someone is looking to plunge England into chaos-and Arianna to the bottom of the Thames...

It was published this month and has 336 pages. I have it on the Kindle. While I need something fluffy, I hope it isn’t insipid. There’s a difference.

This weekend I have several things to work on: I hope to finish the first draft of the May issue, I need to do some more job hunting, I need to figure out the next writing project, I need to do the usual cleaning-ish things.

I'm going to make a cup of tea I think. Have a cozy evening.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big smile. Bonus points: name the quote (in the 1st part)

Sorry I missed yesterday; the day got away from me. I stayed home to rest up from whatever bug I had. I slept a bit then I caught up on Upstairs/Downstairs and then watched The King's Speech. Excellent, most excellent movie. And what a terrific story.

Worked today, the usual. The good news is my brother-in-law gets home to Cheyenne today after serving six months in Djibouti. Very good news indeed.

We're having our first thunderstorm of the season. Love it. Hit right after I got home -- and I don't have my class tonight. Yay!

Nothing really to watch on tv for me. I finished last night a nonfiction book about the tv show PARANORMAL STATE. It's about how they got together and then got the tv show going. Never seen it? It's a show about ... well, helping families with paranormal situations. Yes, sometimes demons and dark stuff. So now I have to find something light, fluffy and verging on sweet. :)

A little bit tired so I'll probably end of going to bed early. A lot of work had piled up the one day I was gone so I worked like mad to make a dent in it. Ready to just do pretty much nuthin'.

I'm going to do some news browsing and surfing some blogs.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm sorry, but you're trying to WALK a CAT?!?

The 2nd interview went well today, however, I am picking up a whiff of they may find me overqualified for the position. We'll see and it may be a bit because the woman said they were just starting the interviews. So there it is.

I came home after the interview because some bug is trying to get me so I'm going to sleep it out this afternoon. Well, for a wee bit. I'll play it by ear for tomorrow.

Tonight on TV we have Deadliest Catch to watch.

I finished a quickie romance called COLLISION COURSE by Zoe Archer on Kindle. A palette cleanser though I don't know what's next. In two weeks will be the new SJ Paris...woot!

All right, off ya go...I'm going to attempt a nap.

Much love

PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, April 18, 2011


Quickly tonight. My hand is hurting from too much typing so giving it a rest tonight. We've got Antique Roadshow to watch tonight for the 2nd of 3 filmed in Billings. Have a second interview tomorrow with Rocky Mountain Health Network. Supposed to snow tonight.

Have a lovely evening!

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just an amazing picture - Must. Get. Nom.

I wound up not doing much on the newsletter yesterday because of my frustration at my technical problems. My computer somehow ate the Excel spreadsheet from which I work. Luckily, I have an online backup system so I didn't have to completely re-invent the wheel but the backups didn't happen when they should have so I had a older version that I did need to update so it wasn't a complete disaster but near enough. By the time I got things fixed my frustration level was high and probably compounded by being tired so I quit to take a nap and then decided I was just done. I have much to make up for today in my work in that arena.

I finished BIT PLAYER by Janet Dawson. I'm not sure how to rate it. I've enjoyed this author for decades and was very glad to see her back after taking eleven years off. And to be honest I'm not sure now how her style was then other than being a good PI procedural. This book had major info dumps. Way too much on the movie business, the collecting of movie memoriabilia, and the history of California. The PI procedural stuff was good -- it takes talking to a lot of people to pick up all the little pieces of a puzzle. I like that part. But I initially felt almost uncomfortable because the PI went overboard in investigating some people with no case, no client, and only because one of the gentlemen suggested her grandmother may have been involved with an actor before she married her husband. Way overboard. So I don't know. I liked it but I also wish it could have been better.

I finally watched the first two episodes of The Borgias yesterday when I was playing hooky from my newsletter. It has all the elements that I enjoy: political and religious intrigue, medieval time period, Rome, plots and counter plots.

Tonight, we add the 5th of the miniseries in April. The Game of Thrones on HBO. This is based on a wonderful epic fantasy series by George R R Martin. Again, has all the elements I like: court intrigue, etc., etc. This series would be one of the first recommendations I would make to anyone interested in SFF except.... the author has had some kind of block for the past decade and hasn't completed the damn thing. Ahem. Back to television. Luckily, it is on at 7 tonight though we'll miss the last bit because then we'll have The Killing at 8 and I'll be taping Upstairs Downstairs at the same time. The Borgias, again, I'll catch on On Demand.

So off to the basement office I go. I've already been dawdling over web surfing.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time to get to work for a while. I'm on "L" on my newsletter. I hope to just buzz through this this weekend and get it in first draft shape.

Camelot last night ... hmmmm... I really do not see what Guenivere sees in Arthur. Truly. And Merlin! Let's see, he wiped out a family in order to get a sword and came up with a "Lady of the Lake" story to cover his bumbling crime that had others enthralled and gullible. And Morgan came ] [ this close to dying and ending her misery and her drive to create it in others. Bah. :) Of course all of this has to happen. Interesting that they had two swords: one for the "sword in the stone" myth (what they called the Sword of Mars) and another for "the lady of the lake" myth (Excalibur). I mean, really, a sword in the stone for so many years would probably not be in the best of condition, right? Makes sense.

Steve may go scrapping though his alarm went off an hour ago and still no sign of him. :) I don't know how he can sleep through a radio playing right next to his head.

It is definitely spring out there. I'm starting to see buds on some bushes. Go out an enjoy yourselves!

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bah humbug Friday


What an ucky day. Just bleh. Glad to be over. So after work I stopped by M&D's house to play with Emmitt, my brother's black lab. I just needed some dog time. We played for almost a half hour. I miss having a dog. I miss my Tug. But I'm not going to think about that.

Tonight on tv is Say Yes to the Dress and Camelot. This weekend I'll be working on the newsletter and usual cleanups. Steve says he'll do some scrapping but I wish he wouldn't because he says he feels awful. But we'll see.

I'm currently reading BIT PLAYER by Janet Dawson. This is 10th of 10 in series featuring Jeri Howard, a PI in Oakland, California. This author hasn't written in 11 years. I always loved her books. Here's a description:

Old movies, old memories, old crimes - and present-day murder. Oakland PI Jeri Howard finds all of these when a chance encounter in a movie memorabilia shop sets her on an investigation into her grandmother's past life in Hollywood. Before marrying Jeri's grandfather during World War II, Jerusha Layne worked as a bit player, an actress who spoke a few lines in movie backgrounds. Her dreams of stardom never came true. But did she play another role, that of suspect in the unsolved 1942 murder of an actor? And Jeri must also solve a current mystery: Are old movie posters so valuable that someone would kill for them?

It was just published in April 2011 and has 282 pages. This is a library book.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The interview went very well today. Probably have a second next week. The class went okay; we're not meeting next week because the school is closed for not-Easter. I'm hungry because I haven't eaten since lunch so this post will be a short one. :) Steve is sicker than before I think with his cold. I'm glad it is Friday tomorrow. I'm ready for a weekend.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yeeaahhh, un hunh, that's what I'm doing, just like I told you

I've decided not to bend over backward trying to get something written for tomorrow's class. I've polished the article from last week and I'll present maybe the first little bit of the short story. But tonight, I don't feel like going overboard. I haven't read in what seems like forever. I need to read the festival books. Steve goes shooting. I haven't watched any of the Borgias. I don't know. I just don't want to stress tonight.

At work, there is a feeling and some indications that maybe the end is nearer than anticipated for us temps. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it happened this week or next. We'll see.

So... I feel like some pampering. I'll figure out something for dinner, maybe take a soak in the shower, maybe have a half glass of wine, read a little... and sleep very well tonight.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ah, can't pass up a good Clue reference

I got some clothes after work to wear for the interview on Thursday. Got it over with, phew! Tonight is the season premiere of Deadliest Catch. Two bleepin' hours. Bah. No wonder I don't get anything done.

Last night we watched Antique Roadshow which as I mentioned was filmed here last summer. I didn't recognize anybody and most things were not "western." In fact, one item was Egyptian from like 500 BC. Then we discovered the season premiere of Paranormal State. I've GOT to work on my writing project.

Steve went to work today and sounds better tonight but he says he feels awful so I'm forcing him to go to bed early, which for him is 9:00.

It wasn't the best day at work I've ever had so I'm glad it's done and I'm home. Back again tomorrow, oh boy. The good news is I'm walking on our breaks so I'm getting back to that finally.

I read a bit more in the communism book last night before lights out. It wasn't much. :) I didn't get the Spencer-Fleming book. That will have to wait until next week. I've got other things, anyway, to read. Communism awaits!

Have a lovely evening.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, April 11, 2011

Work was just ....there. Steve stayed home again today with his headcold. I have a job interview on Thursday with St. Vincent's Hospital. I'm working on a short story for my writing project due on that day as well. It will be a mystery-oriented story, of course and I'll have to do about 2000 words or more a night to get the total I'm aiming for for potential publication in something. It starts .... with a murder.... bwa ahahhaa!

But I also have Antique Roadshow to watch on tv tonight because this is the first of three (I think three) episodes that were taped here in Billings, MT. The interesting story to this taping is that the week prior to them coming here, the venue in which they were to conduct themselves was destroyed by an extremely rare tornado so they had to scramble for new digs at the last minute. It will be interesting to see shots of the area and to see if there is anyone I know on camera. And cross your fingers we don't come off as too "hick." Uff da.

Last night we watched the third episode of The Killing which is a police procedural, episodic on AMC channel. It is still keeping our attention, telling stories of the cops, the family, the high school kids, and the political campaign. I then watched the taping I did of Upstairs/Downstairs. I thought it was going to be an hour and a half but it was only an hour. I'm a little disappointed; it feels....annotated. Like they filmed twice as much if not more but edited it down to this and we're losing a lot of the story. There's only two more episodes left so they're apparently not going to be going to in depth. In comparison to Downton Abbey, this is lacking much.

The new Julia Spencer-Fleming book is out tomorrow after many months' delay. I have thought about getting it on the Kindle but I don't know yet. I need to buy some new pants for the interview. We get to wear jeans to work so I don't have any "nice" clothes anymore. :)

Dinner is going to once again be "something spicy" to help Steve clear out his sinuses and junk so I'm making taco salad but spicing up the meat and I have Spicy Nachos. We'll BURN the cold out of him.

Okay, gotta keep moving on the writing project. Have a good evening.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I know the feeling...

Not much to report today. My focus for the day is to make great headway in the May issue of Premeditated and do clothes laundry. It looks to be a sunny day in April today and supposed to get up into the 50s. Maybe I'll take a break in the afternoon for a walk.

Tonight I'll probably watch Upstairs/Downstairs and tape The Killing. The Borgias will have to wait again.

I'm still figuring out what to do for a writing project this week. I have a big project in mind but don't know if it's time for it yet. Think think think....

Sorry, I've had my coffee this morning but not any food yet so I'm not being very interesting. Eggs are on the boil. :) Steve didn't go gaming last night which is a very good thing with his head cold not getting better. He did want something spicy for dinner last night and we came up with calzones from Old Chicago and his had andouille sausage and garlic and so forth which he said helped. He won't steam which would do wonders but there you go.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend -- I've got to find some breakfast.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Been a couple days. Thursday I had my class and last night I had a haircut that went over time and then dinner to make and tv to watch until 9. Busy busy!

I got my article in rough shape for the class on Thursday. The bones are there but needs polishing. I interviewed a really neat lady named Bernice Hash who has been teaching hunter education and other gun classes for 30 years. I will work on the article later and submit it to a local women's mag. I now need to work on another writing project for this coming Thursday. My plan is to get projects going, get feedback from the class on each of them while I'm doing the class -- using it while it's there -- and then complete things later based on the feedback.

We watched Camelot last night. Ah, the seeds of the downfall are in place: Arthur and Guenivere have done the deed and then she married Leontes (Lancelot) while they looked longingly at each other. Frankly, in this miniseries, I'd go for Leontes. And Merlin is making mistake after mistake, IMHO. He leaves himself vulnerable to Morgan, he leaves Arthur vulnerable to Morgan... but I still will watch it.

Tomorrow... ah, tomorrow. The Killing on AMC, the debut of Upstairs/Downstairs on Masterpiece Theatre, and The Borgias on Showtime. Actually, I haven't even started The Borgias yet. I can catch that on On Demand tv anytime right now. And they all start at the same time; it would be so much nicer if The Killing was on at 7 and the U/D start at 8. But, nooOOoo...

I went to the Friends of the Library sale yesterday. I had extra overtime on the books for the week that I wouldn't be able to claim because of our limits so I took a two hour early lunch and headed over when they opened at 10. Initially, it was hot, it was crowded and ultimately I didn't have enough time. I didn't get a chance to look at nonfiction or any of the media. But I did manage to find some things, of course. The advantage to me is that the books I am looking for are not the mainstream titles that others are reading. I'm looking for historical mysteries that I'm reading the series of or to fill out the collection I already have. I've thought about going back today in order to look at what I missed yesterday but I'm now reconsidering that. I have too much to do today and I don't need to spend anymore this weekend (books plus haircut -- ouch).

Today I will be doing some more job prospecting and working on my newsletter. And doing laundry. And coming up with a writing project for the week. Steve stayed home yesterday with a head cold but will be going to the gun club this afternoon to run a tournament. He may do a game night tonight. I'm making him sleep as much as possible in between. Men.

I'm bouncing between three books right now: THE ABBOT'S GIBBET has been put on the back burner because Michael Connelly's new Lincoln Lawyer book came out on Tuesday, THE FIFTH WITNESS and I got it at Walmart the other day; and I'm still plugging away at the Communism book for the book festival.

Weather-wise it's another perfect day for reading that I can't participate in -- dark, rainy, and gorgeous. Bah.

Have a good Saturday!

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Noooo, that's just a kitty!

This will be quick tonight. I've got to transcribe the interview I did at lunch so I can turn it into an article by tomorrow evening. I hope there is something there to transcribe -- I haven't checked it yet.

Steve is off shooting, I had a left over half of a reuben sandwich for dinner after getting groceries at Walmart after work.

I don't know how long my transcribing will take so I'm off to go work on it. Have a lovely evening, get enough sleep, and have a wonderful tomorrow. I probably won't have time to post tomorrow because of my class after work so I'll see ya Friday.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemosnter

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I started another of the book festival books last night; this one is a nonfiction book about communism in the 1920/30's northeastern Montana. It is actually rather interesting. It mentions a Madsen who immigrated to that area so I asked Steve about it and he asked his mom but they don't know names of other generations but they do come from that area.

I also started THE ABBOT'S GIBBET by Michael Jecks. This is 5th of 30 in series featuring Simon Puttock, medieval West County bailiff, and Sir Baldwin Furnshill, ex-Templar Knight, in Devon, England. (told you I had a lot to catch up on in this series). Here is a description:

With scores of merchants streaming into Devon to participate in the Tavistock fair of 1319, a goodly amount of unlawful activity is expected. No one, however, anticipates a murder. The guests of Abbot Robert Champeaux, former Knight Templar Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock, bailiff of Lydford, have been asked by their host to investigate the grisly discovery of a headless corpse by a local butcher. Hunting a killer in the din and bustle of the fair could prove a daunting task, especially with the victim's identity a mystery. But Sir Baldwin and Simon are determined to unravel the complex weave of intrigue, rage, and violence that has brought death to Tavistock -- even if it means courting their own destruction.

It was published in 1998 and has 336 pages.

Steve has a board meeting tonight. I have to prep for an interview for an article tomorrow and then keep reading the communism book. It rained most of the day and dark but now the sun has broken through.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, April 4, 2011


Oooohhhkayyy, add PBS to the party on Sunday nights. A sequel of sorts of Upstairs/Downstairs starts this Sunday the 10th. Soooo, if you're keeping track, I have one minseries on Friday, this Sunday I will have three and the Sunday after that I will have four. IhatethemIhatethemall.

I watched The Killing last night. This is the one on AMC, the same channel that now does original programming like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and my beloved but cancelled Rubicon. They premiered with the first two episodes of The Killing which is a good idea because it is going to be a slow moving storyline. This is the one based on the fantastically popular version on Danish TV. Adapted to the US audience, this tells the story of the investigation into who killed Rosie, a 17-year-old girl in Seattle. The POV character is a female cop who caught the case on her last day before she was supposed to move with her son to California to be with her fiance. There are many threads going on here: the cops and their investigation, the agony that the family is going through dealing first with their missing daughter and now murdered, the secrets of high school kids, and the candidate for mayor and his campaign people who are involved somehow because Rosie's body was found in one of their vehicles and the election is only a month away.

The Borgias premiered last night too but it will be easier for me to catch that on On Demand or online. Maybe tonight.

But I also need to be working on my writing assignment for the week. I have an idea I just need to arrange and then do an interview first. I have a target publication in mind which would put the needed word count at 1200 to 1500 so not too crazy.

I've also got to start the next festival book but I'm also going back to one I started previously, THE ABBOT'S GIBBET by Michael Jecks. I've got to make better progress in that series because there are so many in it.

Have a lovely evening....

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Strange weekend. Yesterday it crossed the 70 degree mark. Today we're having snow scurries. I've been working on the May issue and doing laundry. Tonight I'll figure out which miniseries to watch at 7 and watch the other tomorrow. I've had a couple episodes of Law & Order: SVU playing while I was working on the computer. I have a lot of series I'd like to catch up on. Reading, DVDing... not enough time in a day. I finished A STRANGER IN MAYFAIR this morning. I figured out the the big secret early on but not the who. Have a good rest of the Sunday.... Much love, PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, April 2, 2011

That is, eat the frosting first ... and then nap.

I've been having a good day.

Oh, before I go into that, Steve liked the taco soup. He likes it! Hey Mikey! Yes, I liked it too and will probably have it for leftovers tonight.

So, anywhoo, I slept in until almost 8 when Steve blasted the tv to announce to the world that he was up and had to get ready for his shooting class, therefore everyone else must get up, too. He's like that; always has and always will.

Holy cow!! we are having a monster wind storm right now. I was out in it but now inside and it just sounds horrible. I can take rain, I can take snow but I hate wind. The sound just gets on my nerves.

Anyway, I got my May issue started. I ran errands around noon; Steve had asked me to pick up a prescription for him but I decided to stop by a book sale that a church has twice a year. It was the last day of the sale and I stayed long enough for them to announce that the books were now $2 a bag. Woot! I was still picky but still found some things, of course. In the past, I have found some good things there and the last time they had some DUNE books in hardcover which put me right back to junior high when I remember finding them for the first time at the library at Lewis and Clark Junior High. Today, they did it again. Now, as a book addict, I look at pretty much everything. So I was back in the textbooks area -- yes I look at textbooks too -- and I came across the textbook we used in my 8th grade English class! I've been accused of being the grammar police and this is the book that did it! I even recognize one of the names written on the inside cover. Wouldn't that have been a hoot if it had my own name, eh? Yes, I took it with me. That text is etched in my memory. And so is Miss Price who taught the class. I'd say I was at the sale for an hour and a half. That's pretty good for me.

We watched Camelot last night. We had seen the first episode previously in a sneek preview but this was two episodes. Man, the actor I like got killed off in episode two. He was playing Lot and I fell in lurv with him when he played Marc Antony in the miniseries Rome. Back to Camelot, I have to say, don't piss off Morgan; she is one psycho messed up chick. The makers of this miniseries are playing with the mythology of Arthur. The biggest one that I can see is that they are inverting the love triangle. It appears that Arthur will be stealing Guenivere away from Leontes (they're call him that instead of Lancelot). Excalibur is being called the Sword of Mars and was in a rock at the top of a waterfall. Still don't like the blond Arthur but there it is. I still think the movie Excalibur is the best of them all.

Tonight, nothing on TV that I can recall. Steve will be home later from the shooting class. I've got laundry to shift around and vacuuming and more newsletter work.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stick a fork blah blah blah....

Tonight should be enjoyable for the most part. I will be making a new thing for dinner that I hope Steve likes, taco soup. If he doesn't like it then I'll have lots of leftovers or lunches. On TV is Say Yes to the Dress (2 new episodes!) and the official premiere of Camelot on Starz channel. Tomorrow I’ll be starting the May issue: getting the template ready and looking through Amazon’s database for stragglers. And I’ll be doing laundry. I also have to figure out what writing assignment I’m going to do this week for my class: article or start a bigger project?

I’m being bad: I’m playing hooky from the reading I should be doing. I should be starting the book on communism in 1920/30s Montana but instead I started the most recent Charles Finch. Killing time after work and before my class yesterday, I got it from the library, justifying that I have to read it by saying it is a 14-day book. And really, the High Plains books have an expiration date, too, so it’s not really a valid reason. But I swear after the poetry book I needed to touch base with a real book.

So I’ve started A STRANGER IN MAYFAIR by Charles Finch. This is 4th of 4 in series featuring Charles Lenox, a gentleman sleuth, in 1860s London. Here is a summary:

Returning from a continental honeymoon with his lifelong friend and new wife, Lady Jane Grey, Charles Lenox is asked by a colleague in Parliament to consult in the murder of a footman, bludgeoned to death with a brick. His investigation uncovers both unsettling facts about the family he served and a strange, second identity that the footman himself cultivated. Going into the boxing clubs and public houses, the Mayfair mansions and servants’ quarter of Victorian London, Lenox gradually realizes that an old friend may be implicated in the footman’s death. Soon a suspect is arrested, but Lenox has his doubts. Desperately trying to balance the opening of Parliament and what he feels sure is a dark secret, he soon discovers that the killer is someone shockingly innocuous—who may be prepared to spill blood again.

Here is an excerpt:

Chapter One

For an Englishman it was a strange time to be in France. During much of the century a strong enmity had existed between the countries’ two governments, first because of Napoleon’s rather uncouth attempt to conquer Europe, then because of the lingering hostility born of that time. Now, though, the emperor’s nephew ruled France and had shown himself more liberal than his uncle—he had freed the press and the government from many of their previous restrictions—and an uneasy peace had sprung up across the Channel.

Even during the worst of times, just after Waterloo, for instance, there had been civility among open-minded French and English men, and now a man like Lenox, who loved so much about France—its coffee, its food, its wine, its architecture, its countryside, its literature—could visit the place with open admiration. There were republican rumblings in the capitol, however, and many Frenchmen, whose grandfathers had survived the revolution, felt fearful of what the next years might bring. Both Lenox and Lady Jane were happy that they had come when they did. Who knew what changes another shift in regime might bring? Who knew whether they would ever be able to visit again? And since that was the case, they had done all they could. Lady Jane had ordered dresses by the dozen (the seamstresses here being so infinitely preferable to English dressmakers—even at the height of the war fashion had been smuggled from one country to the other), while Lenox had spent his days closeted with a dozen different politicians, all of them sympathetic.

For he was in fact the newly minted Member of Parliament for Stirrington—had been elected not six months since. In that time he had barely entered the great chamber, however. He and Lady Jane had married in the Whitsun Recess, and now, in the Summer Recess, they were on their honeymoon. Paris was their final destination. They had spent three weeks traveling through the beautiful lake towns of the Alps, then another two in the French countryside.

In truth, as wonderful as it had been, both longed to be home. They missed London, missed their friends, and missed the little street off Grosvenor Square, Hampden Lane, where they had lived in side-by-side town houses for the better part of two decades. When they returned the two houses would be one: Over the past months an architect had supervised the demolition of the walls between them and seamlessly joined the buildings’ rooms to create one large house. It gave Lenox a good deal of private pleasure to contemplate this physical symbol of their union. For long years Jane had been his closest friend, and he could scarcely believe that he was lucky enough now to be married to her. Their births were close enough (hers slightly higher), and they had grown up together, but within London society she was one of the brightest stars, and while he was welcome everywhere and had a great variety of friends, he was viewed as idiosyncratic because of his career. Perhaps his marriage and his admission to Parliament would change that. He hated to admit it, but he wouldn’t mind. It had been hard to go it alone for so long in the face of everyone’s polite disapproval of his vocation.

That evening they were in their sitting room at the Crillon. She was at a small carved desk, writing her correspondence, and he was sitting in an armchair, reading. A cool summer breeze blew in through the window.

As if she were reading his mind, she looked up and said, “To think—in three days we’ll be home!” “I can’t wait,” he said quietly and ardently. ***

I'm going to read some news and blogs before starting dinner. BTW, have you seen that video of the twins talking? Love it!


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PK the Bookeemonster