Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alphabet in Historical Crime Fiction - C

~ C ~

Rebecca Cantrell

Hannah Vogel, a crime reporter in 1930s Berlin

  • A Trace of Smoke (2009)

  • A Night of Long Knives (due June 2010)

Marion Chesney

Captain Harry Cartwright, a wounded, bitter survivor of the Boer War, now a “fixer,” and Lady Rose Summer, in Edwardian England

  • Snobbery with Violence (2003)

  • Hasty Death (2004)

  • Sick of Shadows (2005)

  • Our Lady of Pain (2006)

P.F. Chisholm

Sir Robert Carey, a nobleman in Elizabethan England

  • A Famine of Horses (1994)

  • A Season of Knives (1995)

  • A Surfeit of Guns (1996)

  • A Plague of Angels (1998)

Jill Churchill

Lily Brewster, socialite and her brother, Robert Brewster, victims of the stock market crash of 1929

  • Anything Goes (1999)

  • In the Still of the Night (2000)

  • Someone To Watch Over Me (2001)

  • Love for Sale (2003)

  • It Had To Be You (2004)

  • Who’s Sorry Now? (2005)

  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (2009)

Alys Clare

Abbess Helewise and Sir Josse d’Acquin, a French knight, at the Hawkenly Abbey in England during the 12th century

  • Fortune Like the Moon (1999)

  • Ashes of the Elements (2000)

  • The Tavern in the Morning (2000)

  • The Chatter of the Maidens (2001)

  • The Faithful Dead (2002)

  • A Dark Night Hidden (2004)

  • Whiter Than the Lily (2004)

  • Girl in a Red Tunic (2005)

  • Heart of Ice (2006)

  • The Enchanter’s Forest (2007)

  • The Paths of the Air (2008)

  • The Joys of My Life (2009)

Lassair, a 14-year-old girl with special gifts training to be a healer in a Fenland village, in 11th century England

  • Out of the Dawn Light (2009)

Cassandra Clark

Abbess of Meaux Mysteries Sister Hildegaard Northern England 1380s

  • Hangman Blind (2008)

  • The Red Velvet Turnshoe (2009)

Rory Clements

John Shakespeare, elder brotherof playwright William Shakespeareand investigator for Queen Elizabeth IEngland 1580s-1590s

  • Martyr (2009)

  • Revenger (April 2010)

Michael Clynes

Sir Roger Shallot, agent of Cardinal Wolsey in England

  • The White Rose Murders (1991)

  • The Poisoned Chalice (1992)

  • The Grail Murders (1993)

  • A Brood of Vipers (1994)

  • The Gallows Murders (1995)

  • The Relic Murders (1996)

Max Allan Collins

Nate Heller, a 1930s ex-cop turned private eye, in Chicago, Illinois

  • True Detective (1983) 1984 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • True Crime (1984) Finalist 1985 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • The Million-Dollar Wound (1986) Finalist 1987 Shamus Award for Best NovelFinalist 1987 Macavity Award for Best Novel

  • Neon Mirage (1988) Finalist 1989 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • Dying in the Post-War World (1991)

  • Stolen Away (1991) 1992 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • Carnal Hours (1994) Finalist 1995 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • Blood and Thunder (1995)

  • Damned in Paradise (1996) Finalist 1997 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • Flying Blind (1998) Finalist 1999 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • Majic Man (1999)

  • Angel in Black (2001) Finalist 2002 Shamus Award for Best Novel

  • Kisses of Death (2001)

  • Chicago Confidential (2002)

Eliot Ness, a 1930s public safety officer in Cleveland, Ohio

  • The Dark City (1987)

  • Butcher's Dozen (1988)

  • Bullet Proof (1989)

  • Murder by the Numbers (1993)

Stand Alones:

  • The Titanic Murders (1999)

  • The Hindenburg Murders (2000) Finalist 2001 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

  • The Pearl Harbor Murders (2001)

  • Road to Perdition (2002)

  • The Lusitania Murders (2002) Finalist 2003 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

  • The London Blitz Murders (2004) Finalist 2005 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

  • Road to Perdition: On the Road (2004)

  • The War of the Worlds Murder (2005) Finalist 2006 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel

Judith Cook

Simon Forman, a physician-astrologer in Elizabethan London, England:

  • Death of a Lady’s Maid (1997)

  • Murder at the Rose (1998)

  • Blood on the Borders (1999)

  • Kill the Witch (1999)

  • School of the Night (2000)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've been really tired the past couple evenings but I'm beginning to wonder if it's because another cold is trying to take hold. I was up at 3 this morning with a sinus headache and sneezing and I'm feeling a little snuffly this morning. I'm saying: NOOO!! I apparently woke Steve up with my sneezing so he got up and then got talking and talking and I don't think we went back to bed for another hour. So we did sleep in this morning -- even me.

This afternoon we have to head over to the in-laws for dinner. The good news is that we didn't have to participate this year in the Christmas parade last night --- woo hoo! It's always cold and nasty and such a bother.

I've got about a quarter left to read of the Crombie. I should go to the library today and tell them to declare the two books they haven't checked in on their new system as lost. I turned them in on November 9th and they are still showing checked out. The next day or two later they transitioned to a new catalogue system and I've spoken to one of the librarians -- she hates it, it's difficult and complicated and they've lost my books. So it's Not My Fault.

Have a good Saturday ....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, November 27, 2009

Not a food coma .. just tired

The day went well, busier on the phones than we thought. Walked Tug, had dinner, watched Say Yes to the Dress. I'm going to read a bit more of the Crombie and then turn in. Last night I went to bed shortly after 8. I think I'm still catching up on sleep. See you in the morning...

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Fangsgiving!

I hope everyone is spending some time today with friends or family. I'm appreciating and giving thanks for my family, my job, and the many opportunities I have for a pretty comfortable life in this country.
Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My evil plan is working: cuteness even while I sleep - bwahaha!

A bit tired tonight. Work was fine, no real problem calls (knock wood). The days actually go by quickly when I'm on the phone. Tomorrow morning I have to go in early to give blood for labs. At lunch I probably need to go gas the car and pick up shipping envelopes. On Friday I need to go to the post office. Lisa and family will be in town tomorrow night so heading over to M&D's after walking Tug.
Currently reading WATER LIKE A STONE by Deborah Crombie. This is 11th of 13 in series featuring Duncan Kincaid, a Scotland Yard superintendent, and Gemma James, a sergeant, in London, England. Here is a description:

Duncan Kincaid of Scotland Yard and Gemma James of the Notting Hill Metropolitan Police in the English countryside with the children to celebrate Christmas with Kincaid's family. But the trip turns into a busman's holiday when Kincaid's sister, Juliet Newcombe, finds the mummified corpse of an infant in the wall of a building she's renovating. That discovery proves but the first of many mysteries that soon invade the quiet Cheshire community—a woman who once worked as a social worker is murdered, and Juliet finds evidence that her own husband and his partner may be embezzlers.

It was published in 2007, is a Finalist 2008 Macavity Award for Best Novel, and has 416 pages.

I watched V tonight. Looks like it will be the last episode now until March. That sucks - getting one hooked on the storylines with about five episodes and then pulling the plug.

I'm too tired to read much news so I think I'll read a few pages but probably get a jump on sleep since the morning will come early.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just give me the damn cookie

Soooo close to finished FEAR IN THE FOREST by Bernard Knight. Merely pages left until the end but events conspired against me during breaks today at work. So after I finish this post I WILL complete the book tonight.

Next up will probably be the next in series for me by Deborah Crombie since that is a library book.

Work was okay. I took 33 calls. I drink from pop and water all day to keep my throat lubricated but I think I may need to switch to warm/hot liquid to do a better job of it. Which means getting a better keep-hot cup or find a cup warmer and then another multi-plug doohicky because I've run out of open plugs. Can't lose the voice or mess with the vocal cords -- gotta keep this job. I spoke with one guy -- this was after 3 in the afternoon -- ask me how I could be so perky that late in the afternoon and that I had a great laugh. Wasn't that nice? And it was very nice being able to go home at 4:30 since my day started at 7:30.

So tomorrow at lunch break I need to go to Albertsons -- there's one just two blocks away from work -- and pick up a couple things missing from Thanksgiving and tomorrow night I need to vacuum again since there won't be time on Wednesday evening. I swear, my dog is the messiest critter... I'll vacuum on Saturday morning and by Saturday evening he's strewn his toys around and left dog cookie crumbs on the carpet.

A heard a local radio station today playing only Christmas music. Can we please at least get past Thanksgiving. There are houses in our neighborhood who have had their outdoor Christmas lights on for at least two weeks. And I saw a lighted Christmas tree in a window yesterday evening. Soon we'll have Christmas beginning at Labor Day, for heaven's sake. Oy. I like the holiday, don't get me wrong but let it be special during it's own time period. Steve told me that I think it was Best Buy that was open on Thanksgiving Day. That's pathetic. We're losing Thanksgiving, a holiday I'm rather fond of because the focus is on family gathering and good food not gift giving and receiving. Bah humbug and all that.

Did I tell you Steve and I watched the DVD Up on Saturday night. Excellent animation and a cute story, especially if you're a couple who's getting older and don't have kids. There were a few laugh out loud moments, too. We can't wait now to see the new Harry Potter film since we missed in the theater this summer because of my infection. December 8th is the release date and I plan to get it.

Speaking of release dates, next Tuesday, December 1st, I've got to hit the bookstore to pick up a couple new releases in paperback -- the new Maureen Ash and the Margaret Frazer -- yippee!!

Okay, I've got to be done now so I can finish my book. G'night!

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alphabet in Historical Crime Fiction - B

Here is a second installment of the Alphabet in Historical Crime Fiction. I'll only be listing a few here, not comprehensive by any means. For a more thorough accounting, you can go to


TF Banks

Henry Morton of the Bow Street Runners, in Regency London, England

  • The Thief Taker (2001)

  • The Emperor’s Assassin (2003)

Stephanie Barron

Jane Austen, a famous author in Regency England

  • Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor (1997)

  • Jane and the Man of the Cloth (1997)

  • Jane and the Wandering Eye (1998)

  • Jane and the Genius of the Place (1999)

  • Jane and the Stillroom Maid (2000)

  • Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House (2001)

  • Jane and the Ghosts of Netley (2003)

  • Jane and His Lordship’s Legacy (2005)

  • Jane and the Barque of Frailty (2006)


  • A Flaw in the Blood (2008)

  • The White Garden: A Novel of Virginia Woolf (2009)

Simon Beaufort

Sir Geoffrey Mappestone, a knight during the time of the Crusades

  • Murder in the Holy City (1998)

  • A Head for Poisoning (1999)

  • The Bishop’s Brood (2003)

  • The King’s Spies (2004)

  • The Coiners’ Quarrel (2004)

Albert Bell

Pliny the Younger, a wealthy young aristocrat in 1st century Rome

  • All Roads Lead to Murder (2002)

  • The Blood of Caesar (2008)

Rhys Bowen

Molly Murphy, an Irish immigrant in early 20th-century who wants to be a private investigator, in New York City

  • Murphy’s Law (2001) 2001 Agatha Award for Best Novel

  • Death of Riley (2002) Finalist 2002 Agatha Award for Best Novel

  • For the Love of Mike (2003)2004 Anthony Award for Best Historical Novel, Finalist 2004 Macavity Award for Best Novel

  • In Like Flynn (2005) Finalist 2006 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel

  • Oh Danny Boy (2006) 2007 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel, Finalist 2007 Barry Award for Best Novel

  • In Dublin’s Fair City (2007)

  • Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (2008) Finalist 2009 Bruce Alexander Award

  • In a Gilded Cage (2009)

  • The Last Illusion (due March 2, 2010)

Lady Georgiana, minor royalty in 1930s England

  • Her Royal Spyness (2007) Finalist 2007 Agatha Award for Best Novel, Finalist 2008 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel

  • A Royal Pain (2008) 2009 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel, Finalist 2008 Agatha Award for Best Novel, Finalist 2009 Bruce Alexander Award

  • Royal Flush (2009)

Emily Brightwell

Inspector Witherspoon, a policeman, and Mrs. Jeffries, his housekeeper, in Victorian London

  • The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries (1993)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Dusts for Clues (1993)

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries (1993)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock (1994)

  • Mrs. Jeffries on the Ball (1994)

  • Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail (1995)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook (1995)

  • Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi (1996)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected (1996)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage (1997)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer (1997)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art (1998)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Cake (1998)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Rocks the Boat (1999)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot (2000)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post (2001)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case (2003)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney (2004)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter (2004)

  • Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight (2005)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict (2006)

  • Mrs Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans (2007)

  • Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen (2007)

  • Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump (2008)

  • Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time (2009)

  • Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings (2009)

Fiona Buckley

Ursula Blanchard, Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I

  • To Shield the Queen (1997)

  • The Doublet Affair (1998)

  • Queen’s Ransom (2000)

  • To Ruin a Queen (2000)

  • Queen of Ambition (2001)

  • A Pawn for a Queen (2002)

  • The Fugitive Queen (2004)

  • The Siren Queen (2004)

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cleaning: not a happy thing

Not much going on today other than cleaning and other chores. I've gotten pretty much most of the tv room done -- Steve has to clear out a chair. Working on the bathrooms and such. Just got done walking Tug. Will have to remember to put the turkey in the frig to begin the thawing process. I'm going to request that Steve get dinner tonight and maybe we can watch the DVD of Up. I'll need incentive to get through the afternoon. The house really needed a good cleaning as it had been too long since the last time and it always feels and looks much better afterward .... for as long as it lasts. :)

In the personal book world, I've been using some credits to get some of Margaret Frazer's Dame Frevisse books I don't own but have already read. They're starting to show up in the mail which is always fun.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, November 20, 2009


And I mean it. Oy, I took 32 calls today. I'm tired of my own voice and I'm tired of talking. But I'm also proud I only had to ask for assistance on dealing with a situation a couple times. Otherwise, I was able to figure out what the deal was with the claims. Next week we start our normal scheduled which means I start work at 7:30.

Actually the worst thing today was when I ran an errand to the post office at lunch. I was the first car waiting at a red light when the b**** who fired me last fall walked right across in front of me and made eye contact and didn't break it for the five or seconds it took to finish passing me. The good news is that I didn't step on the gas at that moment though I wanted to. The bad news is that I didn't flip her off or anything. I just stared back.

So tonight I will read emails I didn't get to yesterday and new ones from today. I probably won't get to everything. I'll also try to read a little bit. I'm so not breaking any speed records in that department.

This weekend will be focused on more cleaning: bathrooms and tv room and anything else I can get to.

Tug is zonked out here beside me. I'm sure I won't be far behind in a little bit.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, November 19, 2009

No, I'm fine, why do you ask?

Quite a few emails to read and the night is not young so this will be short tonight.

We finally got on the phones today at work. I took 23 calls: only one rather rude person, one guy called me sweetheart, one guy in his 70s told me he loved me and I was in the right job. :) It makes the time go much faster and I love helping people; having been in the same predicament for over a year I know exactly what they're going through.

After work I stopped by World Market who had advertised a turkey brine I wanted to try but I couldn't find it and was finally informed that they had sold out. Sheesh. Then went to the madness of Walmart. I was hoping to catch the store well stocked before the weekend but I still couldn't find things either because they were out or not carrying it or hiding it somewhere in the building. So I'll have to go to Albertsons sometime in the future. I picked up Quizno's for dinner and I'm very full right now.

We watched Survivor tonight. This season was intially rather boring but now that the tribes have merged it has gotten extremely interesting with who and how they're voting people off. I hated Russell in the beginning but now I'm not so against him. I hope they keep up this level of interest.

So tonight I'll hopefully catch up on my emails and then read some more of my book. I'm about halfway through I think. Like I mentioned in an earlier post: November will not be a record reading month for me. This job and having do rather a lot after work is resulting in not a lot of reading time.

Tomorrow is Friday!

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ramble through the 'Net

Just squeaking this post in -- it's after 9pm. I finished watching America's Next Top Model finale (the girl I've liked from the beginning won and the girl I liked almost as well came in second) and Glee -- good music.

Work is going well however all us trainees are chomping at the bit to get on the headsets and do our own live calls. Today and yesterday were sloooooooow because we're all just waiting around for our turn on the calls. Tomorrow we're supposed to do a few more calls at our own cubicles but sounds like we won't be solo until Monday. Ugh. Put us in, coach!

Tomorrow Steve will have to walk Tug; I'll be heading to Walmart to get some groceries. A lot to do with only one week left until Feast Day. :)

I hope to get some good reading in on FEAR IN THE FOREST after this entry. I've got Ghost Hunters on so we'll see which happens. Somehow, I'm not as tired out as compared to the last couple nights. I have, however, woken up the past few mornings an hour before the alarm goes of and I tell myself I have another hour to sleep but I don't think it's "restful." That is frustrating.

Okay, maybe I am a little tired because I think I'm rambling aimlessly and boringly here. Sorry about that.

Go forth and read good books....

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuckered out Tuesday

Sorry, very tired again tonight. Each of the five trainees took three live calls today and our performance on each call was critqued. I did very well and the trainer wrote that I had a "wonderful phone voice." More again tomorrow.

Currently reading FEAR IN THE FOREST by Bernard Knight. This is 7th of 13 in series featuring Sir John de Wolfe, the crowner (coroner), in 12th century Devon. Here's a description:

Much of the county lies under the iron rule of the Royal Forest laws, with all hunting reserved to the King. The penalty for killing a deer—mutilation or death. These harsh laws are rigorously upheld by the King's foresters, notorious for their greed and corruption. June, 1195. A horse gallops into the sleepy village of Sigford, the broken shaft of an arrow protruding from its rider's back. The embroidered badge sewn on the dead man's tunic identifies him as a senior officer of the Royal Forest. With the victim's purse still full of money, the motive for murder is a mystery. But when a second forest officer is violently attacked, county coroner Sir John de Wolfe begins to uncover evidence of a sinister conspiracy.
It was published in 2003 and has 410 pages.

Watched V on tv this evening and then went to Target to get a turkey platter. Mine was broken about three years ago and haven't had the need for another until now. Going to finish up here and get ready for bed and maybe read a couple pages.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stooopid-tired Monday

I'm so very tired tonight. My eyes are burning tired and my brain is apparently malfunctioning: Steve wanted brats tonight but I grabbed the hot dogs. Not a big deal but when your mouth is hankering for one thing and you get something else, it's not so good. So, I've scanned some email and blogs but now I think I'll read for the little bit I can and then I'm sure I'll be lights out before 9:00.

G'night! Hopefully a better post tomorrow.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alphabet in Historical Crime Fiction - A

I am joining in on the Alphabet in Crime Fiction Community Meme. I'm a bit behind as I think most postings are on the letter F or G. I'm starting with A. I'm also going to focus mostly on historical mysteries. Some bloggers are going by title, others are listing authors. I'm going to do my best to stick to authors.


Rennie Airth

Inspector John Madden of Scotland Yard, a shell-shocked veteran of World War I

  • River of Darkness (1999)Finalist 2000 Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel, Finalist 2000 Anthony Award for Best Mystery, Finalist 2000 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel, Finalist 2000 Historical Dagger Award, Finalist 2000 Macavity Award for Best First Novel

  • The Blood-Dimmed Tide (2001)Finalist 2006 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

  • The Dead of Winter (2009)Finalist 2009 Historical Dagger Award

Bruce Alexander

Sir John Fielding, a blind magistrate and founder of the first police force in 1700s London, England

  • Blind Justice (1994)

  • Murder in Grub Street (1995)

  • Watery Grave (1996)

  • Person or Persons Unknown (1997)

  • Jack, Knave, and Fool (1998)

  • Death of a Colonial (1999)

  • The Color of Death (2000)

  • Smuggler's Moon (2001)

  • An Experiment in Treason (2002)

  • The Price of Murder (2003)

  • Rules of Engagement (2005)

Tasha Alexander

Lady Emily Ashton, a young widow in Victorian London, England

  • And Only To Deceive (2005)

  • A Poisoned Season (2007)

  • A Fatal Waltz (2008) Finalist 2009 Bruce Alexander Award

  • Tears of Pearl (2009)

Susanne Alleyn

Aristide Ravel, a young investigator and freelance undercover agent, around the time of the French Revolution (late 18th century), in Paris, France

  • Game of Patience (2006)

  • A Treasury of Regrets (2007)

  • The Cavalier of the Apocalypse (2009)

Anna Apostolou (aka Paul Doherty)

Alexander the Great

  • Murder in Macedon (1997)

  • A Murder in Thebes (1998)

  • The House of Death (2001)

  • The Godless Man (2002)

  • The Gates of Hell (2003)

Suzanne Arruda

Jade del Cameron, an ambulance driver in WWI and adventurer in 1919-1920s colonial East Africa

  • Mark of the Lion (2006)

  • Stalking Ivory (2007)

  • The Serpent’s Daughter (2008)

  • The Leopard’s Prey (2009)

  • Treasure of the Golden Cheetah (2009)

Maureen Ash

Bascot de Marins, a Templar Knight recovering from imprisonment in the holy lands, in the early 1200s, in England

  • The Alehouse Murders (2007)

  • Death of a Squire (2008)

  • A Plague of Poison (2009)

  • Murder for Christ’s Mass (due December 1, 2009)

Mike Ashley - Editor of Historical Anthologies

  • Historical Whodunnits [1993]

  • Historical Detectives [1995]

  • Classical Whodunnits [1996]

  • New Sherlock Holmes Adventures [1997]

  • Shakespearean Whodunnits [1997]

  • Shakespearean Detectives [1998]

  • Royal Whodunnits [1999]

  • More Historical Whodunnits [2001]

  • Egyptian Whodunnits [2002]

  • Ancient Roman Whodunnits [2003]

  • Roaring Twenties Whodunnits [2004]

  • Historical Whodunnits: vol. 3 [2005] (US Edition: New Historical Whodunnits)

  • Jacobean Whodunnits [2006]

  • Dickensian Whodunnits [2007]

So that's it. I may have missed some authors; these are the one of which I'm aware. I've read in most of these series.

Have a good Sunday! I'm to do more cleaning and walk Tug. Woo hoo!

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tired out Saturday

Such a day it's been. Majority of the day has been spent cleaning -- both regular weekend cleaning like laundry and vacuuming and also deep cleaning for Thanksgiving. Today's focus was the living room and kitchen. Also had to go to the bank and get groceries. I'm stopping now and will take it up again tomorrow.

Last night I was able to make some good progress in DEATH AT THE PEERLESS POOL and I hope to do again this evening. The frustrating thing about reading crime fiction that occasionally the reader (me) can see where the crime is heading but the investigator person is being blind to it. Sometimes you just want to shout "There! It's right there in front of you, fergoodnesssake!" November is going to be a poor month for reading -- this is only my third book of the month, darnit.

I'm starting to assemble the goods for Thanksgiving. I got a turkey today --- a nice big one to feed nine people and to have left overs. I hope, however, that when it thaws it will smoosh down a little because it fits fine width-wise in my roaster but just a touch too tall. And I'm making my plans for how everything will cook with the pots and standalone cooking things I have. One has to strategize these feasts.

So I think I will just veg the rest of the evening and take up again in the morning. Sorry this hasn't been a lot about books lately. Right now, Tug is zonked at my feet and Steve is snoring on the chaise. See ya....

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday ... enjoy a pretty picture

The Cassiopeia supernova.
Not much to report on, unfortunately. Still doing training at work -- we'll probably fly solo on the phone taking claims and answering questions on Wednesday. Glad it's Friday though, even with an extra day off this week. Still reading DEATH AT THE PEERLESS POOL. Not making much time to get any real reading done even though the book is good. Last night instead of reading, I finished watching the DVD The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds because it had to be returned. A cute movie but a little silly.

This weekend will be spent mostly cleaning and doing laundry. I need to run a couple errands tomorrow but that's about it. Cleaning is the focus. It would be nice if Steve could walk Tug. We'll see.

That's about it. I have to get caught up on emails, news and blogs now and maybe I'll get some book time in before my eyes get too tired. :)

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm outta here

What a great birthday evening I had. Steve and I had dinner brought in from Cactus Creek and it was delicious but oh so filling -- fish, rice and salad -- but so filling. We watched V on tv -- a new series that began last week that I'm liking. Then Steve brought in my gift -- the complete collection of remastered Beatles CDs -- all 13!!! I kinda suspected he might: back in September when they were released, he was the one who brought them to my attention because he knew I loved them. But I couldn't get them then due to my unemployment, etc. Wow. I'm soooooo looking forward to listening to them. It is such a treasure trove of fantastic music. Then when we were getting ready for bed he brought me a card from him and a card from Tug, our dog. :)

I'm off work today because of the federal holiday attached to Veteran's Day for government employees. (I'm from the government...) I have to run a couple errands this morning. I returned some books to the library on Monday but they're not marked as returned so I need to do some talkin' to people. Right now I'm reading emails and blogs and listening to the radio just like my old routine. Later I should probably do some house cleaning but I'll play the Beatles while I do it. And walk Tug.

Still reading DEATH AT THE PEERLESS POOL. It is good but I'm not able to put much time to it. I won't be reading my goal of 10 books per month in November, I'm thinking. That was my goal for the year. I read a few more than that in some months so I'm a little ahead in my count so I may make the goal anyway. I've been thinking about next year's reading goal -- yes, I'm a book addict and I think this way. I'm not going to put a number pressure on the year. I would like to make time for some of the bigger books I have that I've always wanted to get to but I know they would be huge time commitments so I've not taken them up. Dorothy Dunnett's books come to mind. Maybe if I just put a "quality" goal for the year instead of amounts read.

Today, remember those who fought for our freedoms and those who continue to protect us on a daily basis. They deserve great respect. If you've got a flag, fly it proudly.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Annual Event Day

Actually, it's been a very nice day: card and helium balloon and cupcake at work, Steve is bringing home dinner.
Hopefully, 43 will be a little better than 42 turned out. :)
Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tired eyes

Oy, my eyes are tired tonight. 'Course I was tired most of the day. Tug woke me up at 2am, wanting me to go to the couch in the living room. I resisted, then he jumped up on the bed with Steve and I, which he does on occasion. This time he curled against my legs but then proceeded to stretch out and start to push me out of the bed. So I wound up moving to the couch anyway but I didn't want to miss hearing the alarm so I was programming my brain to wake myself up at 5 so I could move back but I think, unfortunately, I made myself not fall asleep properly. I did move back to the bed at 4 but then I never back asleep. No, Tug doesn't rule my life. :)

Work went well. We're still in training mode. We're doing role plays. I've listened to a couple hours now of real unemployment calls so not only am I normally comfortable talking to customers on the phone and this job is pretty straight forward so I think I do well when it's my turn to be the info taker. The hour I listened to today was mostly about the new federal unemployment funds; the bill was signed on the 8th so many people want to know if they're eligible now. More of the same tomorrow.

Tonight I picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza and have been watching the Steelers game. Steve for some reason beat me home and surprised me by walking Tug himself. What a treat. I left watching the game to watch Lie To Me.

I just started DEATH IN THE PEERLESS POOL by Deryn Lake. This is 5th of 13 in series featuring John Rawlings, an apothecary and associate of John Fielding, mostly in 18th century London. Here's a description:

John Rawlings, London's most colourful apothecary and occasional sleuth, is relaxing at the popular swimming baths, the Peerless Pool, when his peace is shattered by the alarming discovery of a drowned woman. The victim is identified as Hannah Rankin, an assistant at the nearby St Luke's asylum for the insane. Assigned to the case by John Fielding, London's famous blind magistrate, Rawlings doesn't realise that he is scratching the surface of something far more complex than an isolated murder. At St Luke's Rawlings discovers a vital clue to Hannah's hidden past which leads to a strange case concerning a child's mysterious disappearance. Was Hannah involved? And why do his investigations lead him again and again to a house of sinister secrets in Bath?
It was published in 1999 and has 193 pages.
It will be nice if I can keep my eyes open long enough to read some pages. I may not make it.
Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Snuggle Sunday

Ah, Sunday. The sun is going down now and we're hunkering down for the evening.

Got up early per usual and Tug and I went to get the paper. Got groceries at Walmart -- their stock is just sucking lately. And walked Tug who was in "mosey" gear most of the way. I had planned to do more cleaning but just felt like relaxing the rest of the day. I have Wednesday off for a government holiday so I can do some more cleaning then. I needed some down time before heading back to work. :) So I've read the paper and browsed my websites for the most part.

I finished WHAT REMAINS OF HEAVEN. Ohhh, how this author is stringing out a storyline I'm very much interested in and now have to wait ANOTHER year for resolution! But a nice entry nonetheless. I'm not sure what I'll read next; it may be next in series for me of Deryn Lake or Bernard Knight because I think it's been since August that I've read the last -- been straying into new books and stand alones I guess. I don't believe I have any other new release books in November that I'm waiting upon so I can dedicate myself back to what I've got. I'll probably choose something this evening.

Tonight, nothing much on tv other than my 'Boys playing. Tomorrow night the Steelers are playing the Donkeys; we may get a pizza or calzones from Papa Murphy's for that game. I'll put in a last load of laundry this evening when Steve gets back from shooting with his buddy. I think I'm set for clothes for work tomorrow and actually for the week.

Have a lovely Sunday evening ...

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaning Saturday

I stayed up way late last night finishing KINDRED IN DEATH by JD Robb. It just felt so good to spend a good chunk of time reading the book, it's a good 'un, and I simply love getting involved in the world of the book I'm currently reading. Next up is WHAT REMAINS OF HEAVEN by C.S. Harris. This is 5th of 5 in series featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, an investigator in Regency England. Here is a description:

Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury to help in the investigation of two corpses found in an ancient crypt, their violent deaths separated by decades. One is the Bishop of London, the elderly Archbishop's favored but controversial successor. The identity of the other seems lost in time. Sebastian amasses a list of suspects that range from some of the Prince Regent's closest cronies to William Franklin, embittered son of famous American patriot Ben Franklin-and finds himself confronting the well-guarded secrets of his own family's history. Now each step he takes toward the killer brings him closer to a devastating truth that could ultimately force him to question who-and what-he really is.
This was just published and has 336 pages.

Today I've got a lot of cleaning to get going on. Now that Steve is up I can start making noise. :) Later today we'll walk Tug and hopefully go get some groceries. I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight. Sigh.

I've had a lovely morning, though, surfing the Internet, catching up on my regular blogs and news websites and so forth. The sun is shining and the day is moving along.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Phew, it's Friday!

Sorry for missing yesterday. Just not finding time to get everything done in the two hours I have in the evenings.

Well, the first week of work: learned a lot about how unemployment insurance works beyond my own personal experience. We've trained this week and will be next week however I've been chomping at the bit to actually do the job because I think they can show you the systems used but much of it seems to be the best way to learn is on the job. But I have to trust this training program and in fact they usually do like six weeks and we're being rushed to the phones, according to them. The best part has been listening in on actual calls; the worst is that I hate role plays and we do that A LOT. Overall, the people seem to be really really nice and a good work place (what a difference from the past three jobs!). I have to get used to government jobs: this coming Wednesday is a holiday. Woo hoo!

I'm completely enjoying KINDRED IN DEATH by JD Robb. I'm so frustrated not being able to spend more time with it; it's a good story and I hate having to put it aside time and time again. Plus I want to read the new CS Harris. Argh.

The other thing that bothers me being employed again :) is that I have no access to what's going on outside the building I'm in so like events such as the shooting yesterday, I knew nothing about until after I got home. But they mentioned several times that the computers are state property - DO NOT do anything non-state job oriented on them. And I'm assuming that having a radio won't work since I'll be on the phone constantly. So there it is.

So I hope to spend some time reading when I'm done with this. This weekend I have cleaning to do in preparation of Thanksgiving, laundry, go to the post office, and Steve and I need to go get groceries.

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday evening

Ooohhh, I'm currently watching the new remake of "V" on television. We'll see how they do it. I loooovvved the cheesy 80s miniseries back then. So far they've changed the visitor's leader's name from Diana to Anna. I think they're going to add a terrorist element to it. After this I've got the season finale of Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock.

Second day of work went well. More training. I really want this to turn into a permanent position.

I got the new J.D. Robb today, KINDRED IN DEATH. Woo hooo! If one includes the novellas, this is 37th of 37 in series featuring Eve Dallas, a homicide lieutenant in futuristic New York City. Here's a description:

When the newly promoted captain of the NYPSD and his wife return a day early from their vacation, they were looking forward to spending time with their bright and vivacious sixteen-year-old daughter who had stayed behind.Not even their worst nightmares could have prepared them for the crime scene that awaited them instead. Brutally murdered in her bedroom, Deena's body showed signs of trauma that horrified even the toughest of cops; including our own Lieutenant Eve Dallas, who was specifically requested by the captain to investigate.When the evidence starts to pile up, Dallas and her team think they are about to arrest their perpetrator; little do they know yet that someone has gone to great lengths to tease and taunt them by using a variety of identities. Overconfidence can lead to careless mistakes. But for Dallas, one mistake might be all she needs to bring justice.

This was just released today and has 384 pages. This, I will devour in a very little while and enjoy every minute of it.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, November 2, 2009

First day okay

First day of work went well. I think it will be a job I'll enjoy and hopefully they'll be so busy in the next year, my time will be extended. I'll be on two weeks of training, I believe, before taking any live calls. And since this is a call center and not open to the public, we can wear (nice) jeans if we want. Cool, eh? Four of us are new, one is an interdepartmental transfer.

I've got to get back into the swing of working, then walking Tug, then making dinner. Oy. Tonight, Tug was actually okay with not walking -- too stunned being left alone all day after so long?

I'm pretty tired tonight so this will be short. Currently reading an historical, LONDON IN CHAINS by Gillian Bradshaw about the English Civil War. Tomorrow, though I'm looking forward to picking up the new JD Robb. Very tired this evening so may not get much reading done.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Day

One last Halloween picture ....

I'll tell you about the book I'm reading tomorrow. Yesterday and today my project was to clean and polish the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Over the years they've gotten splashed and dirty so this weekend was it. It looks much better in there now but holy cow so much wood and now my arms are tired. Next up will be cleaning off the table for Thanksgiving and cleaning the spare bedroom.

Daylight savings time is just strange, isn't it? I understand why it was instituted but what a weird idea. I only have the big clock on the wall to change now.

Last night we had 32 kids show up at our door trick or treating. We left the light on an extra half hour before running out of candy. I usually turn off the light at 8 because, to me, anyone out after 8 is probably too old to be trick or treating, but oh well. Yes, we had some kids that I thought were too old but that was actually throughout the evening. We did have our last batches of kids at 8:30 being rather young so I don't know what was up with those parents. It was a rather warm night and the moon was almost completely full which I'm sure made the experience pleasant for everyone and brought more out and about. I hadn't gotten as much candy this year because last year -- even though we're in a kid neighborhood -- we only had 7 kids at our door so this was a big upswing. So we have no left overs to snack on, thank goodness.

One of us has to walk Tug soon -- probably me -- and then we have some football to watch -- the big rivalry between Minnesota and Green Bay AT Green Bay -- ooh, what will they do to Favre? Tonight on tv I may watch Masterpiece Theatre because of the Val McDermid mystery being presented. We'll see.

I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow and the next couple days for work. It will be weird going to work after being out of the work force for so long (a year) and having to be awake and aware for so long a stretch (naps have been my friends). I think I will like this job -- no special events, no weekends or evenings, just doing a job and going home. Wow.

This week Steve has some gun club stuff to attend: board meeting Tuesday, shooting Wednesday and orientation group on Thursday. I've got to go to the post office tomorrow and the book store on Tuesday for the new Robb.

Have a good Sunday....

Much love,

PK the Bookeemonster