Thursday, June 30, 2016

No, really, I'm hanging on every word....

Trying to get stuff done today before heading on the road for the day.

I didn't have to chauffeur the dogs anywhere today, that's good. Nothing on TV for me tonight. I'm still bingewatching Gilmore Girls. I haven't picked out a next read yet but I'm feeling spy-ish. We'll see.

Have a lovely day, folks!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Some days are like that

With Netflix now developing original programming, it has become a market for shows trying to find airtime. A beloved show, Gilmore Girls, ran from 2000 until 2007. It is coming back for a few episodes on Netflix with most of the original cast. The fans are .... pleased.

Ok, yeah it's a big event for TV fandom. In preparation for the new episodes, Netflix has made all seven seasons available for binge watching.

I enjoyed most of the series myself -- the last couple were produced by someone else and the focus went wonky. I think, however, that it made a whole generation have unreal and unhealthy mother-daughter relationship expectations. It was a TV show where mom/daughter were best friends, not having the boundaries that should be there. But I am re-watching the first season right now. I enjoy the banter and can appreciate the writing of it even more but I have to say if I had Lorelai in my real life, she would drive me crazy. She behaves like a sugar-high five year old.

I get enough of that at work. And it is kinda neat to see the younger versions of those who have been successful since that series.

Steve has shooting tonight. Nothing on TV for me so I shall amuse myself otherwise.

Or this.

Ok, I'm outta here.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dis is MY toy. It makes me HAPPYYYYYY!

Last night I was listening to a Youtube video of singing bowls. It was ... it just transports me into a meditative state of mind. It just raises my vibration to "happy" level.

It would have been even better to have been in the same room with the bowls, feeling the vibration, too. I would like a few thousand dollars so I can have those large bowls and colored light system.

Earlier today I learned it was the birthday of one of my favorite authors, Estelle Ryan.

To thank her for being able to enjoy her books so much -- and she writes two a year! -- I gifted her with a Human Design basic reading. Cool, eh?

Nothing on TV tonight. It's summer, of course there's nothing on TV.

But that would be ok because there's a meeting tonight that I had planned on going to but I'm kinda not feeling it.

No, it's not that. I feel kinda on a roll these past couple evenings with my self study and I want to continue that energy so I will probably bow out.

Have a good one, folks.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, June 27, 2016

It's Monday

The season six finale of Game of Thrones was good last night. This and last week's episode were FINALLY good if you're Team Stark. After five and a half season of hell for Starks, they're finally getting some revenge. Here's my favorite scene from last week:

Just beautiful cinematography and showing of character.

Just a whole lot of nothing going on.

I read a romance, took a couple naps, walked the dogs, did some laundry, played on the Internet, not some groceries. That's about it.

Nothing on TV tonight so blah blah blah.

Oh whatever.

Ok, I'm sorry. I have a boring life and I like it. :)

Have a good day, y'all!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Friday, June 24, 2016

Oh no! I almost forgot!

I almost forgot to do this! Holy schmoley.


Steve had coaching tomorrow all day. I'll be on my computer, I'm thinking. On Sunday we have the season finale of Game of Thrones, "The Winds of Winter":

Tyrion counsels Daenerys on the upcoming campaign; Jon and Sansa discuss their future; and trials begin in King's Landing.
 And doing some reading. And doing some cleaning. And walking the boys before it gets hot.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay cool. 

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Thursday, June 23, 2016

You know it's hot in Montana when ....

So it's going to hit 100 again today. Hhhhhhhoooooooooot.

I am truly appreciating the AC at work and now at home.

I brought Coda to work for the morning. We've talked about him so much since his medical stuff but most of the people hadn't met him. The consistent comment is "I didn't realize he was so BIG!" He's 103 pounds; bigger than Ryker. And they love him. Of course.

Nothing on TV tonight. We're having various left overs for dinner.

Just getting through the day.

Stay cool out there.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Only Wednesday" face

About to start THE BURNING ROOM by Michael Connelly. 19th of 20 in series featuring Harry Bosch, a homicide detective in Los Angeles -- or 22nd in the Bosch Universe. 

 In the LAPD's Open-Unsolved Unit, not many murder victims die a decade after the crime. So when a man succumbs to complications from being shot by a stray bullet ten years earlier, Bosch catches a case in which the body is still fresh, but any other clues are virtually nonexistent. Even a veteran cop would find this one tough going, but Bosch's new partner, Detective Lucia Soto, has no homicide experience. A young star in the department, Soto has been assigned to Bosch so that he can pass on to her his hard-won expertise. Now Bosch and Soto are tasked with solving a murder that turns out to be highly charged and politically sensitive. Beginning with the bullet that has been lodged for years in the victim's spine, they must pull new leads from years-old evidence, and these soon reveal that the shooting was anything but random. As their investigation picks up speed, it leads to another unsolved case with even greater stakes: the deaths of several children in a fire that occurred twenty years ago. But when their work starts to threaten careers and lives, Bosch and Soto must decide whether it is worth risking everything to find the truth, or if it's safer to let some secrets stay buried.
Published in 2014, it has 401 pages. This is a digital loan from the library.  Because Bosch had to retire, this has turned into cold cases. I LOVE cold cases. 

And here we are on Wednesday.

No. Things are all right. Yesterday we hit 100 and today is not supposed to get that bad -- in the 80s. Steve has shooting tonight so I don't have to feed him. I'm hoping to read tonight, etc. Days go by and it doesn't get much different, eh?  Wake up, deal with the dogs, get ready for work, work, recover from work, go to bed. :) If I were a different person, one would be tempted to just 

And other would say 
 But that's not me. :)

Heh heh heh. 

Well, off you go. I gotta go do stuff.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I got it! I got it! I don't got it.

Currently reading I'M OFF THEN by Hape Kerkeling

The 500-mile route along the Camino Frances, from the base of the Pyrenees to the shrine of St. James at Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, has afforded a sacred pilgrimage to Christians for centuries, and German comedian Kerkeling, somewhat whimsically, resolved to hike it. At 36, a self-described pudgy couch potato who suffered some health problems, Kerkeling, wanting to know who God is, set out along the route in the summer of 2001 with an overheavy knapsack only to nearly give up at the first pass. There are nearly 40 stops along the way, Kerkeling chronicles nearly every one. Pilgrims must get their credencial del peregrino (passport) stamped at official hostels, usually dreary bunk-packed dorms, as they go, but Kerkeling, a fastidious German craving privacy and hot baths, mostly chooses to stay in hotels. As well, he jumped into cars and trains whenever his feet were smarting. Encounters with other pilgrims enliven this travel account, especially the two English-speaking ladies who accompanied him toward the end; as they approached Santiago, they all felt emotionally uplifted.

Published 2009, it has 353 pages.  A best-seller in Germany where he is apparently a well-known comedian. Another Camino biography.

I'll figure out the fiction one I'm reading pretty soon.

Eh. That's all I got today. It's going to be in the mid-90s today, probably 100. Coda is home all day for the first time since his illness so I'm hoping that goes ok. Steve is better but not all the way as I predicted. I'm hoping to read tonight.

Off you go. Stay cool.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Monday, June 20, 2016

Aaaaand it's Monday again.

Well, Steve got the crud this morning that I had last week.

So hopefully his getting lots of sleep today will help. It just takes time. Myself, I'm well except I did nap quite a bit over the weekend.

And it was good.

No change yet in the reading front. I didn't view anything on computer. We did finally watch The Martian movie on Saturday. The book, of course, was way better. The book is phenomenal. If you haven't read it .... do it.

I've decided I'm not giving gifts anymore to anyone.

Since May of this year, Steve, Mom, and Dad. Seriously great gifts with thought, inspiration, and good reason behind them: a Kindle, a bread maker, and an ice cream maker.  Bah. No more.

Tonight, nothing on TV for me so I'll probably nap, I mean read.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster