Monday, February 6, 2017

OMG that's Monday!

Yeah. The Super Bowl.

I don't have anything to say about it but I do like this meme:

And if you're a Flash fan, you'll get this one which I think is clever:

I did make the five different paleo dips:

From left to right: Salmon/capers, macadamia nut/herb, guacamole, artichoke caviar, and cashew nut/bacon. My favorite was the artichoke followed by the salmon. The guacamole had too much lime in it. We ordered Chinese food for dinner at half time -- there's a place that delivers, bless them. I had a dish with shrimp, scallops and some crab called The Three Kingdoms. I'm hoping there wasn't too much in the sauce that was bad for me. Probably for sure MSG but hoping no soy sauce or sugar.

The weekend itself was pretty good but not overall very productive. Per usual.

I didn't get caught in a binge, so that's good. I read some, so that's good. Very good, because tomorrow is the BIG release day.

Nothing on TV tonight.

I had to find an old pair of jeans, another size down. I'm not doing the paleo food plan specifically for weight loss but I'm now two sizes down since I started. It would come off faster if I worked out but all I have time for is to walk the dogs in the morning. There's too much stuff happening until later in the evening to do it then and I'm wiped out and it wouldn't be conducive. I'm on the food plan to stop putting crap in my system -- the clothing sizes are a side effect.

And I don't plan on stopping doing paleo. It's amazing how terrible we eat in general. And how good you feel when you eat real food. 

Have a great day

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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