Monday, March 13, 2017

Not the best patient ....

Sorry 'bout that. Wasn't feeling well last week. Headache. NOT high blood pressure thankyouverymuch.

But a persistent little bugger, nonetheless. It DID give me a chance to read a lot. I finished the Charles Todd book, RACING WITH THE DEVIL. Very good. And then I read two romances that were actually freakin' good. I mean the banter was A plus.

CAKE: A LOVE STORY by J. Bengtsson. 1st of 2 (so far in the Cake series).

Jake McKallister might have been a rock star, but he was no ordinary one. Surviving an unspeakable crime as a young teen had shaped him into a guarded workaholic, and he now lived his life trying to forget. If it hadn’t been for music and the redemption he found through it, he might not have survived. Career success came easily for him. Personal connections did not. When outspoken, vivacious college student Casey Caldwell was paired with the famously reserved rockstar for a friend’s wedding, she was prepared for the worst. What could they possibly have in common? She was a bubbly talker; he was a reclusive loner. His life was filled with music; she couldn’t carry a tune. She’d enjoyed a happy childhood; his was a well-publicized nightmare. Yet despite their obvious differences, Jake and Casey found each other, and her light balanced out his darkness. Would their love be strong enough to survive the weight of his tragic past?
Published in 2016, it has 611 pages. Yeah, that was a whopper of big book for a romance but I read it in one day and didn't want it to end.

And THE THEORY OF SECOND BEST by J. Bengtsson. 2nd of 2 in the Cake series.

Twenty-two-year-old Kyle McKallister has lived his life in the shadows. Younger brother to one of the world’s most elusive and embattled celebrities, Kyle has carved out a comfortable existence touring with his famous brother and living in the lap of luxury with no commitments or plans of his own, only a deep, haunting loyalty to his brother. But his life is about to be shaken up when the opportunity comes to compete on a popular reality show. Small town girl Kenzie Williams has come on the show for one thing only: to win. But when a disastrous start forces her to rely on an eclectic band of misfits, she finds herself immediately smitten with a handsome and mysterious cast mate. But life on the island is just a game. Can Kyle and Kenzie’s fragile spark survive the pressures of the real world?

Published in 2017, it has 528 pages. Read it in one day. Yeah, I really loved these two books. Who the heck is this author? I want the next book now!

And in between I've been getting back to WAR OF HONOR by David Weber. 10th of 13 in the Honor Harrington SFF series.

Thomas Theisman didn't. After risking his life and a fresh round of civil war to overthrow the Committee of Public Safety's reign of terror and restore the Republic of Haven's ancient Constitution, an interstellar war was the last thing he wanted. Baron High Ridge didn't. The Prime Minister of Manticore was perfectly happy with the war he had. No one was shooting anyone else at the moment, and as long as he could spin out negotiations on the formal treaty of peace, his government could continue to milk all those ''hostilities only'' tax measures for their own partisan projects. His Imperial Majesty Gustav didn't. Now that the fighting between the Star Kingdom and the Havenites had ended, the Andermani Emperor had his own plans for Silesia, and he was confident he could achieve them without a war of his own. Protector Benjamin didn't. His people had made too deep a commitment to the Manticoran Alliance, in blood as well as treasure, for him to want to risk seeing it all thrown away. And Honor Harrington certainly didn't. The ''Salamander'' had seen the inside of too many furnaces already, knew too much about how much war cost.Unfortunately, what they wanted didn't matter....

Published in 2002, it has 880 pages. This is military scifi at it's best. Soooo in depth in the politics and strategy, you really have to pay attention. I love that. So I've been tackling honkin' big books this weekend and lovin' it.

Nothing in particular on TV tonight for me but Steve has Street Outlaws so I'll watch with him.

Otherwise, not pushing it today. 

Have a great day

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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