Monday, April 10, 2017

Yep, it's a Monday

The weekend went by so fast.

I did manage to finish a few books over the last couple days. I finished the Tessa Arlen, read a quick contemporary-ish romantic-ish book, a very quick thing on Virginia Woolf, and finished the re-read of DUNE. The DUNE re-read was part of the re-read on, just doing a couple chapters at a time over the past twenty weeks and reading the commentary. Next up is the next book in the series, DUNE MESSIAH. I've been enjoying the re-reads going so slowly because it allows me to pay attention to the structure of the book rather than rushing through for the storyline/adventure of it.

Next up ...  a new one will show up tonight that I'm really really excited about.

COLD WELCOME by Elizabeth Moon.

I read this SFF series a couple years ago, I think. I just inhaled them, because I thought they were so good.

The author wrote the last book in the series in 2008 and now she has a new one! Woot!

Last night's NCIS: LA had a quick little scene of Deeks and Kensi dancing. It was lovely.

Tonight, Steve has the two-hour season premiere of Street Outlaws. I'll probably watch with him.

Have a great day. See ya later

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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