Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas ...

Sorry for the lapse again in posting. There was a Christmas weekend in there you might have noticed and I've been laid up with cellulitis blah blah blah so I haven't been on my computer and it is really difficult to update from the Kindle Fire, trust me.

What I got for Christmas: I requested from Steve and received this:

A massage chair. No, I'm not going into a side biz, I just think they're comfortable, especially if one has a cold and if one is tired of things draining backward, if you catch my drift. Steve seems to not hate his gifts from me this year. One of them, a mypillow, which is supposed to be the best pillow ever invented, I swear he's not snoring hardly at all. THAT is worth the price in gold.

I'm currently reading THE WINNER'S CRIME by Marie Rutkoski. This is 2nd of The Winner's trilogy, I guess you could categorize it as fantasy, maybe.  Here's a description:
A royal wedding is what most girls dream about. It means one celebration after another: balls, fireworks, and revelry until dawn. But to Kestrel it means living in a cage of her own making. As the wedding approaches, she aches to tell Arin the truth about her engagement: that she agreed to marry the crown prince in exchange for Arin's freedom. But can Kestrel trust Arin? Can she even trust herself? For Kestrel is becoming very good at deception. She's working as a spy in the court. If caught, she'll be exposed as a traitor to her country. Yet she can't help searching for a way to change her ruthless world . . . and she is close to uncovering a shocking secret.

Published in 2015, it has 417 pages.

Also reading THE BURRY MAN'S DAY by Catriona McPherson. 2nd of 10 in series featuring Dandy Gilver, a well-to-do woman in 1920s Scotland.
Summer 1923, and as the village of Queensferry prepares for the annual Ferry Fair and the walk of the Burry Man, feelings are running high. With his pagan greenery, his lucky pennies and the nips of whisky he is treated to wherever he goes, the Burry Man has much to offend stricter souls like the minister or temperance pamphleteer. And then at the Fair, in full view of everyone including Dandy Gilver, invited to hand out the prizes he falls down dead. If he has been poisoned then the list of suspects includes anyone with a bottle of whisky in the house, and, here at Queensferry, that means just about everyone.

Published in 2006, it has 170 pages. This book I've had for a long time; I'm trying to read books from my TBR stack. Which leads me to...

I read THE REDEMPTION OF ALEXANDER SEATON by Shona MacLean. This is 1st of 4 in series featuring Alexander Seaton, a schoolmaster, in 1620s Banff and Aberdeen, Scotland.
Is the young man merely drunk or does his tottering walk suggest something more sinister? When he collapses, vomiting, over the two whores who find him on that dark wet night, they guess rightly that he's been murdered by poisoning. So begins this gripping tale set in the town of Banff, Scotland in the 1620s. The body of the victim, the apothecary's nephew, is found in Alexander Seaton's school house. Seaton is a school master by default, and a persona non-grata in the town - a disgraced would-be minister whose love affair with a local aristocrat's daughter left him disgraced and deprived of his vocation. He has few friends, so when one of them is accused of the murder, he sets out to solve the crime, embarking on a journey that will uncover witchcraft, cruelty, prejudice and the darkness in men's souls. It is also a personal quest that leads Alexander to the rediscovery of his faith in God as well as his belief in himself.

Published in 2008, it has 464 pages. Why oh why do I sometimes not read books right away? I LOVED this book.

I've read a lot this past week due to being laid up. I'm not complaining by any means. I won't make the goal of 100 books read in the year but it will be closer.

Right. Reading while naked. We all do it.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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