Monday, February 15, 2016

A little too windy today

Over the weekend I finished FEINT OF ART by Hailey Lind. 1st of 4 in series featuring Annie Kincaid, a reformed art forger now in the faux finishing business.

Annie's got bad news for her ex-boyfriend, curator Ernst Pettigrew; The snooty Brock Museum's new fifteen-million-dollar Caravaggio painting is as fake as a three-dollar bill. Then, the same night Annie makes her shattering appraisal, the janitor on duty in the museum is killed—and Ernst disappears. To top it all off, a well-known art dealer has absconded with multiple Old Master drawings, leaving forgeries in their places. Finding the originals and pocketing the reward money will help Annie get her landlord off her back. But a close encounter with a fickle yet charming art thief could draw her into the underworld of fakes and forgers she swore she'd left behind... 

Published in 2006, it has 336 pages.

Tomorrow, I should be receiving the new Charles Todd (woot!) In the meantime, I'm reading THE WAY, MY WAY by Bill Bennett. Nonfiction -- another Camino memoir.

“I’d never done anything crazy like this before – a pilgrimage walk. I was not a hiker, and I wasn’t a Catholic. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I was a Christian. On the last government census when I had to state my religion, I'd said I was a Buddhist, mainly because they’ve had such a hard time in Tibet I felt they needed my statistical support. I was also not an adventure traveller. For me, adventure travel was flying coach. All this backpacking and wearing of heavy boots and flying off to France to walk ancient pilgrimage routes was a new experience, and not one that made me feel entirely comfortable.” And so Bill Bennett, an Australian based film director, set off on an 800 kilometre walk across Spain to Santiago de Compostela, not sure why he was doing it, and not feeling entirely comfortable. His discomfort increased markedly a few days later when his knee gave out – so the rest of the walk was a “pain management pilgrimage.” But he kept his sense of humour, and his memoir is at times hilarious but also deeply moving, and insightful. In the vein of Bill Bryson and Eric Newby, The Way, My Way takes you on a unique spiritual journey, and gives you a hearty laugh along the way.

Published in 2013, it has 300 pages. 

Last night's The Walking Dead was actually a good episode - lots happened, including losing some minor characters and a major character lost an eye but Daryl is still alive and that's all that matters.

No NCIS: Los Angeles tonight because of the Grammy's. (boo). But that means I don't have to stay up until 10 tonight (yay). And I'm sneaking a Deeks:

Or two:

Windy. Very windy here. High wind warning. Blech.

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