Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dog school

Arrow's episode last night was the big lead up to the finale showdown next week.

All of Arrow's team has been abducted by the Big Bad and taken to Lian Yu island where it all began for Oliver five years ago (really 10 but we won't get into that). Big Bad has gotten together his team of fellow bad guys including Black Canary, Evelyn, and Talia al Ghul.  And Oliver is assembling a dirty dozen team of his own including Slade Wilson of all people, Nyssa al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn. It has the vibe of the Avengers: Civil War to it.

Man! I was just looking at the cast list on IMDB for the finale episode and they've got EVERYBODY listed! Wow.

And the good news: Olicity is back on the flirty track.

And the Arrow inner circle is on the ship, too.

Lovely. Lovely.

But we also have the news that it's moving to Thursday nights this Fall. Bah.

Tonight we have the aftermath episode of 60 Days In to watch where they do post-incarceration interviews with the volunteers. 

That's about it.

Have a good one

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