Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Making it through the week ... sort of

Here we are. Half way.

And no new episode of Arrow on tonight.

So I've been binge watching NCIS Los Angeles. I just finished Season 3.

I started at the two episodes in season one where Deeks was first introduced and I’m plowing on through the seasons until I go on to something else. Short attention span.

Wow. The contrast from then and now is amazing in terms of the partnership. At the beginning, they're brand new partners not necessarily getting along and end up this season finally engaged. Deeks was an outsider – from LAPD and a fill-in, a replacement partner. Comic relief. Kensi’s not-quite-contempt for her new LAPD-not-agent partner is there. It was sad in season 2 when Nate had his last episode but then the very next one was Nell’s first.

The character of Deeks was such a breath of fresh air and changed the dynamic as soon as he was on the scene. "Human Traffic" (S2Ep1) is still one of my favorite episodes.

I’d say Top Ten. And so much in that one alone had the kernel of the character — learn he’s a lawyer, he’s passionate about saving girls who are in danger. He’s Serious Deeks throughout the entire ep — and I like it.

It is also nostalgic to see the warm connection between Hetty and Deeks. “And Detective Deeks…. I”ll always love the Gaga.” There’s a scene in "Borderline" (S2Ep3) that shows how much can change in 8 years culturally. They have Deeks, for some odd reason, not wanting to go into the desert because of his fair skin (he’s a surfer, writers, remember? Hello sun on water.) And the painful dialogue does into why Sam would be better suited in the desert because of his skin color. It is cringe-worthy.  “Overwatch”(S2Ep12) and "Archangel"(S2Ep13) has good partner banter/get to know you stuff.

And of course, "Personal" (S2Ep17). Top Three.

One caveat, I’m sometimes skipping through an episode because I know the storyline of it and I’m interested in Deeks/Densi scenes mostly.

I had forgotten how good “Plan B” (S2Ep22) was. Just wow.

And it was the first time they mention their “thing”. Thanks, Ray. I think the writers started planting the seeds of their “thing” with “The Job” when Kensi was undercover and the guy was killed in front of her and she showed her vulnerable side which she’d never really shown in front of Deeks. She has always been Wonder Woman because that’s what you do on the job as a female. Deeks’ protectiveness of women kicked in — you can just see it. And showing up at her place at the end with food is such a long way from where they started at the beginning of just this same second season. When Deeks kissed Nicole (as Max) in “Plan B”, they cut to Kensi and you can start to see the jealous emotions happen, too. Or perhaps just starting to see him as more than a partner-at-work, someone who can be sexy. Even though they bantered all through this second season and talking about dates and being with other people, this was more personal between them. The writers knew Densi was an endgame eventually — taking advantage of their chemistry together which is smart and kind of the uniqueness of a male/female partnership on television but it has been a lovely slow build up. Season Two has definitely jumped up in my personal ratings now that I’m seeing it again. It is simply amazing in storytelling and character building. (Five is still my favorite though).

While Season 2 rose quite a bit in my ratings after re-watching the episodes, Season 3 has fallen in terms of Densi development. There’s a whole lot of nothing there. But we do have:

“The Debt” (S3Ep10) with Deeks going undercover on his own to see who the mole is and Kensi beside herself losing her partner.

“Blye, K.” Parts One and Two. (S3Ep 16, 17) Deeks is the only one Kensi trusts and the CIA handler asking Deeks if his boss “knows” about those two.

And the jewel of “Neighborhood Watch” (S3Ep22). ‘Nuff said.

When I watched the show previously, I seem to remember that it was Deeks who was the one who revealed more about a developing relationship. Yes, he cared about her but with this re-binge, I’m seeing that it is always Kensi who is shown being jealous of others in relationships with Deek or looking at him while someone is talking about the feelings about a partner … We do have “Greed” (S3Ep8), “Let me make this perfectly clear: if you harm her, this is going to be your last day on earth.” And the hot look Kensi gives back. (hee hee, love it).

But I was reminded of how much I’ve always hated the Jada storyline from the beginning. It is just not in Sam’s character to fall in love with wishy-washy Jada when he’s married to the amazing Michelle nor to do anything dishonorable like that. Bah.

On the way thumbs-up side, we have the introduction of Granger in “The Watchers” (S3Ep12) and one of my all-time-favorite snarks of his: “If anything, I probably saved Blye from having to fake more than her identity.” (wow) And Deeks aside to her, “I’m sure he means a headache.” And the great “Sans Voir Part 2” (S3Ep24) explosion.

On to season 4.

And I'm going to be meditating and reading tonight.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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