Thursday, May 25, 2017

The face says it all

So much.

So the Arrow finale was action packed. It had a tender moment between Oliver and Felicity.

Saying potentially goodbye. Again.

And it was getting to be 10 minutes until the end and I started getting worried. And suspicious. There was too much left. Yes, Arrow ended on a cliffhanger ...

  .....and won't be resolved until September or October.


Nothing really on TV tonight. But I do have .... a reading for someone.

Let me explain. I'm learning to be a psychic/medium. We all have the ability of this but most don't do anything with it. So long story short, at last Friday's circle, I had a message from spirit to deliver but I didn't deliver it because I was confused by the sensation of it. Last night during the meditation that I try to do every day, I figured out the message or I got it again. Either way, I told my teacher about it and she said I have to give a private reading tonight to the person to whom it is intended. That part I'm not nervous about because I can tell him what message I already received. But my teacher also wants me to give a reading to his wife who was also there last Friday. THAT is what is making me nervous.

I'm not good at this yet. But this is how one does get better, I know.

Much much cooler today. Had to switch my cardigan at noon to a hoodie. Better now. Have a great day!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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