Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oh maybe a LITTLE more

I would like to tell you about a book I'm reading but I haven't chosen what's next yet.

I have to get groceries after work so the dogs can have food ... and the humans.

Nothing on TV for me so I'll meditate, watch some more Scorpion. I'm about to go into season 2.

Oh! I forgot to mention they've picked the new Doctor!

I've liked this actress from Broadchurch, Jodie Whitaker, and she'll make a great Doctor ... as long she can run.

Which she can. This is the first female Doctor Who, of course, but it allows to show to stay within canon because they've always said there were only twelve doctors (same Doctor but 12 regenerations of him to account for an actor wanting to leave the role). Well, this will be the 13th since 1963 BUT you could say 12 MALE Doctors and now the 13th, a female, starts over the count.

I will check it out when it starts up next year with her. However, my heart will always be with Ten.

Makes me want to do another binge watch re-watch of it. These episodes are SO good. See you around ....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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