Monday, October 19, 2015

That water is giving me brain freeze! No!


So, Coda hasn't had any accidents in a couple days, knock wood.

I THINK I may be getting better today from whatever vertigo/bug fighting I had this weekend. I have moments where I notice I'm feeling rather normal and not on a boat. Woot.

Didn't sleep worth a darn last night and I have to stay up until 10 to watch NCIS: LA. Double woot!
Crossover! DiNozzo and Deeks together in one episode.

I finally reached season 3 of NCIS -- the mothership -- where Ziva has joined the team. I've heard many many things about Tony and Ziva ... and now I know why. The chemistry between those two just crackles off the screen. Holy schmoly. I thought Arrow had chemistry with Oliver and Felicity -- and they do but wow.  It won't be on next week because of the Supergirl premiere which I will check out.

We had a full crew and office at work today. The parking lot looked full. What a concept.

Have a lovely evening....

Bonus clip. This makes me laugh out loud

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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