Monday, June 12, 2017

When you realize it's Monday again

Le sigh.

The weekend was good. Circle was one of the better one's I've attended. And class on Sunday was interesting. We did go see Wonder Woman on Saturday evening. It's a long movie, but all right.

I started reading THE MERCHANT'S MARK by Pat McIntosh. 3rd of 10 in series featuring Gil Cunningham, a notary in 15th century Glasgow, Scotland.

Gil Cunningham and his old acquaintance, Glasgow merchant Augie Morison, expecting a delivery of books from the Low Countries, report the gruesome substitute to the Provost, and at the inquest the next morning Morison is accused of the murder and imprisoned. He appeals to Gil, who sets out with his friend and future father in law Maistre Pierre, the French master-mason, to find the treasure's owner, trace the barrel and identify the dead man. The trail they follow leads them from the court of James IV at Stirling via a cooper's yard in Linlithgow, to another death on the bare slopes of the Pentland Hills.
Published 206; 288 pages.

Even though Street Outlaws had the season finale last week, there is a new episode tonight, it looks like, to recap the season. Of course. They've got to find a way to milk it.

I've got to get some groceries but there's a big thunderstorm expected so that has now become just getting the essentials to get through the night shopping.

Otherwise, I need to feed the dogs, meditate, do dinner, maybe read, and go to bed.

See you tomorrow

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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