Sunday, March 9, 2014

If I touch it, it's mine...

I Hit the Jackpot!

Currently reading on Kindle, A LONELY DEATH by Charles Todd. This is 13th of 16 in series featuring Ian Rutledge, a shell-shocked World War I veteran returning to his job at Scotland Yard, in London. Here is a description:
Three men have been murdered in a Sussex village, and Scotland Yard has been called in. It’s a baffling case. All the victims are soldiers who have made it home alive from the Great War, which ended two years ago, only to be garroted, with small ID disks left in their mouths. And shortly after Inspector Ian Rutledge arrives, there’s a fourth murder. The killer is vicious and clever, leaving behind few clues. As the stakes ratchet up, Rutledge is determined to find answers, even as he puts his job, his reputation, and even his life on the line.
It was published in 2011 and has 354 pages. This is a digital loan from the library. 

Tonight we have The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead to watch. Then I need to read. I haven't done very much this weekend. Oh, I did read the new Employee Manual for work. Boy, was THAT fun.

On Friday the DVD of the second Hunger Games movie came out it was one of my rewards for the week of hard work (along with the new CS Harris book). I've watched it twice now: once just to see it again and the second time with the audio commentary from the director and producer. Makes me extremely happy.

The biz consultant is still with us so lots of work in the week ahead again. Posting will happen again eventually. My reward this week is the new Elly Griffiths book.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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