Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I meant to do that. Ninja skills.

One of my favorite crime shows on TV is called Motive. Set in Vancouver, it follows a couple cops as they solve crimes. The brilliant part of the show is that at the very beginning, in the opening scene, we know who the killer and who the victim is. Then we follow the cops as they uncover the truth as the killer tries to keep it covered. The second thing I love about it is the cops. They are perfectly cast. They are what I picture to be seasoned partners who have a report and mutual understanding should be.

After airing for two summers on ABC, the network decided not to pick it up for a third season, effectively cancelling it for American viewers. I watched it both those summers.

However, the series is produced in Canada and the CTV network renewed it for a third and fourth season anyway. I just found out the fourth season is now showing on USA channel. Sadly, there won't be a fifth season per a press release. But you can watch the first three seasons on Amazon Instant. Which is what I'm doing.

 It's only Wednesday. It's hot again. But we're not paying attention to all that.

I just finished a book  that I only finished because I wanted to see how the trainwreck of a female kept being a trainwreck.

 A romance novel that shall remain unnamed. I hate that I wasted reading time to it but I really had to see how bad she was. And the premise is a basic trope and when done well is a good classic one.

What I should have done:

Oh well.

All right. That's all I've got. Have a great day!

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