Monday, July 18, 2016

Izza Monday

So here we are on Monday again.

I started and finished the first Deryni book this weekend in my re-read of the fantasy series. The world building is phenomenal - a fantasy medieval setting combining magic done by the persecuted Deryni, court political intrigue, and the church, Catholic-style-ish.

What a perfect combination to capture my imagination when I was in my formative reading years. I'll give it a few days and go on the second book.

I started to watch a BBC crime show via Amazon Instant video called Thirteen. Long story short, it was missing the final episode. Only four episodes of the five-episode series are listed.

So I can't see how it all ended, you know, catching the bad guy and solving the crime. I contact Amazon but we'll see if they can get it available sooner rather than later. Bother. They did give me a $10 credit for the trouble. Meh.

Nothing on TV tonight so I'll probably read. I'm currently with the MI5 book by Stella Rimington so it's suiting my mood.

No, my mood is good! Sigh.

Have a good day, work hard.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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