Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Going nowhere fast ... must be Tuesday

Ohmygod, I was absolutely riveted last night to my binge watch of NCIS: Los Angeles. The season 4 cliffhanger ending into season 5 premiere was INTENSE! Heartbreaking at times. And then they didn't just let things drop; they had a couple episodes of dealing with the aftermath of the trauma. I am so hooked. And impressed.  And I have to share this wonderful scene between partners Deeks and Kenzi. He was captured while saving one of his team and tortured (will probably make him fear dentists for the rest of his life), now suffering PTSD, unable to sleep.

Overall, this year has been enlightening to me. I've always known I am a story junkie. Yes, I love books but the real core of it is love of story. But now I don't care what form I get it in, reading a book, listening to an audiobook, or now watching it on TV.

I had been ignoring the visual side, the TV side. Perhaps I was a snob.

And let's be honest, there's a LOT of dreck out there in TV land. But that doesn't mean there isn't SOME good storytelling going, too. And my eyes have been opened this year in particular with:

Doctor Who
Ghost Whisperer
NCIS: Los Angeles

The common denominator is the relationships told within a well-told story -- and the good acting I've encountered. From a story addict perspective, we live in the best of times and the best of places with access to so much. Just so happy.

Now don't spoil it by saying how hot it is. Let's just say *he's* happy too.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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