Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Just a good day to hunker down

Cold, windy, and rainy. Lovely. But not nice to be in. Soup or chili weather. Turned on the heater at work. Would have been an excellent day to be at home. Especially if one had a fireplace. 

And a good book. And a cup of tea. And a warm dog cuddling with you. And lounging in a recliner so you could nap if you wanted to. And all kinds of lovely things.

Nothing on TV tonight due to VP debate which I'm not interested in watching. Who are debates for anymore, anyway? Pretty much only for the political class and pundits. Those who've already made of their minds don't need to. Those who are undecided stay undecided until maybe a few days before the election.

Oh, wait, the season premiere of Flash is on. I'm not a regular viewer but the finale last season has consequences on Arrow so maybe I'll check it out.

I've been re-watching MI5 via Amazon Instant video. Season 1 is only 6 eps and I'm now in season 2. I'm completely in the mood for espionage drama.

Previously I stopped after season 3 after my favorite character Tom left. Isn't it wonderful/weird/funny how you can read or view something several years to decades later and it's a completely difference experience because YOU are now a different person?

Anyway. I do have a few spy vs. spy books on my Kindle I could read that would suit my mood. The next Stella Rimington comes immediately to mind. I also have a freebie book book from Bouchercon, THE GRAY MAN. I wish Mark Henshaw would publish another. Bah!

And tomorrow..... the SEASON 5 PREMIERE OF ARROW!!!!

The squee-iest of squees!

24 hours, people!

Have a good day, y'all.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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