Monday, October 10, 2016

Taking on Monday ..... or not.

This weekend wasn't too bad. I got a couple of winter coats because....

One dressy-ish and one every day heavy duty. We got Steve a suit for the funeral. I got groceries. I rode my new ATV:

It's like that only dark blue. Dallas colors as Steve says. I've never driven one before so I toodled around on it yesterday through the subdivision so it felt more comfortable. We'll be putting a snow plow on it when it gets in.

We have a snow advisory starting tonight until 3pm tomorrow. Blech.

We haven't even really had Fall yet. Actually, it's supposed to be back up in the 60s soon after.

Looks like nothing on TV tonight for me, thank goodness. There's a new show at 9 I wanted to check out staring Haley Atwell -- of Agent Carter fame -- but it's available for free on Amazon so I'll check it out later.

I started over the weekend a re-read of FREEDOM AND NECESSITY by Stephen Brust and Emma Bull.
It is 1849. Although the body of James Cobham has not been found, he is assumed to have drowned in an accident in 1849. Two months after the accident, his cousin, Richard, receives a letter from James announcing that he is alive and in hiding, but he can't recall the past two months. Richard writes back, advising James to stay in hiding because he suspects foul play. The correspondence unfolds among several characters and reveals James's mysterious past.
Published in 1997, it has 590 pages.  This is a rare epistolary novel, works written in the form of a series of letters and diary entries. I read it previously, I think, shortly after it came out and loved it. Enough time has passed that it has become hazy in my memory and I've always wanted to absorb it again. The language alone is dense and of the period which I love.

Tomorrow, a new Ashley Weaver mystery arrives.  I'll tell you about it then.

Have a good one.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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