Monday, November 28, 2016

A FIVE-day week? Back away slowly...

Aaaannnnd we're back.

Thanksgiving was fine. Dinner turned out ok. Afterward, I made a big vat of turkey soup with half of the leftovers so I have lunches for the week.

Friday, I binge-watched the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Four episodes of 90 minutes. The ending lends itself to a sequel.

I was also binge-watching some BBC The Musketeers this weekend.

I read a fantasy/romance book, THE EMPEROR'S ARROW by Lauren D.M. Smith. Stand alone.

The bride candidates have been summoned. Their numbers are many, yet only one is an Amazzi warrior. Only one would give her life to protect him. Evony of Aureline, warrior of her people, has no intention of becoming a hideous old man's bride. Though her people have sworn their loyalty to the legendary emperor Galen, Evony knows little of courts and intrigue. It's simply not her world. Yet it's on the palace training grounds where Evony's archery skills gain her the respect of soldiers and legates alike. The emperor himself takes notice of the beautiful, ruthless warrior. In turn, the young, steely eyed Galen is nothing at all what Evony expected. This man could very well conquer her heart. But does he feel the same? As the rivalry among the remaining bride candidates intensifies and the plot for the throne unfolds, Evony must make a grave choice: fulfill her destiny and protect her people or follow her heart and pursue true love. Either way, the honor of the Amazzi people and the future of the empire now rests with Evony of Aureline.

Published in 2016. Read on Kindle, there isn't a page count available. I'd guess about 250-ish.

Productive? Not much. Naps? Not enough, I expected there'd be more but it didn't happen.

The Cowboys won their Thanksgiving Day game. Ten and one, baby!!

This week on the CW channel .... hold on, I need to back up a minute. My beloved TV show Arrow, spun off two other series -- The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Also in the DC Comics world that these belong to is Supergirl who did a crossover with The Flash last year so that's connected as well. Each of these four shows are on the CW channel, one each night. Because they're connected, this week they're doing a four-show, four night cross over storyline --- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday -- each show continues one story. Way to empire build!

I will probably get the episodes via Amazon Instant and watch them the next day except for Arrow. Arrow I ALWAYS watch.

I can't watch Supergirl tonight because Steve will want to view Street Outlaws at the same time. We eat dinner at that time so it would be rude to go to the bedroom TV and leave him alone with his show while I watch mine.

Don't get me wrong, I've done it before but for a whole week .....

Have a great Monday!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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