Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Some days are like that

Can we just stay home the rest of the week?

There is a weird vibe out there today.

It's like a hangry hangover.

But without the food. And it's not nice.

Tonight on TV, we'll watch the season 4 premiere of The Curse of Oak Island on the History channel.

This is a reality show of the excavations on Oak Island, best known for various theories about possible legendary buried treasure or historical artifacts. This show follows a pair of brothers and their partners. We've watched for a couple seasons now. It is frustrating how slow they go sometimes or seem to not follow through but, of course, we're not there.

And then at 8pm is the premiere of the 2nd season of Hunting Hitler

We saw the finale of last season and it was fascinating. There is evidence that Hitler didn't commit suicide in the bunker and in fact went to South America.
Season 2 begins with a return to Berlin, where a fifth possible exit from Hitler's bunker is discovered, resulting in the likelihood that other areas could have served as a makeshift runway out of the city. In Argentina, they investigate a new building that could be not just a hideout, but a military compound.

So there's my evening.  Have a good one.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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