Thursday, May 10, 2018

Watching for Friday

Tonight on Arrow, "The Ties That Bind":

Diaz targets Team Arrow and their loved ones. Oliver struggles with Felicity putting herself in danger when she gets the chance to stop Diaz for good.

Getting down to the wire on this season. (Yeah, that's a great photo up there).

And have to meditate tonight.

I've given up on the two digital library books. Can't get much past a couple pages in one and a couple chapters in the other. And I'm only reading a couple pages at a time with the Laurie R. King ARC. My book slump is entrenched.

Maybe it's time to start a new one. One that came out recently that I was looking forward to its release and reading it but couldn't read it because I was with another book.

WHISPERS OF THE DEAD by Spencer Kope. 2nd of 2 in series featuring Magnus “Steps” Craig, the lead investigator for the FBI’s Special Tracking Unit, who can see a “shine” people leave behind, living on Chuckanut Mountain in northwest Washington.

There has been a murder, but not only is the identity of the victim unknown, most of the body itself is missing. All that’s been found is a pair of feet, stored in a portable cooler, and left in the house of a Federal judge in El Paso, Texas. The killer apparently broke into the judge’s house, left his grizzly message, and disappeared without a trace. With no clues as to the killer, the person killed, or the intent behind the cooler, all the authorities really know is that this likely isn’t the killer’s first—or his last—victim. Magnus “Steps” Craig is an FBI agent and an elite tracker, easily the best in the world. Steps is renowned for his incredible ability to find and follow trails over any surface. As part of the three-man special team, FBI’s Special Tracking Unit (STU), he is called in on cases where his skills are indispensable. But there’s a secret to his skill. Steps has a kind of synesthesia, an ability that allows him to see whatever each particular person has touched in a unique color—what Steps calls ‘shine.’ His ability is known to only a few people—his father, the director of the FBI, and his partner, Special Agent Jimmy Donovan. While the Special Tracking Unit tries to grapple with the gruesome scene in El Paso, they soon discover another, earlier victim. Once again, only the feet—in a disposable icebox—were left behind. With almost no clues besides the body parts, Steps and his team find themselves enmeshed in the most difficult case of their careers. And The Icebox Killer has only just begun.

Published 2018, 324 pages. 

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