Friday, March 27, 2015

If Walking Dead kills off another of my favorite characters ....

We have the 90 minute season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday. Cast members and one executive producer have hinted "have a tissue", "you will be pissed", there will be blood  “not just walker blood” .... And a "surprise" cast member guest on The Talking Dead after show usually means a cast member will die. It's the season finale, OF COURSE, a cast member will die but which one? It won't be a newer one or the audience won't be that upset. Rick is safe; he's the star. If it's Daryl:

If Carol dies, I will be EXTREMELY UPSET. If Michone is killed, I will very unhappy. But I don't think any of these are the case. I will wager here in writing that it will be Glenn. On the other hand, we now expect a death at the finales so this may be a trick on their part. And it will end on a cliffhanger. And then it won't be back until Fall. How mean.

However, next weekend, Outlander returns to Starz to pick up the slack.

Steve has gun class coaching tomorrow. I need to do some spring top shopping and the usual Saturday chores. Supposed to be super windy. High 70s right now and the lawns are turning green. Can't avoid it now: it's Spring.

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