Friday, March 20, 2015

The nose knows

Ahhh, at last.

I could go to a used book sale tomorrow but I don't really NEED any more books right now. Truly.  I know, shocking. But I have way more to read right now than I have time for and, really, these sales don't carry the stuff that I do read. Yes, there could be a treasure but is it worth two to three hours of browsing and kinking your neck to side to find it? Maybe not. What I should do is go through the books I have in my house and weed out what I know I won't read.

Still need to clean the back yard. Last weekend was so windy so it fell off the to do list. It's on the list for tomorrow to at least start. We'll see.

Last night I caught most of the movie St. Elmo's Fire from 1985. I remember vaguely seeing it in the theatre at the time. And I was never into the "Brat Pack" thing at all. So I came across it last night and after a few minutes realized ... it was REALLY BAD. The acting was so bad. The story was stupid. Wow. And like watching the proverbial car wreck I had to watch to the end to see if it was bad all the way. And it was. Bad.

So per usual, this weekend will be spent doing the chores, napping, and reading.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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