Wednesday, March 18, 2015

World domination takes a little planning

Well, the David Weber book I was reading sort of ended with a cliffhanger so I'm continuing on to the next book. ECHOES OF HONOR by David Weber. This is 8th of 14 in series featuring Honor Harrington. Here's a description:
For eight bloody years, the Star Kingdom of Manticore and its allies have taken the war to the vastly more powerful People's Republic of Haven, and Commodore Honor Harrington has been in the forefront of that war. But now Honor has fallen, captured by the Peep Navy, turned over to the forces of State Security ... and executed on the interstellar network's nightly news. The Manticoran Alliance is stunned and infuriated by Honor's death and grimly resolved to avenge it. Yet their military is over-extended and the People's Republic is poised to take (he offensive once more, this time with a new strategy, new weapons, a new command team, and a whole new determination to win. The war is about to enter a phase of unprecedented ferocity . . . and the Alliance is on the short end of the stick. But even as powerful Peep fleets hurtle towards their objectives, neither they nor the Alliance are aware of events occurring on a distant, isolated, inescapable prison planet called Hell. For what no one knows, not even State Security, is that Honor Harrington is not dead. She and a handful of her people are trapped on Hell, and determined to disprove the Peep boast that no one can ever escape it. Honor Harrington is going home, and taking her people with her... even if she has to conquer Hell to do it.

Published in 1998, it has 740 pages. 

Tonight I have episode three of Broadchurch season two to watch on BBCAmerica.

 "Hardy is doubly annoyed when Claire appears to be happy to go on seeing Ashworth and Ashworth himself declares his intention to stay in Broadchurch, seeking Hardy's help to try and clear his name. Hardy declines. Beth gives birth. Ellie has a night out with Claire and learns more about the night the two girls were killed. Next day, the trial continues with both barristers having family secrets not known to the public. Ellie takes the stand and has a hard time as Sharon Bishop tries to discredit her."

Steve has shooting and I will otherwise hang out with my boys and read. I've been fighting a neck ache -- sleeping wrong? Sitting wrong? Stress?

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