Monday, January 4, 2016

I don't wanna go back to work ....

I've had a very enjoyable weekend of binge watching. I told you about Lie to Me. Yesterday I started to watch a marathon on CLOO channel of a ten-episode show called Dig. Apparently it was on last year on USA channel. I loved it - how did I miss it. Those who know me know that I LOVE biblical archaeology/biblical conspiracy stories. This is it.

When American FBI agent Peter Connelly investigates the murder of a young American in Jerusalem, he uncovers an international conspiracy thousands of years in the making. The focus is on the prophetic return of the Jewish temple.

All 10 episodes available on Amazon. Loved it. But it is the type of  overarc-ing TV storytelling that if you miss 15 minutes, you're out of the story. I was able to watch the first three episodes before I had to leave to make dinner so I purchased it for online viewing.

I did start a read for 2016. A GAME OF SORROWS by Shona MacLean. 2nd of 4 in series featuring Alexander Seaton, a schoolmaster, in 1620s Banff and Aberdeen, Scotland. 
It is 1628, and Alexander Seaton's happily settled life as a university teacher in Aberdeen is shattered by the arrival in town of a stranger who looks like his twin and who carries a plea for help from Alexander's dead mother's family in Ireland. The family has been placed under a poet's curse, threatening death to various members. Elements of the curse have already begun to play out. Reluctantly answering the call, Alexander leaves his home and his beloved Sarah and travels to Ulster, to find himself among a family torn apart by secrets and long-buried resentments. In the course of seeking out the author of the curse, Alexander becomes deeply entangled in a conflict that involves fugitive priests, displaced poets, rebellious plotters and agents of the king. Confronted by murder within his family, he finds the lines between superstition and faith, duty and loyalty are becoming increasingly blurred, while his Scottish homeland grows ever more remote. 

Published in 2010, it has 352 pages. 

Tonight I have the return of NCIS: Los Angeles, back from Christmas hiatus. "Core Values":

Kensi and Deeks go undercover at a decommissioned nuclear power plant as the team investigates the radiation poisoning of a Gunnery Sergeant moonlighting as a security guard there.

So I have to stay up until 10 tonight.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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