Tuesday, January 26, 2016

See, dogs don't do that.

Tonight I have The Flash and Agent Carter on TV. Last night I saw the series premiere of Lucifer. It was marvelous. This is the description of the pilot:
Crime drama about the devil tiring of life in Hell and materializing in the City of Angels, where he aids the LAPD in punishing evildoers. In the opener, he befriends a troubled pop diva and witnesses her murder, which triggers him to seek revenge on her killer.

The actor playing Lucifer is perfect; he is having so much fun. 

I started a nonfiction book yesterday, THE BIG SHORT: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis.
Although Lewis is perhaps best known for his sports-related nonfiction (including The Blind Side), his first book was the autobiographical Liar's Poker, in which he chronicled his disillusionment as a young gun on Wall Street in the greed is good 1980s. He returns to his financial roots to excavate the crisis of 2007–2008, employing his trademark technique of casting a microcosmic lens on the personal histories of several Wall Street outsiders who were betting against the grain—to shed light on the macrocosmic tale of greed and fear. The real story of the crash began in bizarre feeder markets where the sun doesn't shine and the SEC doesn't dare, or bother, to tread: the bond and real estate derivative markets where geeks invent impenetrable securities to profit from the misery of lower- and middle-class Americans who can't pay their debts. The smart people who understood what was or might be happening were paralyzed by hope and fear; in any case, they weren't talking.

Published in 2010, it has 288 pages. It is getting new publicity because a movie is coming out based on it starring Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, etc.  Some of the financial stuff is over my head, I'll admit it, but I'm only on chapter two and I'm already angry at the stupid greed of Wall Street.

40s today in weather -- we're heading for 50s tomorrow. In January. Doesn't global climate change suck? Not.

Ok, I do find that funny. :)

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