Monday, March 21, 2016

Itza Monday. I need cuddles ... NOW!

Tonight I have NCIS: Los Angeles, "Seventh Child":

Callen tries to connect with a boy in imminent danger who has been brainwashed by a terrorist cell. Meanwhile, Deeks and Kensi discuss having children.
 What the what??


They're probably setting up a situation in case the actress wants another child in real life. But whoa.

After a little fear and doubting,  I've moved ahead with taking over the leadership of 4MA on yahoogroups. I'm putting together a great team of Moderators to help out and I think we're on board for making it a more active place again and expand into another arena. Stay tuned.

I didn't watch much of Daredevil this weekend like I planned. I started episode one but that's it. That will be a treat for next weekend probably.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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