Friday, March 11, 2016

Nothing. And I like it.

No Human Design class this weekend; that's done. Steve, I think, is deciding not to go to the gun show in Bozeman. Lots of napping, reading, and Netflixing. (I made a verb).

On Sunday, I have The Walking Dead, "The Same Boat":

In the aftermath of a minor success, members of the group are taken and held hostage. 
 Once Upon a Time is also back from hiatus but I haven't been that thrilled with the storyline this season. I'll catch it on Amazon.

The next self-study topic, now that my class is over, is back to a kind of music therapy -- using sound vibration. Gotta go where the mood takes me.

I hear ya, sistah.

Yeah. Napping.

And reading in bed sounds good.

Have a great weekend, guys!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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