Thursday, December 8, 2016

And now we wait

Arrow mid-season finale, baby. Argh. And now we wait until January 25th.

The most poignant part was when Oliver was tricked into killing Billy, Felicity's new "boyfriend" (Oliver and Felicity were engaged last year) :

And then to put another wrench into our hearts, Oliver realizes the big bad guy, Prometheus, is making Oliver suffer by hurting the ones he loves and blames, of course, himself:

I wanted Billy dead, yes, but this puts another wedge between Olicity. And while she was crying alone, Oliver went to see the bimbo supposed new girlfriend, reporter Susan.

I was also saying "Noooooooo .... Nooooooooo...." Coda and Ryker were sleeping nearby. They got up to comfort me. Ryker put his paw on my leg as if saying "It'll be ok, Mama. It's just TV." Well, at least Susan is evil -- she is going to be somehow associated with the Bratva storyline. They focused a leetle too long on the Russian bottle of vodka she had.

And then!  And then! We had been celebrating that Laurel was finally dead and growing very tired of people making her an icon rather than the irritating person she was .... the episode ends with this:

And my reaction :

Earlier, Felicity had the best line and it should have jumped out at me as foreshadowing...

I mean, really, come on, Arrow writers. DIE, LAUREL, DIE!

Nothing on TV tonight for me -- that is probably a good thing. Maybe some football during dinner. I'd like to read. I remember reading.

Cold cold cold again today.

Have a great day

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