Friday, December 30, 2016

I no come out

The last 3-day weekend for a few months. This is it. And a cold front is moving in. And it's snowing now.  Other than a couple errands tomorrow, I'll be hunkering down.

It's the end of the year. Time to make reading goals for 2017. The last couple years I've made the goal of 100 books and each year I've only made it 90. (I'm at 91 right now).

So I will take heed of these statistics, and set my reading goal at 90 for 2017.

In some years I've set a reading goal that included one nonfiction book per month. I don't think I'll do that this year. I'll just read what I want to read. I had toyed with "one audiobook per month" but perhaps I won't push that as well.

I also have felt that the first book completed in the new year has significance for the coming year. A good omen, shall we say.

So I will stack the deck, so to speak, and read the 3rd book of the Kushiel's Legacy Trilogy this weekend. KUSHIEL'S AVATAR by Jacqueline Carey.

A decade of peace has passed in Terre D'Ange, the country founded by the god Elua. Since the world's most famous courtesan saved her queen from assassination, Phèdre n? Delauny has been enjoying a quiet life until a prophetic dream calls upon her to serve her gods one last time. But what they ask may be too painful for even an anguissettte to bear. When the young son of the traitor Melisande Shahrizai—Imriel de la Courcel, who stands third in line for the crown—is kidnapped, Phèdre enters an uneasy bargain to find the boy in exchange for the information that will free her beloved childhood friend Hyacinthe from his eternal imprisonment as the new Master of the Straits. When it becomes clear that Imriel's disappearance is part of a larger, far darker scheme, Phèdre knows it is her sacred duty to end it. At her side is her loving consort Josselin, who will also risk losing himself in Phèdre’s gamble to rescue Imriel and save her country from a spreading darkness. And beyond her doubt, her fear, dangles the promise of a holy mystery so great that it could transform Phèdre into justice incarnate… or consume her in the flames of her own passion.

Published in 2003, it has 716 pages.

I'm still reading THE WINTER PEOPLE so maybe I'll hit 92 books read in 2016.

I also need to to some cooking this weekend. Portuguese Sausage and Bean soup for Steve. Beef stew for me. And making some snackage-y things for me for New Years - salmon dip and maybe some avocado/guacamole something or other. I have to make Chex Mix for Steve.

I don't think there's anything on TV for us. Maybe a movie via On Demand. We don't stay up and party for the New Year. I'll be awoken at midnight because of the inevitable fireworks and Ryker will be afraid.

I did start to watch on Netflix, How To Get Away with Murder which intrigued me. And I will perhaps continue to watch the first season of Hunting Hitler on the History channel's website.

Oh! I forgot. New Sherlock on Sunday! Woot!

For old time's sake, I should watch Casablanca. It was always on New Year's Eve when I babysat.

Have a safe and happy New Year

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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