Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bah humbug

I was in line a Petsmart this afternoon. A woman checking out, two people ahead of me, was saying that now that's old she doesn't have to be nice anymore. She was nice when she was young and now she didn't have to be. 1) she was in her sixties which isn't that old and 2) there is no expiration date on being nice to people. Ever.

And she was saying she was going to sue anybody whose parking lots were slippery.

Last night I didn't cook what I was supposed to cook -- lamb and apricot stew for the office party. No, I decided to make paleo slow cooker chicken tikka masala.

So tonight I HAVE to cook. Nothing on TV for me so that's ok.

I've fallen in love with three men. Il Volo -- a group of three p-opera singers from Italy. 

La sigh.

I also think this girl, Jackie Evancho, has the voice of an angel:

She's SIXTEEN. Dayyum.

So that's about it. I haven't picked a next read yet. Hopefully soon. Actually too much from which to choose, is the problem.

Have a great day!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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