Monday, January 9, 2017


This is what I walked into at the office today:

Water everywhere. Next to this hole is another hole not in the photo. And the tile gunk all over and the big puddle of water on the floor. Yes, there used to be papers on that part of the desk -- wet. And there used to be papers on the wall. Called the contractor who built the building and who said he could maybe get a crew there in the afternoon. What a mess. And another one down the hall in Steve's office. It was such a fun morning.

But I'll think about that tomorrow. 

Last night's Sherlock was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Wow. Blew. my. mind. The show is so intelligent and moves so quickly with the mind games. I absolutely loved it.

It was was one of their very best.

Nothing on TV tonight but I do have an episode of Conviction to watch from last night via Amazon Video. Apparently they've switched from Mondays to Sundays and I missed it. Okay.

I'm back to reading KUSHIEL'S AVATAR by Jacqueline Carey.

I've not completed reading anything, just making progress in three books.

In the 20s today but back to teens tomorrow and possible snow. Oh boy. My office will be freezing with them working on it.

Have a better day that me....

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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