Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Take me back

As I've mentioned, I've been binging on Suits. I'm up to the current season, 6. It has occurred to me and confirmed by a website that there should be a drinking game associated with this show.

The Suits Drinking Game.
Drink whenever:
1.) Someone holds an intense conversation in the hallway.
2.) Mike interrupts Rachel in her office and asks “Do you have a sec?” or “Are you busy?” then proceeds to ask her help anyway.
3.) Mike goes behind Harvey’s back, despite Harvey specifically saying not to.
4.) Mike or Harvey has a case-winning epiphany (Pro-tip: This usually involves something that was brought-up at the start of the episode).
5.) Someone references a pop-culture event/character.
6.) Harvey and Jessica engage in light flirting.

7.) Harvey and Louis/Mike engage in light bromance.
8.) Jessica asserts her “Queen Bee” image. (Pro-tip: Comes with a reference to her name “being on the company logo”) 10.) Louis becomes the antagonist.
11.) Louis redeems himself and becomes morally ambiguous once again.
12.) Someone says "Goddamn".
13.) Someone says "Shit".

Drink TWICE/ Finish a full glass when:
1.) Plot reveals Pearson-Specter-Litt is in trouble. Again.
2.) Plot reveals Mike’s secret is in danger of being exposed. Again.

Finish the whole bottle when:

1.) Donna and Harvey have sex. For real. Not a freaking dream.

On TV tonight we have Curse of Oak Island "Hyde Park and Go Seek":

More evidence connecting Oak Island to the Knights Templar compels the guys to dig a third hole at the Money Pit.

 We have been getting snow again today. Winter is still here.

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