Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No, I need that snow! It's mine!

I am of two minds regarding what I read – I suppose I'm of many minds but for this post I'll limit it to two.

I am torn between reading for entertainment and reading for knowledge acquisition. And this isn't a new struggle for me; I've made many vows over the years to emphasize the latter in order to better myself.

But there is my quandary. I absolutely enjoy reading for entertainment; it is the first thing I choose when I have free time. There is value in reading for entertainment only because after a long day at work one just wants to rest the brain and indulge in what is pleasurable and not “have-to's”. One needs to do fun things, too, to stay balanced.

But on the other side there is so much benefit of knowing the why's and how's. I have many books on our current situation with government and more are published each month. I would like a thorough understanding of money, banking, investments, taxes, and what it all means. I love history and there is so much of it that isn't taught or discussed. 

I don't have answers. I just flip flop and read what I'm in the mood for at the time. 


Ooohhh, March is very good for movies. Veronica Mars (Squee!!!) and Divergent (Woot!). And April has Captain America. Just happy.

Nuttin' on TV tonight I think so I will probably hang with the boys and read. Steve has shooting. 

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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