Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I think I need a haircut

I'm getting a haircut this evening. I'm splurging and going to an expensive salon because I'm really tired of getting bad cuts. And I'm bringing photos of the look I'm going for. My fingers are crossed. I'll report back tomorrow.

There is a meme going around on Facebook, about the 10-15 authors that influenced you the most. Now, I'm not a writer so these would be authors that influenced me as a reader. Here's where I'm at:

Ten Writers Who Influenced Me Most

  1.    Frank Herbert.  Epic. Political. Religion. Intelligent.  Blew my junior high mind.
  2.    Phyllis A. Whitney  Gothic. Mystery.
  3.   Nora Roberts/JD Robb.  Characters are people I want to hang around with after the book over.
  4.   Agatha Christie. First adult mystery. Mysteries are awesome!
  5.    Kathleen Woodiweis. First adult romance (read in 5th grade) They lived happily ever after.
  6.    Katherine Kurtz. Fantasy. Religion.
  7.    Louisa May Alcott. Duh, classics.
  8.   George R R Martin. Got me back into fantasy after I’d given up. 

9.       After that I'm kind of stuck. I want to acknowledge that I had a huge shift in my reading around 2003-2004 where I fell in love with historical mysteries. But I can't really put my finger on one writer, per se. Do I put down my favorite author (CJ Sansom) or do I put down the first author for me that triggered it (from my reading journal it appears to be Laurie R. King but I remember reading a stand alone that really pushed me over the edge)?

I also love nonfiction. I really don't know what was the first though there was an early admiration for Virginia Woolf's essays like A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN. And though it is fiction, I really liked Josphine Tey's A DAUGHTER OF TIME because it FELT like nonfiction.

But this is asking for an author's whole body of works as well as not one author's stand alone. Who knows? Maybe that author had a great ONE book and then really bombed in other works.

And then again, maybe this is not asking necessarily for the influence and then the author like I appear to be doing here. You know, like a signpost. Should I do signposts or should I do overall liking of the author no matter the timeline?

These kind of lists are difficult. 

So, apparently, is reading.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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