Monday, August 15, 2016

Must be Monday again

I'm on Day 20 of my food detox. 

Ten more days to be official. Feeling good. No cheating as far as I'm aware. And the good news is Paleo On The Go website has my favorite dinners on sale, 25% off. Had to stock up while the getting was good.

I made kale chips which I have to admit are still yucky. So I tried; won't do it again. I baked a small ham for meals and snackage. Froze some excellent green grapes for snackage. On Saturday we had dinner from CJs. I had the sirloin steak and sweet potato fries. I could have that every other day. Fantastic. I zap the fries in the air fryer to crisp them up because they are undercooked quite a bit for fries. I think I'll have that again on Wednesday when Steve has shooting.

This weekend I was in the mood from some nonfiction. Though I've already started an interesting book on U.S. intelligence, I finally got my hands on MR. SECRETARY WALSINGHAM AND THE POLICY OF QUEEN ELIZABETH by Conyers Read, a three-volume set.

Sir Francis Walsingham was Queen Elizabeth I's master spy and political manipulator. This is a fascinating chronicle of his activities by the noted historian, Conyers Read. Volume I: Early life, the French Embassy, the Treaty of Blois, The Massacre at St. Bartholomew's, French Affairs, Dutch Affairs (1573-78), Embassy to the Low Countries. 443 pp. Volume II: The Second Alencon Courtship, Scottish Affairs 1570-85, Catholics and Puritans, Plots and Counter Plots. 433 pp. Volume III: The Babington Plot, The Beginning of War 1584-6, Scotland and France, 1585-8, The Coming of the Armada, The Year after the Armada, English Maritime Enterprise, Private Affairs, 

Originally published in 1925, the writing flows very easily. Though one of my past lives was actually during Anne Boleyn's time, I've always been fascinated by Elizabeth and her spymaster, Walsingham. I kept going back to it when I had reading time rather than anything else.

Have a good Monday!

Ooookay then. Have a ... day.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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