Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's raining!

Yesterday we crossed 100 degrees. Today .... 54 and raining. And I love it.

And of course, it's being wasted because I have to be at work. It's dark, and cool, and lovely rain sounds -- napping and reading! If only. 

We have Battlebots to watch tonight.

I'll have a beef pot pie from Paleo on the Go. Nummy!

It's the best thing on their Strict 30 menu. I have it frequently though it is expensive. Worth it.

I've been making good headway in the Michael Jecks book. I wish I could read two books at once. Then I'd be making a dent in my TBR.

That's about it.  Have a great day!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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