Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ah, give a dog a break, will ya?

Not much to report today. I didn't wind up watching Cinderella last night because I was flipping channels and came across Dr. Who on BBC. Really GREAT episodes so I couldn't miss them. It was toward the end of David Tennant's playing of the Doctor and it was a wham bam two-parter with all the companions and spin off characters trying to save the earth; the episode is called Journey's End -- tells you something, right. It ends with Donna saving them all and the entire universe but it is so heartbreaking because in order for her to survive, the Doctor must wipe her memories of being his companion, being a hero, everything they'd been through.

And the Doctor must once again say goodbye and be alone. Just good writing and great acting.

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I got my hair trimmed last night. The back had grown quite a lot for some reason. I think she took too much off the right side but can't do anything about it. Time to grow before my trip.

It was lightly raining when I walked the boys this morning. Supposed to be in the 60s.

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