Tuesday, September 22, 2015


So the NCIS: Los Angeles fandom has gone bonkers from last night's episode. Deeks and Kensi, known as "Densi" in fandom, have not been just partners but also have been officially a couple since last Christmas, but the focus -- as it should be -- has been not on their relationship but on the show's focus of crime solving. It was low key but last night they very casually said those three little words to each other: I love you.

They were flirty and funny with each other otherwise. Fandom:

So, yeah, we're cool with it.

Expect more next week. Deeks introduces her to his mom -- who we didn't know existed because in season 2 when Deeks was shot he didn't have a next of kin. Fickle TV writers.

Nothing on TV for me tonight. The next premiere for me is Sunday with Once Upon a Time.

Still reading the JD Robb and will do so tonight.

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