Thursday, September 24, 2015

Milk coma

Thursday. Closer to the weekend. Hot out.

Not much going on ....

Let's see... upcoming season premieres ... Once upon a Time on Sunday. If you're just starting the show or would just like a little fun, here's a family tree for the kid Henry:

 So, we've got Emma (biological mom, daughter of Snow White/Prince Charming, aka the savior/dark one), Regina (adoptive mom, also his step great-grandma through Snow, aka Evil Queen), and Neal (biological father, aka Balefire):

Prince Charming/David (biological grandfather on mother's side ), Snow White/Mary Margaret (biological grandmother on mother's side), and Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (biological grandfather on father's side, aka the Dark One)

Mila (deceased, biological grandmother on father's side), Belle/Beauty (step grandmother because married to Rumpel), Ruth (deceased, biological great-grandmother via Charming)

This gets into "sticky wicket" territory so hang on: Cora (adoptive grandmother via his adoption by Regina and also his step great-grandmother via Snow), Henry (adoptive grandfather via Regina) and King George (adoptive great-grandfather via Charming -- George adopted Charming). 

King Leopold (deceased, biological great-grandfather via Snow but also his adoptive father via Regina), Queen Eva (deceased, biological great-grandmother via Snow), Peter Pan (biological great-grandfather via Rumple).

Ok, getting even more complicated here. Prince Neal (biological uncle via Emma), Zelena/Wicked Witch (adoptive aunt via Regina), and Prince James (deceased, biological great-uncle via Charming - Charming's twin).

These are tangential relationships but helpful: Hook (potential stepfather via Emma), Robin Hood (potential stepfather via Regina), Robin's son (potential stepbrother via Regina).

And we're not even counting the seven dwarves who I'm sure are honorary uncles. Got it? Henry, the kid, has GOT to be confused and should just assume he's related in some way to everybody he encounters. As they've joked on the show, Thanksgiving has got to be a bitch.

I can't wait until Sunday when it starts up again! We're adding Camelot to the mix this first half of the season.

 (BTW, he officiated the marriage of Snow and Charming).

Off you go.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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