Monday, September 14, 2015

He said I could have his cookie

 It's actually a great fabulous terrific book week this week.Wait, let me check ....

 Yup, I as right.
Today, the new Estelle Ryan is out:

Tomorrow, the new JD Robb, Maureen Ash, and Anne Perry.

And the fall book sale is on this week.

I don't know yet if I'm going; I didn't go to the Spring one. I truly truly don't need any more books right now. I have so many stacked up. I may go to see if they have any Reacher books for Steve; he has expressed an interest in them and this would be the cheapest way to go.

Currently reading RED by Kate SeRine. This is 1st of 4 the Transplanted Tales.
Once upon a time, a spell went awry, stranding Make Believe characters in the ordinary world. Since then, Tess "Red" Little--a/k/a Little Red Riding Hood--has worked as an Enforcer for the Chicago branch of the Fairytale Management Authority. But, consider yourself warned--she's not just some waif with a basket of goodies. All grown up and with nothing to lose, a gun and combat boots is more her style. And Red's new assignment threatens to be short on happily ever afters. . . Someone is murdering transplanted Tales in gruesome fashion. The list of fictional characters capable of such grisly acts is short and includes more than one of Red's old flames. And if that wasn't bad enough, there's another complication, in the form of sexy, enigmatic Nate Grimm, the FMA's lead detective and part-time Reaper. Used to following her own rules and living life on the edge, Red has managed to avoid taking on a partner until now. But Nate's dark side makes him perfect for a case like this. That is, if she can trust him. Because if there's one thing Red knows for sure, it's that believing in the wrong person can have big, bad consequences. . .

Published in 2012, it has 374 pages. This is on the Kindle. Yes, this read is influenced by my binge watch of Once Upon a Time. Hey, I mentioned the show ... gotta do a Charming:

Yup, that's him fighting off bad guys with a sword in one hand and a baby in the other. THAT'S how cool he is. :)

And will start today, THE MORISOT CONNECTION by Estelle Ryan. This is 8th of 8 in series featuring Dr. Genevieve Lenard, art insurance investigator and world renowned expert in nonverbal communication. Here's a description:
The murder of an opera house director forces world-renowned nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard and her team into an impossible position: protecting notorious criminals—from what appears to be a serial killer. Genevieve plunges into the world of opera, uncovering secrets that a group of organised crime leaders would do anything to keep hidden. She cannot allow her previous case, unreliable witnesses or conflict with her team to distract her. Not if she wants to prevent many innocent lives being lost in a shocking grand finale.
Published in 2015, it has 273 pages. Also on the Kindle. 

Annnnd ... one week from today -- NCIS: Los Angeles season 7 premiere:

Have a great day, ya'll.

Much love,
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