Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bowled over. Seriously.

As always, any Arrow episode is a good episode but the impact of "cliffhanger" ending last night -- Team Arrow all collapsing while imprisoned by the Ra's and supposedly dead -- is negated by the scenes for next week which have them running around and Oliver himself is showing up in next week's Flash show as himself to help the Flash. The writers should/could have done better there. Lots to wrap up, people, in one finale. The promo photos for that episode are looking very good. :) Squee!

Continuing my viewing of Supernatural on Netflix.... Not really binging.

No! I'm not! I don't do that! *cough Broadchurch cough* .... Oh excuse me!.... *cough Doctor Who cough*....  I must have swallowed wrong... "cough Ghost Whisperer cough*.... I... really just fine... *cough Arrow cough*... Whew... better now.... I don't know WHAT that was ....  It's just nice to have it playing like a radio on while I do stuff.

After practicing for a minute with my niece, I skyped my first call last night.

I REALLY, really will never get used to be being able to see myself in the small box. I was very conscious of how I looked when I was talking and listening -- expressions, how I held my head, etc. It won't be something I'll do often. Just give me an anonymous phone call anytime.

I finished THE HEIR last night. Meh. Too much of the main character's first person POV of a spoiled, self-absorbed princess. I realize that's her character arc -- spoiled girl to caring queen --  but I need to spend some time with rational adults now for a while. 

And it will be cool and rainy! 

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster 

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