Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mask, SLEEPING mask, optional

Tonight! Arrow. Squee!  Second to the last episode of the season.

"This is your Sword"
Oliver must complete two final tasks before coming the next Ra's al Ghul -- marry Nyssa and destroy Starling City with the Alpha Omega; Nyssa is threatened; Malcolm makes an offer to the team; after it is revealed to Thea that Roy's death was faked, she visits him.

"....It's worth noting that the season finale, airing Wednesday, May 13, is entitled "My Name Is Oliver Queen",  which hints that Arrow's transformation into Al Sah-him may not fully happen. (Duh!) Also, one day before the season finale, Oliver will appear on The Flash episode "Rogue Air" to help Barry take down Reverse Flash."


Here's some thoughts:

1. It will be revealed in this week's episode --- and now revealed on the clip above --  that Oliver is doing this alone, without Masseo, to get his hands on the Alpha Omega to destroy it once and for all. In the beginning of the season, there is a quote from someone to Oliver saying "one man's agony" is worth saving a city. Oliver always chooses his own agony, his own sacrifice to save others, particularly for his city. 

2. It is interesting: Throughout most of the stories on Arrow, the problems were all wrought by the parents' generation and the adult kids trying to deal with it. Robert Queen’s bad doings and Moira Queen’s affair with Malcolm Merlyn (affecting Oliver and Thea), Malcolm Merlyn joining the League of Assassins to get revenge for his wife’s death (affecting Tommy), then ultimately all three of those parents participating in the Undertaking (affecting Oliver, Thea, Tommy) and then Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. (probably going to be affecting Felicity). Ra’s al Ghul, 'nuff said, and the LofA (affecting Nyssa). Really, even though Cap'n Lance is an alcoholic and Sara joining the LoA, that family is the healthiest at this point. :)

I've started to watch Supernatural now on Netflix. Nine seasons on that one. Uff da. Still reading THE HEIR.

It's a dark and rainy day today. Lovely. Completely wasted being at work.

Much love,
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