Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cue Mission Impossible theme: ”Duh, DUH, duh-duh, duh, DUH .... DAH-di-dooooo — Dah-di-dooooo....”

It's Saturday so you know what that means:

Do you know what I hate? I hate being 50% through a book, which up until then was not a bad read, suddenly go so bad you want to throw it against the wall .... but you don't because it's on your Kindle and love your Kindle more than life itself. But you do go through the Five Stages of Book Grief:

First, there's stunned disbelief....

Second,  there is anger and resentment at the realization of the complete waste of your reading time:....

Third, there is reluctant acceptance  (a.k.a. "pouting")....

 Then there is ... well, not "peace", exactly  ...

But at the fifth and final stage, philosophical wisdom ....

Bah. No, I won't even dignify it with naming its title. Double bah.

Random thought:

Ok, I HAVE done this to Steve but only because he will come into the room WHERE I'M SLEEPING and start a monologue. I say monologue and not a dialogue because I didn't consent to a conversation at the time. I'll make every attempt to stay conscious but the gravity of the eyelids is too powerful and his voice is sometimes one of those "reading a bedtime story" tones and I lose the battle and I wake up later remembering something happened and then it didn't happen and Steve is now snoring which is what woke me up. Just sayin'. If you try to have a conversation with someone who is sleeping then it's your own damn fault.  

And finally--

Prince William and Kate had a girl this morning! Woot!  (the Tower Bridge had pink lights this morning to celebrate)

Have a good weekend!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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