Thursday, May 14, 2015

Geez, lady, enuf already

Last night's Arrow finale. Oh the feels. Happy ending (for now).

Best snarky line of the night:

Other good lines:

Felicity: Barry!
Flash: Thank you, Felicity, you just outed my secret identity to a supervillain. (To Malcolm) No offense.

Ra’s al Ghul: ….I handed you my crusade, my holy mission.
Oliver: I already have one.

(After giving everyone of Team Arrow directions and they just stare at him doing nothing:)
Malcolm: I'm sorry.... did I mumble?

Most unbelievable scene of the night - Felicity saved Oliver in the Atom super suit:

Best frickin' scene of the night:

She was referred to by a blogger as "the hero whisperer" because she always has a scene with Oliver like this. I thought it was apt.

And by now you guys are like:

Yes, I'm done. Until October. <October?!>


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